->''"I just like to keep challenging myself, keep it varied. It's a craft, and I'm constantly trying to learn and get better at it."''

Clive Owen (born October 3, 1964) is an English actor of television, stage, and film. Starting in television, his first major Hollywood role was opposite Creator/HalleBerry in ''Film/TheRichMansWife''. His breakthrough role, however, was his critically acclaimed starring turn in Creator/MikeHodges' ''Film/{{Croupier}}''. Since then, he has had major roles in films as diverse as ''Film/GosfordPark'', ''Film/TheBourneIdentity'', ''Film/KingArthur'', ''Film/SinCity'', ''Film/InsideMan'', and ''Film/ChildrenOfMen''.

Contrary to popular belief, he surprisingly is not [[{{Radio/TheRickyGervaisShow}} Clive Warren]].

Owen was reportedly a popular choice to inherit the role of Film/JamesBond 007 when the Creator/PierceBrosnan era came to an end but ultimately Creator/DanielCraig took the mantle instead.