Charles Stuart "Charlie" Kaufman (born 1958) is an American screenwriter known for his [[PostModernism metatextual]] references, use of absurdism, and [[MindScrew headache-inducing]] tendencies. Creator/SpikeJonze and Creator/MichelGondry have each directed several of Kaufman's screenplays. Considered to be among the most brilliant contemporary screenplay-writers.

His works include:
* ''Film/BeingJohnMalkovich''
* ''Film/HumanNature'' (the feature debut of director Creator/MichelGondry)
* ''Film/{{Adaptation}}'' (a meta-adaptation of ''The Orchid Thief'', framed as the story of Kaufman's struggle to script an unfilmable novel adaptation, and with his evil-hack-writer-twin.)
* ''Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'' (The directorial debut of Creator/GeorgeClooney, although Clooney deviated considerably from the script without Kaufman's permission)
* ''Film/EternalSunshineOfTheSpotlessMind'' (Kaufman won the AcademyAward for Best Original Screenplay for this.)
* ''Film/SynecdocheNewYork'' (Kaufman's directorial debut, about a stage director who creates a [[RecursiveReality life-sized model]] of [[BigApplesauce New York City]] in his pursuit of verisimilitude on the stage.) Considered by RogerEbert to be the best movie of the last decade.