->''(On being involved with ''Series/DoctorWho'') "I'm not sure I fully realised how much fun this was going to be. And it's been part of my brief to everyone who's joined: enjoy it, on behalf of every fan, every viewer, every child, every adult who would love to be working on this show. We know how lucky we are. And we're going to relish every moment for you."''

''Chris Chibnall'' (born 1970) is an English television writer. He was co-producer and head writer on ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'''s first two series, writing eight episodes for the show. He was also a {{showrunner}} for ''Series/LawAndOrderUK'' and wrote a few episodes of ''Series/{{Life on Mars|2006}}''. He subsequently went on to enjoy major success as the creator and showrunner of ''Series/{{Broadchurch}}''.

Chibnall wrote five episodes of ''Torchwood'''s parent show ''Series/DoctorWho'', including the two parter "The Hungry Earth" and "Cold Blood", which had the first on screen appearance of the Silurians in 26 years, before taking over as showrunner with Series 11. His very first step upon taking over the show was a doozy: making the Doctor female for the first time in the show's history with ''Broadchurch'' actress Creator/JodieWhittaker. After the announcement, he proudly stated that he'd wanted to do it since he first started working on the show. Alongside the casting of Whittaker, other measures Chibnall has taken to reinvent the series have been to redesign the TARDIS shape and interior, redesign the sonic screwdriver, shorten Series 11 to ten episodes and bump up the typical episode run time to fifty minutes rather than the revival's previous forty-five minute norm. Chibnall is not playing halfsies here.

He's also known in ''Who'' fandom for that one time in the 1980s he went on TV to confront Creator/JohnNathanTurner and Pip and Jane Baker about the perceived SeasonalRot of S22-23.