->"''The whole point of [Ellis's books] is 'Look how terrible these people are. Don't do the things these people do. [[DoNotDoThisCoolThing Don't be like these rich, cool, sexy people.]]'''"
--> -- '''Rantasmo, [[https://channelawesome.com/bret-easton-ellis-needs-more-gay/ on the author]]'''

Brent Easton Ellis (born March 7, 1964) is a Los Angeles-born writer who rose to fame in TheEighties as one of the "Literary Brat Pack"-- and probably the most successful of this group. Works include:

* ''Less Than Zero'' (1985)
* ''The Rules of Attraction'' (1987)
* ''American Psycho'' (1991)
* ''The Informers'' (1994) (short story anthology)
* ''Glamorama'' (1998)
* ''Lunar Park'' (2005)
* ''Imperial Bedrooms'' (2010) (a sequel to ''Less Than Zero'' revisiting the characters in current times)

Ellis has also written/produced two films:

* ''The Informers'' (2008) (based on his short story anthology of the same name)
* ''The Canyons'' (2013)

Alongside the controversy of his books, Ellis is a fairly public figure, whose Twitter account and public quotes skirt the edges of misogyny and misanthropy. In short, Ellis is a terrific writer who isn't all right in the head.

[[http://podcastone.com/program?action=viewProgram&programID=592 Bret's podcast]] on [=PodcastOne=].com, which updates every Monday.

!!This author's works with their own pages include:

* ''Literature/AmericanPsycho''
* ''Literature/{{Glamorama}}''
* ''Literature/LessThanZero''
* ''Literature/LunarPark''
* ''Literature/TheRulesOfAttraction''

!!Other works by this author provide examples of:

* DepravedBisexual: Every male in ''The Informers'' would appear to be a shallow, blonde, Californian bisexual boytoy who is possibly a vampire.
* {{Homage}}: ''Imperial Bedrooms'' was an extended one to classic hard-boiled detective fiction, in the Creator/RaymondChandler[=/=]Creator/JamesMCain tradition.
* HorribleHollywood: All the characters of ''Imperial Bedrooms'' are members of the Hollywood machine.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: "The Secrets of Summer" in ''The Informers'': vampires here can (and do) eat raw meat or drink animal blood-- and when they consume the blood of drug users they get the effects whether they want them or not.