'''Angela Carter''' (1940-92) was a British fiction writer and feminist scholar.

!! Works of Angela Carter:
* ''Literature/ThePassionOfNewEve''
* ''Literature/TheBloodyChamber''
* ''Literature/NightsAtTheCircus''
!! Tropes in her works include:
* AllPsychologyIsFreudian: Parodied in ''The Passion of New Eve''
* {{Grimmification}}: ''The Bloody Chamber'' retells various fairy tales, making them (even) darker.
* IncestIsRelative: A recurring theme in her work.
* MagicalRealism
* {{Mythpunk}}
* {{Postmodernism}}
* PurpleProse: Carter is not afraid to [[ViewersAreGeniuses show her erudition]].
* WhamLine: The last sentence of "Lizzie's Tiger."
-->"What are they Canucks doing with little [[spoiler:Lizzie Borden]]?"