Cory Efram Doctorow (born July 17, 1971) is a Canadian science fiction writer, blogger, and founder of the geek news site [[http://www.boingboing.net Boing Boing]].

Doctorow is one of the more famous and vocal proponents of Creative Commons, and the idea that [[InformationWantsToBeFree information should be shared, not protected]], is a common theme throughout many of his books. All of his work is available, for free, under a Creative Commons License, on [[http://www.craphound.com/ his website.]] He also wrote a SteamPunk short story for the Anthology ''Steampunk!'' in 2011.

Not related to [[Creator/ELDoctorow E. L. Doctorow]].

!!!!Notable Works:
* ''Literature/DownAndOutInTheMagicKingdom'' (2003)
* ''Literature/EasternStandardTribe'' (2004)
* ''Literature/LittleBrother'' (2008)
* ''Literature/{{Makers}}'' (2009)
* ''Literature/ForTheWin'' (2010)
* ''Clockwork Fagin'' (2011)
* ''Pirate Cinema'' (2012)
* ''Literature/TheRaptureOfTheNerds'' (2012, with Creator/CharlesStross)
* ''Homeland'' (2013)