'''COMPILE HEART Co.,Ltd.''' 『株式会社コンパイルハート』 is a subsidiary of Creator/IdeaFactory and has made many VideoGames.

Oh, and they ''love'' torturing you with their games forcing you to use [[GuideDangIt guides.]] Also known for game breaking [[DownloadableContent DLC]] by giving you an overpowered weapon at the beginning of the game

Administrivia/NeedsABetterDescription. [[http://www.compileheart.com/ Their website can be found here (it's in Japanese)]].

!!Games made by Compile Heart


* ''Black Cat: Kuroneko no Concerto''
* ''DS de Yomu'' series
* ''DS Pico Series: [[HelloKitty Sanrio]]''
* ''Dungeon of Windaria''
* ''[[Anime/GhostStories Gakkou no Kaidan]] DS''
* ''Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates''
* ''[[Anime/HellGirl Jigoku Shoujo]]: Mioyosuga / Akekazura''
* ''Manga/MajinTanteiNougamiNeuro: Battle de Yo!''
* ''Megazone 23: Aoi Garland''
* ''Oni Zero -Sengoku Ransei Hyakkaryouran-''
* ''Puzzle Mate: Crossword Mate / Nanpure Mate / Oekaki Mate''
* ''[=Quiz & Variety SukuSuku Inufuku 2 Motto SukuSuku=]''
* ''VideoGame/{{Rogue}} Hearts Dungeon''
* ''Manga/RosarioToVampire Capu 2: Koi to Yume no Rhapsodia''
* ''Sakai Burai Manga/{{Kaiji}}: Death or Survival''
* ''[[Anime/SoundOfTheSky So-Ra-No-Wo-To Otome no Gojuusou]]''
* ''Sugoro Chronicle''
* ''Tanoshii Youchien Kotoba to Asobo!''
* ''The Frogman Show: DS Datte, Shouganaijanai''
* ''Vulcanus''

* ''VideoGame/CrossEdge'' {Idea Factory}
* ''VideoGame/{{Neptunia}}'' series
** ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptunia'' {Idea Factory, Gust Corporation, Nippon Ichi Software & 5pb.}
** ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniaMk2'' {Idea Factory, Gust Corporation, Nippon Ichi Software & 5pb.}
** ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniaVictory'' {Idea Factory}
** ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniaProducingPerfection'' {Idea Factory, Tamsoft}
** ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniaReBirth1'' {Idea Factory, Felistella}
** ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniaReBirth2SistersGeneration'' {Idea Factory, Felistella}
** ''VideoGame/HyperdevotionNoireGoddessBlackHeart'' {Idea Factory, Felistella}
** ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniaUActionUnleashed'' {Idea Factory, Tamsoft}
** ''VideoGame/MegadimensionNeptuniaVII'' {Idea Factory}
** ''VideoGame/MegaTagmensionBlancPlusNeptuneVsZombies'' {Idea Factory, Tamsoft}
* ''VideoGame/MugenSouls'' {[=GCrest=]}
* ''Octomania'' {Idea Factory & Hyper-Devbox Japan}
* ''[[VideoGame/AgarestSenki Record of Agarest War]]'' {RED Entertainment}
** [[VideoGame/AgarestSenkiZero Record of Agarest War Zero]]
** [[VideoGame/AgarestSenki2 Record of Agarest War 2]]
* ''Touch, Shot! Love Application'' {Tamsoft}
* ''VisualNovel/DateALiveRinneUtopia'' {Creator/StingEntertainment}
* ''Genkai Toki Monster Monpiece''
* ''Holy Sorcery Story'' (a.k.a. ''Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God'' in North America and Europe) {[=ZeroDiv=]}
* ''VideoGame/FairyFencerF''
* ''VideoGame/OmegaQuintet'' {Galapagos RPG}