[[caption-width-right:224:She's no [[Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross Lynn Minmay]], but she's the closest as you can get for a real life one.]]
Anna Maria Francesca Enriquez Perez de Taglé (born December 23, 1990) is a Filipina-American actress and singer. She is known for her roles as Ashley Dewitt on ''Series/HannahMontana'' and Ella Pador on ''Film/CampRock'' and ''Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam''. She also played Miracle Ross on ''Series/{{CAKE}}'', and was in the 2009 film ''Film/{{Fame}}'', in which she starred as Joy Moy. She is the granddaughter of Philippine singing legend Sylvia La Torre.

Recently joined the cast of the Broadway production of ''Godspell''.
!!Notable Roles played by Anna Maria Perez de Taglé:
* Ashley Dewitt on ''Series/HannahMontana''
* Ella Pador on ''Film/CampRock'' 1 and 2
!!Tropes that apply to Ms. Perez de Taglé include:
* AsianAirhead: Her characters are this, but not all of them in the list. It's a miracle there haven't been mass protests at Disney yet.
** The show ''CAKE'' gives us Miracle, a young Filipino girl, gorgeous, glamorous and, of course, stupid. Also the Rich Bitch (noticing a pattern?).
** Ashley Dewitt on ''Hannah Montana''. Basically the same character, but much stupider, with a different name.
** ''Camp Rock'''s Ella Pador, only she's nicer... in the end. She stays nice in the sequel.
* CoverVersion: of [[Disney/TheLittleMermaid "Part of Your World"]].
* FanNickname: She is sometimes referred to as the "Jonas sister".