Actress, born November 18, 1974, best known as Nicolette on ''Series/BigLove,'' as well as such movies as: ''Film/{{Kids}},'' ''Trees Lounge,'' ''Film/{{Gummo}},'' ''Palmetto,'' ''Film/TheLastDaysOfDisco,'' ''Film/BoysDontCry,'' ''Film/JulienDonkeyBoy,'' ''Literature/AmericanPsycho,'' ''Film/PartyMonster,'' ''Film/{{Dogville}},'' ''Film/TheBrownBunny,'' ''Film/ShatteredGlass,'' ''Film/BrokenFlowers,'' ''Film/{{Zodiac}},'' ''Barry Munday,'' as well as the show ''Series/HitAndMiss.'' Her last name is pronounced "Sevenny."

!! Related Tropes

* {{Bifauxnen}}: She often plays this kind of role.
* DawsonCasting: One of few actresses to frequently be cast in romantic roles opposite actors younger than her.
* MoneyDearBoy: On her motivation for playing a cross dressing ButchLesbian in ''If These Walls Could Talk 2:'' "... Yeah, I did that job. For money. I was paying my mom's mortgage. I've still never seen that movie. People say it's really good. We all gotta make a living."