'''Brooklyn Decker''' was born on April 12, 1987. You may recognize her from her regular appearances on the front of ''Magazine/SportsIllustrated''. She is an American actress and supermodel.

Her career began in 2006, where she began appearing on ''Sports Illustrated''. Her career as an actress would not begin until the year 2009, where she appeared in an episode of ''Series/{{Chuck}}''. Since then, she's appeared in several television series and films, such as ''Film/JustGoWithIt'', ''Film/{{Battleship}}'', and ''Series/TheLeague''.

She has been named [[http://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/hottest-women-all-time 50th hottest woman of all time]] by ''Men's Health''.
!!Brooklyn Decker provides examples of:
* BarelyThereSwimwear: Her specialty.
* DumbBlonde: Averted.
* {{Fanservice}}: She's a supermodel.
* FanserviceCover: Quite often.
* FanserviceWithASmile: About 75% of the time.
* {{Gainaxing}}: See WalkingSwimsuitScene below.
* MaleGaze: A notable examples goes to her role in ''Film/JustGoWithIt'', where she spent most of the film wearing no more than a bikini.
* MsFanservice: A professional.
* SpecialGuest: On ''Series/{{Chuck}}'', ''NewGirl'', ''Series/RoyalPains'' and ''UglyBetty''.
* WalkingSwimsuitScene: Done in ''Film/JustGoWithIt''.