->''"All you have to do is just believe in what's there; then, the audience will, too."''

'''Brendan James Fraser''' (born December 3, 1968) is a Canadian-American actor known for his goofy or big-budget roles. Starred in ''Film/TheMummyTrilogy'', the live action ''Film/GeorgeOfTheJungle'' remake, along with the similar ''Film/DudleyDoRight'' remake, ''Film/BlastFromThePast'', ''Film/LooneyTunesBackInAction'', ''Film/{{Airheads}}'', the 2008 ''Film/JourneyToTheCenterOfTheEarth'', ''Film/FurryVengeance'', ''Film/EncinoMan'', and many other silly or high-budget pictures. However, he's also been in some lesser known (and serious!) films such as ''Film/GodsAndMonsters'', ''Film/TheAirIBreathe'', ''Literature/TheQuietAmerican'' and ''Film/SchoolTies''. (Between the two extremes lie films like ''Film/{{Inkheart}}'' and ''Film/{{Monkeybone}}'', and his role as Ben Sullivan on ''Series/{{Scrubs}}''.)

Despite having so many more silly roles than serious, he is quite a talented actor, Creator/IanMcKellen once remarking that he wished to one day be as good an actor as Fraser. However, Fraser seems to be content to star in big budget productions, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyEdmNHDpaI&t=8m40s sometimes seeming to prefer them over 'serious' pictures]]. His surname is pronounced with an 'S' sound, not like ''Series/{{Frasier}}''. He speaks French fluently (as you can see in ''Film/BlastFromThePast''). Mo from ''Literature/TheInkworldTrilogy'' was based off him in physicality, which later caused him to be cast as that character in TheFilmOfTheBook.