[[caption-width-right:288:''[[CatchPhrase "Great Scott!"]]'']]
->''"I get asked a lot what the key is to creating a hit show, and I have a standard answer: Do everything right, and then get lucky 10 ways."''

Christopher Allen Lloyd (born October 22, 1938) is an American character actor, best known for his "quirky" roles as "Reverend" Jim Ignatowski on the 1970's TV series ''Series/{{Taxi}}'', Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown in the ''Franchise/BackToTheFuture'' trilogy, and Uncle Fester in ''Film/TheAddamsFamily'' theatrical films. Also played the evil Judge Doom in ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit''. Most of Lloyd's recent roles have been guest starring appearances or minor parts most likely due to his age. In contrast to many of his onscreen characters, Lloyd is quiet and reserved in real life and rarely gives interviews.

He is not to be confused with an Executive Producer on ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' and ''Series/ModernFamily'' with the same name.

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!Roles of Note
* Max Taber, one of the psychiatric patients in ''Film/OneFlewOverTheCuckoosNest''. His first film role, appearing alongside Creator/JackNicholson and future ''Series/{{Taxi}}'' costar Creator/DannyDeVito.
* "Reverend" Jim Ignatowski in ''Series/{{Taxi}}''.
* Deputy Towfield in ''Goin' South'', where he teams up with Creator/JohnBelushi, Ed Begley Jr., Creator/DannyDevito and Creator/JackNicholson.
* Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown in the ''Franchise/BackToTheFuture'' trilogy.
** He reprised this role for [[Ride/BackToTheFutureTheRide the 1991 ride]], [[WesternAnimation/BackToTheFuture the 1991-1993 animated series]] (appearing during the live-action educational segments that bookend each episode; the animated portions had Creator/DanCastellaneta filling the role), and [[VideoGame/BackToTheFuture the 2010 video game]].
** In 2006, he reprised the role for [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQwaq72tVyo a DirectTV commercial]], as part of a series of ads featuring characters from classic films.
** In 2011, he played the character once again for a series of TV commercials for, of all things, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iK83wP3HjE an electronics store in Argentina]].
** From 2012-2013, he voiced Doc in three ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' sketches.
** In 2014, he reprised the role once again in Creator/SethMacFarlane's ''Film/AMillionWaysToDieInTheWest'', hiding the [=DeLorean=] in a barn.
** He reprised the role yet again in the 2015 video game ''VideoGame/LegoDimensions''.
** He reprised his role (along with Creator/MichaelJFox as Marty) in a brief 30th anniversary sketch on ''Series/TheTonightShow''.
** He was once again the Doc in the 30th anniversary Blu-ray exclusive short "Doc Brown Saves The World".
** When October 21, 2015 actually arrived, he reprised to role to explain [[IWantMyJetpack why the real 2015 was drastically different from the 2015 of Back To The Future Part II]].
* Merlock in ''WesternAnimation/DuckTalesTheMovieTreasureOfTheLostLamp''.
* Professor Plum in the film adaptation of ''Film/{{Clue}}''.
* Uncle Fester in ''Film/TheAddamsFamily'' theatrical films.
* Judge Doom in ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit''.
* [[MeaningfulName Drew Blanc]] blurred the lines between cartoon and reality in the video game ''VideoGame/{{Toonstruck}}''.
* [[LargeHam Commander Kruge]] in ''Film/StarTrekIIITheSearchForSpock''. (His premier theatrical role, a case of PlayingAgainstType going incredibly right.)
* Henry Sikorsky in ''The Dream Team (1989)'', co-starring Creator/MichaelKeaton and Creator/PeterBoyle.
* Dennis Van Welker in ''Film/CampNowhere''.
* [[BigBad The Jackal]] in ''Series/DeadlyGames''.
* Sam Howard in a made-for TV adaptation of ''The Ransom of Red Chief'', co-starring Michael Jeter as Bill Driscoll.
* The White Knight in ''Film/AliceInWonderland1999''
* Rasputin in the Creator/DonBluth animated film ''WesternAnimation/{{Anastasia}}''.
* The Hacker in ''WesternAnimation/{{Cyberchase}}'', which ran for 8 seasons from 2002 to 2014.
* Al the head angel in ''Film/AngelsInTheOutfield''.
* The eponymous Martian in the remake of ''Film/MyFavoriteMartian''
* Dr. Cletus Poffenberger, the creator of Mixmaster and something of a Doc Brown {{Expy}}, in ''Film/{{Tremors}}: The Series''
* As Charlie, is subject to Wrestling/HulkHogan's extraterrestrial antics in ''Film/SuburbanCommando''.
--> '''Charlie:''' '''[[MemeticMutation I WAS]] ''[[HarmlessFreezing FROZEN]]'' [[LargeHam TODAY!]]'''
* Uncle Fred in ''Film/WhenGoodGhoulsGoBad''
* Smitty, the retiring groundskeeper in the ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' episode "Care-Takin' Care of Business".
* The Woodsman in ''WesternAnimation/OverTheGardenWall''
* The Old, narrator King Graham in ''[[VideoGame/KingsQuest2015 King's Quest (2015)]]''.[[labelnote:*]]Young Graham was played by Creator/JoshKeaton.[[/labelnote]]

!Minor parts
* The psychologist that leads Sarah to admit her love for Chuck in ''Series/{{Chuck}}''.
* The mortician in ''WesternAnimation/HeyArnold [[WesternAnimation/HeyArnoldTheMovie The Movie]]''
* John [[ItIsPronouncedTroPAY Bigbooté]] in ''Film/TheAdventuresOfBuckarooBanzaiAcrossTheEighthDimension''.
* An uncredited Jesse James in the 1977 French western ''Another Man, Another Chance''.
* Mr. Goodman, the marine biologist in ''Film/Piranha3D''
* The [[PlayingAgainstType gangster]] Pieces in ''Film/ThingsToDoInDenverWhenYoureDead''.
* [[SadistTeacher Professor B.O. Beanes]] in the ''Series/AmazingStories'' episode "Go to the Head of the Class."
* Portrays aged rock-legend and personal hero of [[MadScientist Walter]], Roscoe Joyce, of the semi-fictional band ''Violet Sedan Chair'' in an episode of ''Series/{{Fringe}}''.
* Lero Sombrero in ''Film/TheOogielovesInTheBigBalloonAdventure''.
* Grandpa Montgomery in ''Series/TheHauntingHour'' episode "Grampires".
* Walter, the titular character's paternal grandfather in ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle''.
* Willie B in ''Film/{{Flakes}}''.
* A BackAlleyDoctor visited by Johnny in ''ComicBook/SinCity: A Dame to Kill For''.
* Milton in ''Film/GoingInStyle2017''
* Horus in ''Film/DeadBeforeDawn''.

!Related Tropes
* FunnyCharacterBoringActor: His characters tend to be larger than life. Anyone who's worked with him comes away saying that he's a pretty quiet, shy, unassuming man.
* LargeHam: And ''how''!
* MoneyDearBoy: Got a lot less selective in picking roles after a fire destroyed his home in 2008.
* NamesTheSame: Very coincidentally shares his name with a producer of ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' and ''Series/ModernFamily''.