The team of Betty Comden (19172006) and Adolph Green (19142002) wrote for Broadway musicals for over four decades. They were librettists and lyricists, working in the latter capacity with such composers as Music/LeonardBernstein, Jule Styne and Cy Coleman. They also wrote for movies, most famously several movie musicals produced by Arthur Freed at Creator/{{MGM}} in the 1940s and 1950s.

In their earlier years, they were part of a New York nightclub act called the Revuers (whose other members included future ''Theatre/BellsAreRinging'' star Creator/JudyHolliday), which can be seen in the 1944 movie ''Greenwich Village''.
!!Writing credits:


[[folder: Film ]]

* ''Good News!'' (1947; adapted screenplay and lyrics for "The French Lesson")
* ''The Barkleys of Broadway'' (1949; screenplay)
* ''Theatre/OnTheTown'' (1949; adapted screenplay and lyrics for {{Movie Bonus Song}}s)
* ''Take Me Out to the Ball Game'' (1949; lyrics for four songs)
* ''Film/SinginInTheRain'' (1952; screenplay and lyrics for "Moses")
* ''Film/TheBandWagon'' (1953; story and screenplay)
* ''It's Always Fair Weather'' (1955; screenplay and lyrics)
* ''Literature/AuntieMame'' (1958; adapted screenplay for non-musical movie)
* ''Theatre/BellsAreRinging'' (1960; adapted screenplay and lyrics)
* ''Film/WhatAWayToGo'' (1964; screenplay and lyrics)
* ''Film/TheAddamsFamily'' (1991; lyrics for "Mamushka")


[[folder: Theatre ]]

* ''Theatre/OnTheTown'' (1944; book and lyrics; also played Claire and Ozzie in the original cast)
* ''Two on the Aisle'' (1951 musical revue; lyrics and sketches)
* ''Theatre/WonderfulTown'' (1953; lyrics and some uncredited comedy material)
* ''PeterPan'' (1954 musical version; lyrics to additional songs)
* ''Theatre/BellsAreRinging'' (1956; book and lyrics)
* ''Say, Darling'' (1958 "play about a musical"; lyrics)
* ''Do Re Mi'' (1960; lyrics)
* ''Subways Are for Sleeping'' (1961; book and lyrics)
* ''Fade Out--Fade In'' (1964; book and lyrics)
* ''Hallelujah, Baby!'' (1967; lyrics)
* ''Applause'' (1970; book only)
* ''On the Twentieth Century'' (1978; book and lyrics)
* ''A Doll's Life'' (1983; book and lyrics)
* ''Film/SinginInTheRain'' (1985; book adapted from their own screenplay)
* ''The Will Rogers Follies'' (1991; lyrics)