A long-time contributor of cartoons to ''Magazine/TheNewYorker'' magazine, Charles Addams specialized in whimsically grotesque scenes, which was evidently [[CollectorOfTheStrange something of a case]] of [[WriteWhoYouKnow Drawing What He Knew]].

One set of his recurring characters became the basis for the television series (and later movies) ''Series/TheAddamsFamily''. Addams also drew such classic one-off cartoons as [[ObstacleSkiCourse a skiier somehow going around a tree on both sides at once]]; a [[DastardlyWhiplash moustachioed villain]] with a young damsel slung over his shoulder heading down into a subway, presumably to [[ChainedToARailway tie her to the tracks]]; and a BananaPeel lying on a busy city sidewalk, cordoned off by "caution" signs.