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->''"I'm no actor and I never have been. What people see on the screen is me."''

William Clark Gable (February 1, 1901 November 16, 1960) was an actor in UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfHollywood. His three most famous roles are Peter Warne in ''Film/ItHappenedOneNight'', Fletcher Christian in ''Mutiny on the Bounty'' and Rhett Butler in ''Film/GoneWithTheWind''; all three earned him UsefulNotes/AcademyAward nominations, and he won for ''It Happened One Night''. He was named the seventh greatest actor in American history in a poll by the American Film Institute.

At one point he was Hollywood's top male box-office draw, second overall only to Creator/ShirleyTemple. He was nicknamed "The King of Hollywood". Joe Shuster named Franchise/{{Superman}}'s alter-ego after Gable and fellow leading man Kent Taylor.

According to rumor, he's had another lasting imprint on pop culture: ''WesternAnimation/BugsBunny.'' There's a scene in ''It Happened One Night'' where his character is talking while chewing on a carrot. The ''Looney Tunes'' creators, being fans of the film, [[AffectionateParody affectionately parodied]] this, and it became Bugs's famous "What's up, Doc?"
!!Clark Gable films on this wiki include:
* ''Film/AFreeSoul'' (1931)
* ''Film/NightNurse'' (1931)
* ''Film/{{No Man of Her Own|1932}}'' (1932)
* ''Film/RedDust'' (1932)
* ''Theatre/StrangeInterlude'' (1932)
* ''Film/HoldYourMan'' (1933)
* ''Film/ItHappenedOneNight'' (1934)
* ''Film/ManhattanMelodrama'' (1934)
* ''Theatre/MenInWhite'' (1934)
* ''Literature/TheCallOfTheWild'' (1935)
* ''Film/MutinyOnTheBounty'' (1935)
* ''Film/{{San Francisco|1936}}'' (1936)
* ''Film/WifeVsSecretary'' (1936)
* ''Film/{{Saratoga}}'' (1937)
* ''Film/TestPilot'' (1938)
* ''Film/GoneWithTheWind'' (1939)
* ''Theatre/IdiotsDelight'' (1939)
* ''Film/{{Homecoming}}'' (1948)
* ''Film/{{Mogambo}}'' (1953) -- remake of ''Red Dust''
* ''Film/RunSilentRunDeep'' (1958)
* ''Film/TheMisfits'' (1961)

* ActorAllusion:[[invoked]] In ''Film/ItHappenedOneNight'' Peter gets referred to as "the king", which was Clark's nickname in real life.
* BestKnownForTheFanservice: [[invoked]]''Film/ItHappenedOneNight'' is mainly remembered for Clark's shocking ShirtlessScene at the time - where he strips off and isn't wearing an undershirt. Urban legends claim that sales for undershirts dropped after the film came out.
* CreatorBacklash:[[invoked]] Subverted with his last film ''The Misfits''. Although he said working with Creator/MarilynMonroe was stressful, he called it the best film he'd ever made.
--> "It's the only time I've been able to act."
* CreatorBreakdown:[[invoked]]
** Famously after Creator/CaroleLombard, his wife, died in a plane crash, which led to him joining the army for three years.
** He was so devastated by the failure of ''Adventure'' that he didn't make another film for a year.
* DeathByIrony: His words after filming with Marilyn Monroe in ''Film/TheMisfits'' were, "I'm glad the picture's over. She damn near gave me a heart attack." Coincidentally he died of a heart attack later, which Monroe blamed herself for.
* {{Jossed}}:[[invoked]] He repeatedly denied the newspaper rumours that he and Creator/VivienLeigh weren't getting along on the set of ''Film/GoneWithTheWind''. They found the rumours so funny that they would frequently greet each other by saying "How are you not getting on today?"
* MagnumOpusDissonance:[[invoked]] ''Film/MutinyOnTheBounty'' was his favourite role, in contrast to some of the more famous ones.
* MoneyDearBoy:[[invoked]] He played Rhett mainly because the money would allow him to divorce his wife and marry Carole Lombard.
* OldShame:[[invoked]] He never looked too fondly on ''Film/GoneWithTheWind'', calling it "a woman's picture."
* TheRedStapler:[[invoked]]After ''Film/ItHappenedOneNight'' it reportedly became cool to not wear an undershirt. Sales declined over the years, and legend has it that manufacturers tried to sue Columbia over it.
* TheRemake: ''Red Dust'' was remade as ''Mogambo'' with Ava Gardner in the Jean Harlow role, and Grace Kelly in the Mary Astor role. Clark, however, reprised his original role.
* RomanceOnTheSet:[[invoked]]
** He had an affair with Loretta Young while filming ''Literature/CallOfTheWild''. This affair produced a child Judy Lewis, who Loretta claimed was adopted to prevent the scandal from ruining her career.
** He also had a brief fling with Joan Crawford while they filmed ''Dance, Fools, Dance''.
* StarMakingRole: [[invoked]]The one-two punch of ''A Free Soul'' and ''Red Dust'' turned him into a star.
* ThoseTwoActors: [[invoked]]He did six films with Creator/JeanHarlow.
* ThrowItIn: [[invoked]]His famous ShirtlessScene came about in ''Film/ItHappenedOneNight'' because he was having trouble keeping the flow of the scene going while taking off his undershirt. So he just went without.
* TypeCasting:[[invoked]]
** The lovable rogue was his thing.
** He also played a newspaper reporter in nine different films.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:[[invoked]]
** He nearly played the title role in ''Tarzan and the Ape Man'' in 1932. But because he was unknown, Johnny Weissmueller was given the role instead.
** MGM wanted very much to cast him alongside Creator/AngelaLansbury in a drama called 'Angel's Flight'. Clark disliked the story and the film was cancelled.