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Comedy Central is a [[{{Networks}} network]] on U.S. cable/satellite TV, created by a merger between Creator/{{Viacom}}'s HA! and Time Warner's Comedy Channel (launched by Creator/{{HBO}}) in [[TheNineties the early 1990s]] (Viacom bought out Time Warner's 50-percent stake in 2003). [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin It tends to have a lot of comedy shows and movies]], including [[RecordedAndStandUpComedy Stand-Up Comedy]] showcases, [[SitCom sitcoms]] and SketchComedy. Their content includes reruns from other channels (such as ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'' and more recently, ''Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia''), but most of their best-known shows are originals.

It has thus far successfully avoided even coming close to NetworkDecay, at least partly because comedy is such a broad topic, though the network has come under fire for airing comedy shows that heavily rely on shock value to be funny, like ''Mind of Mencia'' [[note]]though that show is now treated as an OldShame and Mencia himself is the butt of many jokes[[/note]], ''Series/MADtv'' reruns [[note]]especially by viewers who were used to seeing ''Saturday Night Live'' reruns on Comedy Central, though the show itself stopped rerunning after 2010[[/note]], the Comedy Central [[TheRoast Roasts]] after the one honoring Creator/PamelaAnderson, ''Tosh.0'', and ''WesternAnimation/{{Brickleberry}}''.[[note]]''South Park'' was also accused of using shock value to be funny, but is now considered as smart and subversive as ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' used to be, if not more[[/note]]

Unlike most American TV networks, Comedy Central tends to run a given series in a given timeslot only until it runs out of new episodes, then rotate in something else until ''that'' runs out of new episodes. Only the new(ish?) shows, ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'', ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' and ''Series/{{Tosh 0}}'' are exempt from this.

The Comedy Central "brand" is also used for Viacom comedy channels in New Zealand, Latin America and much of Europe. In the U.K and Ireland, it's a recent renaming for the station formerly known as Paramount Comedy. Incidentally, Comedy Central is one of the few U.K networks that are InNameOnly to their U.S counterpart -- the bulk of the U.S network's original programming usually finds itself on other channels first, if they make it to Comedy Central at all.

The network also owns Creator/ComedyCentralRecords, which specializes in RecordedAndStandUpComedy.

'''Notable original shows include:'''
* ''Series/AlmostLive''
* ''Series/AtMidnight''
* ''Series/BeatTheGeeks''
* ''WesternAnimation/BobAndMargaret''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Brickleberry}}''
* ''Series/BroadCity''
* ''Series/ComedyProduct''
* ''Series/ChappellesShow''
* ''Series/TheColbertReport''
* ''Comedy Central Presents'': One of the channel's longest-running shows, a collection of stand-up comedy from many up-and-coming comedians. It was canceled in 2011, but does rerun from time to time, mostly during late nights and early mornings after the infomercials stop running.
* ''Series/{{Corporate}}''
* ''Series/TheDailyShow''
** ''Series/TheDailyShowWithJonStewart''
** ''Series/TheDailyShowWithTrevorNoah''
* ''WesternAnimation/DrKatzProfessionalTherapist''
* ''WesternAnimation/DrawnTogether''
* ''Series/DrunkHistory''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', after its ChannelHop
* ''Series/ImportantThingsWithDemetriMartin''
* ''Series/InsomniacWithDaveAttell''
* ''Series/TheJeselnikOffensive''
* ''Series/TheJimJefferiesShow''
* ''Series/KeyAndPeele''
* ''Series/KrodMandoonAndTheFlamingSwordOfFire''
* ''[[WesternAnimation/TheLegendsOfChamberlainHeights Legends of Chamberlain Heights]]''
* ''WesternAnimation/LilBush''
* ''Radio/LoZooDi105'' (LiveActionAdaptation of the Italian show of the same name)
* ''WesternAnimation/MoonbeamCity''
* ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'', the network's first original show and a holdover from before "Comedy Channel" from before it and "HA! Network" merged to create Comedy Central. Later did a ChannelHop to Creator/SyFy.
* ''Series/NathanForYou''
* ''Series/TheNightlyShow''
* ''Series/TheOppositionWithJordanKlepper''
* ''Series/PoliticallyIncorrect'', which subsequently moved to ABC
* ''Series/ThePresidentShow''
* ''Series/{{Reno 911}}''
* ''Series/{{Review}}'', an American adaptation of the Australian series ''Series/ReviewWithMylesBarlow''.
* ''Series/RootOfAllEvil''
* ''Series/TheSarahSilvermanProgram''
* ''Series/SecretGirlfriend''
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''
* ''Series/StellaUS''
* ''Series/StrangersWithCandy''
* ''Series/ThatsMyBush''
* ''Series/{{Tosh 0}}''
* ''WesternAnimation/TripTank''
** ''WesternAnimation/JeffAndSomeAliens''
* ''WesternAnimation/UglyAmericans''
* ''Series/WinBenSteinsMoney''
* ''Series/{{Workaholics}}''