Bela Lugosi (October 20, 1882 -- August 16, 1956; born ''Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó'') was a Hungarian-born stage and screen actor mostly known for his work in horror movies, in particular the title role in the [[Film/{{Dracula 1931}} 1931 version]] of ''Literature/{{Dracula}}''. Following this film's success, he suffered severely from type-casting and the limitations of his heavy native accent, and spent the vast bulk of his career eking out a living in various low-budget productions, culminating (if that is the word) in his work with director Creator/EdWood.

He worked on several occasions with/was overshadowed by Creator/BorisKarloff. He managed to make a sort of comeback in death, however, when Martin Landau won an Oscar for his brilliant portrayal of Lugosi in Creator/TimBurton's 1994 film ''Film/EdWood''.

Other notable or infamous movies in which he appeared: ''Film/WhiteZombie'', ''Film/MurdersInTheRueMorgue'', ''[[Film/TheWolfMan1941 The Wolf Man]]'', ''Film/SonOfFrankenstein'' (as Ygor, generally regarded as one of his best performances), ''Film/GlenOrGlenda'' and ''Film/Plan9FromOuterSpace''. He also had a supporting role in the classic Creator/GretaGarbo comedy ''Film/{{Ninotchka}}'', and many ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'' fans will also remember him from the serial ''The Phantom Creeps'' ([[MemeticMutation "Zees vill zimplify everytink!"]]), as well as the movie ''Film/BrideOfTheMonster'' ([[MemeticMutation "He tampered in God's domain"]]).

Also rather well known for being [[Music/{{Bauhaus}} dead]]. It wasn't his idea, but he was buried in Dracula costume. A persistent urban myth holds that Creator/PeterLorre joked at Lugosi's funeral that they should drive a stake through his heart just in case. In fact, Peter Lorre wasn't even at Lugosi's funeral.

!!Bela Lugosi on TV Tropes:

* ''Film/{{Dracula|1931}}'' (1931)
* ''Film/IslandOfLostSouls'' (1932)
* ''Film/MurdersInTheRueMorgue'' (1932)
* ''Film/WhiteZombie'' (1932)
* ''Film/TheBlackCat'' (1934)
* ''Film/MarkOfTheVampire'' (1935)
* ''Film/{{The Raven|1935}}'' (1935)
* ''Film/TheInvisibleRay'' (1936)
* ''Film/{{Ninotchka}}'' (1939)
* ''Film/SonOfFrankenstein'' (1939)
* ''Film/TheDevilBat'' (1940)
* ''[[Film/TheWolfMan1941 The Wolf Man]]'' (1941)
* ''Film/TheCorpseVanishes'' (1942)
* ''Film/TheGhostOfFrankenstein'' (1942)
* ''Film/FrankensteinMeetsTheWolfMan'' (1943)
* ''Film/TheBodySnatcher'' (1945)
* ''Film/AbbottAndCostelloMeetFrankenstein'' (1948)
* ''Film/GlenOrGlenda'' (1953)
* ''Film/BrideOfTheMonster'' (1955)
* ''Film/Plan9FromOuterSpace'' (1959)

!!Bela Lugosi is known for these tropes:
* AllInTheEyes: Multiple movies would make good use out of an illuminated close-up of Lugosi's. Dracula aside, both ''White Zombie'' and its sequel (which Béla wasn't actually in, funny enough) used this effect.
** Many people say that Bela wasn't that great of an actor, but pretty much everyone agrees that those eyes of his... those eyes... eyes that pierce you to your very soul. There is no escaping them... Uh. That is to say: Most people agree that he could use his eyes to amazing effect.
* BadassCape: Dracula's long cape.
* BlackCloak: Buried with one, too, at his family's request, though against his own wishes.
* ClassicalMovieVampire: His role is the TropeMaker. Most Dracula parodies follow this trope because of how renowned Legosi's performance was.
* CompellingVoice: He made sure to try to vocalize Dracula's hypnotic voice.
* DramaticPause: Somewhat justified in the fact that English is ''quite'' different from Hungarian (so different that the heavy accent it leaves when transitioning to English probably made his English sound worse than it actually did to most people. He was actually a very good speaker!) In fact, in 1934's ''Film/TheBlackCat'', he has a small bit of dialogue in Hungarian, and naturally, the delivery of it flows like melted butter.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Lugosi's most notable film role before moving to America is probably that of Chingachgook in the 1920 silent two-parter ''[[Literature/TheLeatherstockingTales Lederstrumpf]]''.
* FakeShemp: In ''Film/Plan9FromOuterSpace''.
* GoshDangItToHeck: Bela Lugosi did not swear (not much, anyway), but ''Film/EdWood'' made him give a [[ClusterFBomb whole lot of it]].
* HighCollarOfDoom: By wearing the collar of the black cape up in the stage play of ''Dracula'', turning around would blend in with the curtain and make it seem like he disappeared. In the movie version, he kept the collar up just for the heck of it, and high collars became an iconic part of the VillainousFashionSense.
* IDoNotDrinkWine: Dracula didn't, but Béla? It's said he was quite a fan.
* TheIgor: His role in ''Film/SonOfFrankenstein'' helped codify this trope. He's the original Ygor!
* LargeHam: He could play the part subtle at moments, but he loved to just flourish with the role.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: The man's name, and most of his characters.
* OminousOperaCape: The way he flourished the long, black cape as Dracula made dark capes a common villain accessory.
* RealityIsUnrealistic: Although more modern Dracula adaptations avoid imitating his accent like the plague, it may be the most accurate one, as historically Vlad Țepeș was ethnically Hungarian.
* StageName: He was born Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó, and took the name Lugosi from his hometown of Lugos, Hungary (which is now Lugoj, Romania).
* Franchise/UniversalHorror: The genre in which he did his most famous work.
* VampiresAreSexGods: He played Dracula as a seductive and charismatic villain. The studio forbade him from [[HomoeroticSubtext preying on men]] for [[ValuesDissonance exactly this reason]].
** Lugosi himself was turned into a sex symbol overnight because of Dracula.
* VampireVords: This is a trope he actually averted. He had no problems pronouncing his W's.
* WhiteDwarfStarlet: He got roles after Dracula, but they eventually dried up.