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Animal Planet is one of the Creator/DiscoveryChannel's sister channels. It, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin as the name indicates]], originally focused on animal shows, most especially shows about endangered animals. It also hosted animal competitions, including agility competitions, several high-quality dog shows (including the Westminster Kennel Club show and the Eukanuba Tournament of Champions) and even some equestrian events, including the Rolex Championships. Has begun to suffer a degree of NetworkDecay in recent years, as the programming lineup has begun to stray from its animal-centric orientation.
Shows on this Network:

* ''Series/AnimalArmageddon'', which is about extinction events throughout Earth's history.
* ''Series/AnimalFaceOff'', which deals with which of two contemporaneous animals would win in a hypothetical fight.
* The ''Series/AnimalPlanetHeroes'' shows, which deal with pet rescues.
* ''Battleground Rhino Wars'', following a group of US [[ElitesAreMoreGlamorous Special Forces]] operatives attempting to stop rhinoceros poaching in South Africa.
* ''Series/TheCallOfTheWild2000''
* ''Series/CallOfTheWildman'', which has Redneck celebrity Ernie "Turtleman" Brown, Jr. dealing with nuisance snapping turtles and various other animals in rural Kentucky, all with his bare hands.
* The ''[[{{Series/CrocodileHunter}} Crocodile Hunter]]'' shows, including the original and ''Croc Hunter Diaries''.
* ''Dogs 101 [=/=] Cats 101'', a documentary series that covers various breeds.
* ''Emergency Vets'' and its sequel ''E-Vet Interns''; set at Alameda East Animal Hospital in UsefulNotes/{{Denver}}, the top emergency animal hospital in the country. Your basic emergency room docudrama, but with animals; this show is probably responsible for an entire generation of aspiring vets and vet techs.
* ''Escape To Chimp Eden'', a series showing efforts to rescue chimpanzees from abusive situations across Africa and rehabilitate them at the titular Chimp Eden wildlife sanctuary.
** There's also ''Orangutan Island'', which is essentially this with orangutans. It follows a group of orphaned orangutans being rehabilitated to return to the wilds of Borneo.
* ''Series/FatalAttractions'', a show about people who owned exotic animals as pets.
* ''Finding Bigfoot'', a group of researchers trying to do ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin
* ''Gator Boys'', which follows alligator wrestlers Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle as they capture and relocate nuisance alligators in Florida & Mississippi.
* ''Series/GloryHounds'', a 2-hour documentary following US Army and [[SemperFi Marine]] dog handlers fighting the WarOnTerror in Afghanistan.
* ''Series/TheHaunted'', a series about paranormal investigations and ghost stories involving animals.
* ''Hillybilly Handfishing'', a down south version of ''Series/RiverMonsters'' but with fish being caught by hand.
* ''I, Predator'', which details specific predator-prey relationships.
* ''Series/{{Infested}}'', a show about families battles against an invasion of various animal species.
* ''Series/ItsMeOrTheDog'', which is essentially [=SuperNanny=] [-[[RecycledInSpace FOR DOGS]]-]. Here, trainer Victoria Stilwell reforms badly behaved canines.
** There's also ''Series/MyCatFromHell'' where cat behaviorist [[AwesomeMcCoolname Jackson Galaxy]] helps owners turn [[CatsAreMean mean cats]] into sweet ones.
* ''Series/TheJeffCorwinExperience'', a show about Jeff Corwin and his experiences with animals all around the world.
* ''Lone Star Legend'', a series in a similar vein to ''Call of the Wildman'', follows south Texas rancher Buck Medley as he deals with nuisance animal problems across southern Texas.
* ''Louisiana Lockdown'', a series that shows maximum-security prison inmates at Louisiana's infamous Angola prison who are rewarded for good behavior by getting to be involved in several animal related programs, including a yearly rodeo.
* ''Series/LostTapes'', a ''[[Film/TheBlairWitchProject Blair Witch-equse]]'' {{Mockumentary}} series about '[[BasedOnAGreatBigLie real monsters]]'.
* ''Series/MeerkatManor'', a soap opera-ish show about various colonies of meerkats.
* ''Money Barn'', a show that follows a group of auctioneers vying to get hired on to {{Auction}} off the contents of barns across rural America.
* ''Monsters Inside Me'', a show about various, often deadly, organisms including parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi and their effects on the human body.
* ''Mud Lovin Rednecks'', a show about two rednecks couples trying to run a mud bogging hole.
* ''My Extreme Animal Phobia'', a show about people trying to face animal phobias.
* ''Series/TheMostExtreme'', a top ten countdown of "[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Most Extreme...]]" mothers, swimmers, eaters, etc.
* ''Off The Hook Extreme Catches'', which follows pro wrestler "Showtime" Eric Young as he partakes in strange and unusual sportfishing techniques across America.
* ''Series/PitBoss'', a show about little people who rescue and strengthen the bad reputation of pit bulls.
* ''Series/PitBullsAndParolees'', about the Villalobos Rescue Center for pit bulls.
* ''The Series/PuppyBowl'', a UsefulNotes/SuperBowl [[NoHoperRepeat alternative]] with [[PreciousPuppies puppies]]! And bonus [[CuteKitten Kitty Halftime Show]]!
* ''Series/RattlesnakeRepublic'', follows teams of rattlesnake hunters pursuing their quarry across Texas.
* ''Series/RiverMonsters'', a show about Jeremy Wade catching and releasing giant freshwater fish. It's the most popular and highly rated show in the network's history.
* ''Series/RockyMountainBountyHunters'', follows two teams of Fugitive Recovery agents tracking bond jumpers in the Rocky mountain wilderness and back country.
* ''Series/SwampWars'', a series that follows members of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department's Venom One team as they deal with native and invasive reptile species in south Florida.
* ''Series/{{Tanked}}'', a show about two brothers-in-law as they run the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the nation.
* ''Series/TreeTopCatRescue'', a series about a duo of arborist turned professional cat rescuers who attempt to help [[CatUpATree cats that somehow got themselves stuck in trees]].
* ''Series/TooCute'', a fluffy show about litters of baby animals.
* ''Treehouse Masters'', a show that follows designer Pete Nelson and his construction team as they create unique treehouses.
* ''Unlikely Animal Friends'', a show about [[OddFriendship odd]] [[InterspeciesFriendship animal pairs.]]
* ''Series/WhaleWars'', which follows [[AnimalWrongsGroup the Sea Shepherd]] as they attempt to PayEvilUntoEvil by stopping Japanese whaling ships.
* ''Wild West Alaska'', which follows a gun store in Anchorage, Alaska as they [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin build & sell guns]] and also take clients on hunting & fishing trips in the Alaskan wilderness.
* ''The Zoo'', a docu-series about the Bronx Zoo.