Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot (born September 28, 1934) is a French former actress/singer/model and [[MsFanservice sex symbol]]. Nowadays she dedicates herself to animal rights activism and sometimes dabbles in writing politically-flavoured non-fiction.

Bardot was ''very'' popular in her time, and still is an icon comparable to Creator/MarilynMonroe. She was one of few European actresses to receive attention in America, though her poor English skills limited her contact with Hollywood, not that she was particularly interested in working there. Bardot is also one of the few people [[OnlyKnownByInitials whose initials were once enough to identify her]]. If you said ''B.B.'' in the Fifties and Sixties everyone knew you were referring to her. She retired from acting in 1973 and chose to use her fame to promote animal rights since.

As well-known as she is, how many films of hers can you actually name? ''Film/AndGodCreatedWoman'' may be the only one. Yeah, though she's popular, it's generally felt the majority of her movies [[SoOkayItsAverage leave something to be desired in terms of artistic quality or how well they've aged]]. You'll be hard-pressed to find any of her films in a must-watch list (except for ''Film/{{Contempt}}'' and that's it). That said, lists aren't everything and Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability.

!!Selected filmography:
* ''Les Lauriers Sont Coupés'' (1950) - First film. OH WAIT, no it wasn't, because it got cancelled. Still, it was a staple of her career, since auditioning for it made her seriously consider becoming an actress.
* ''Le Trou Normand''[[note]]''Crazy For Love''[[/note]] (1952) - First credited film.
* ''Film/HelenOfTroy'' (1956) - Played the minor role of Andraste.
* ''Film/AndGodCreatedWoman'' (1956) - StarMakingRole.
* ''Film/TheTruth1960'' - Only movie of hers nominated for an Oscar (Best Foreign Film). Regarded by fans as one of her best performances, with a little help from EnforcedMethodActing invoked by the director consisting of psychologically abusing her during shooting.
* ''Vie privée''[[note]]''A Very Private Affair''[[/note]] (1962) - Notable for basing itself in elements of Bardot's life.
* ''Film/{{Contempt}}'' (1963) - As noted above, her most well-received film. It helps that it was directed by Creator/JeanLucGodard.
* ''Dear Brigitte'' (1965) - A Hollywood film where she appears as herself (uncredited) in a short sequence.
* ''Film/VivaMaria'' (1965)
* ''À Coeur Joie''[[note]]''Two Weeks In September''[[/note]] (1967) - Has awesome cinematography.
* ''Shalako'' (1968) - Odd yet bleak Western where she acted opposite Creator/SeanConnery. One of the biggest cases of WTHCastingAgency ever.
* ''Film/TheBearAndTheDoll'' (1970)
* ''Film/TheLegendOfFrenchieKing'' (1971) - A semi-satirical Western where she played opposite the totally-at-home Claudia Cardinale.
* ''Si Don Juan Était Une Femme''[[note]]''If Don Juan Were A Woman''[[/note]] (1973) - Last starring role.