->''"I'm a writer but then nobody's perfect."''
-->-- '''Billy Wilder's epitaph''', referencing ''Film/SomeLikeItHot''

Billy Wilder (19062002) was an American film director, screenwriter, and producer, regarded as one of the greatest and most versatile filmmakers of UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfHollywood.

He was born as Samuel Wilder in Sucha, Galicia, now part of Poland, but at that time, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the early '30s, he worked as a screenwriter for German films under the name "Billie Wilder", but after [[UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler Hitler]] came to power, he emigrated to the United States, because of his Jewish ancestry. He continued his career as a screenwriter there, further changing his name to "Billy Wilder". He directed his first American movie, ''Film/TheMajorAndTheMinor,'' in 1942, and followed it with a string of critical and commercial hits until the '60s. Wilder equally excelled in dark, cynical [[FilmNoir noir]] dramas and satires or light [[RomanticComedy romantic comedies]]. He co-wrote all of his films, and won six UsefulNotes/{{Academy Award}}s, two for Best Director, three for Best Writing, and one for Best Picture.

!Billy Wilder's More Important Films Include:

!!As writer only:
* ''Film/{{Midnight|1939}}'' (1939) -- A ScrewballComedy retelling of Cinderella, with Creator/ClaudetteColbert, Don Ameche, John Barrymore, and Mary Astor. Directed by Mitchell Leisen.
* ''Film/{{Ninotchka}}'' (1939) -- Romantic comedy about a love affair between a Soviet diplomat (Creator/GretaGarbo) and a French aristocrat; one of the first American films to portray the Soviet Union. Directed by Creator/ErnstLubitsch.
* ''Film/BallOfFire'' (1941) -- Screwball comedy about a mobster's girlfriend hiding from the law with an ObliviousToLove English professor. Directed by Creator/HowardHawks.

!!As writer/director:
* ''Film/TheMajorAndTheMinor'' (1942) -- As noted, his directorial debut in America.
* ''Film/FiveGravesToCairo'' (1943) -- WWII spy thriller with a heavy dose of propaganda.
* ''Film/DoubleIndemnity'' (1944) -- The quintessential FilmNoir, starring Fred [=MacMurray=] and Barbara Stanwyck. Co-written with Creator/RaymondChandler.
* ''Film/TheLostWeekend'' (1945) -- The first Hollywood movie that portrayed alcoholism dramatically, starring Ray Milland. Won Best Picture.
* ''Film/AForeignAffair'' (1948) -- A RomanticComedy set in post-WWII Berlin, starring Creator/JeanArthur, and Creator/MarleneDietrich.
* ''Film/SunsetBoulevard'' (1950) -- A dark, cynical take on the film industry and fame, starring William Holden and Gloria Swanson.
* ''Film/AceInTheHole'' (aka ''The Big Carnival'') (1951) -- A brutally cynical movie about journalism, starring Creator/KirkDouglas.
* ''Film/{{Stalag 17}}'' (1953) -- A comedy-drama about [=POW=]s in UsefulNotes/WorldWarII, starring William Holden.
* ''Film/{{Sabrina}}'' (1954) -- A light romantic comedy starring Creator/AudreyHepburn and Creator/HumphreyBogart.
* ''Film/TheSevenYearItch'' (1955) -- A romantic comedy with Creator/MarilynMonroe, source of the [[MarilynManeuver iconic image]].
* ''Film/WitnessForTheProsecution'' (1957) - A courtroom drama starring Creator/CharlesLaughton and Creator/MarleneDietrich, based on Creator/AgathaChristie's play, famous for its TwistEnding.
* ''Film/LoveInTheAfternoon'' (1957) -- A romantic comedy with Creator/AudreyHepburn and Gary Cooper in a MayDecemberRomance. Wilder's first of eleven collaborations with screenwriter I.A.L. Diamond.
* ''Film/SomeLikeItHot'' (1959) -- A classic comedy, again starring Creator/MarilynMonroe, with Tony Curtis and Creator/JackLemmon.
* ''Film/TheApartment'' (1960) -- A comedy-drama with Jack Lemmon and Creator/ShirleyMacLaine, about the then-scandalous subject of adultery. Won Best Picture.
* ''Film/OneTwoThree'' (1961) -- A comedy set in West Berlin, satirizing both communism and capitalism, starring Creator/JamesCagney.
* ''Film/TheFortuneCookie'' (1966) -- A legal satire with Jack Lemmon as a somewhat reluctant fraud and Walter Matthau (AA Best Supporting Actor) as his opportunistic lawyer.
* ''Film/ThePrivateLifeOfSherlockHolmes'' (1970) -- A combination AffectionateParody and {{deconstruction}} of the Franchise/SherlockHolmes character.
* ''Film/TheFrontPage'' (1974) -- TheRemake of the 1931 ScrewballComedy about newspaper reporters.