Anne B. Walsh lives in Pittsburgh, PA, with a Very Patient Roommate, a Very Large Dog, and a pair of Very Anxious Cats (most of whose anxiety stems from the existence of the Very Large Dog). She is an author of both original and derivative fiction. She has been known to make contributions to Wiki/ThisVeryWiki, so she is definitely OneOfUs.

* ''Literature/AWidowInWaiting'', a historical fantasy set in RegencyEngland and Ireland.
* ''[[Literature/HomecomingWalsh Homecoming]]'', a traditional fantasy set on the world of Trycanta.
* ''Literature/{{Killdeer}}'', her first foray into ScienceFiction.

* ''Literature/SingWeNowOfChristmas'', 3 stories that [[CaptainObvious relate to Christmas]].
* ''[[Literature/IHeardTheBellsOnChristmasDay I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day]]''
* ''Literature/MastersInTheHall''
* ''Literature/InTheBleakMidwinter''
* ''Literature/CatTales'', of which none of the stories seem to have [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers anything to do with Christmas]].

* The Franchise/HarryPotter AlternateUniverseFic known as the [[Fanfic/{{Dangerverse}} Dangerverse]] (completed in October 2014, very nearly on the exact 10th anniversary of commencement).
* Many, many alternates of the Dangerverse. Far too many. (In Anne's humble opinion. She just can't stop herself.)

More information as time, space, and brainpower allow.

Her website (with several {{Easter Egg}}s) can be found [[ here]].