Andrew Kepple is a flash animator from UsefulNotes/NewZealand (currently residing in UsefulNotes/{{Canada}}). He started out in 1999 under the online handle Too Much Spare Time (or just [=TmsT=]) and have since then produced quite a few viral and semi-viral animations.

In 2003, after making and running a few webcomics, from which the most well-known is perhaps ''[[ Goodbye Cruel World]]'', Kepple took great interest in Flash animation. His first big break was his WebAnimation/{{Animutation}} videos, amongst them the famous ''WebAnimation/ColinMochrieVsJesusHChrist fanimutrilogy'', which became quite popular in the fanimutation community. Kepple would later have a couple of rather fruitful collaborations with the father of Animutation, Creator/NeilCicierega, which resulted in some music videos based on Neil's Music/LemonDemon songs.

Also noteworthy is Kepple's own voice acting and keyboard music which is featured in a couple of his videos, and which really isn't half bad. He is also very fond of {{Creator Cameo}}s and {{Easter Egg}}s.

While all of Kepple's official sites appears to be down at the moment, most of his work can be viewed through his AlbinoBlackSheep [[ page]] and {{Website/Newgrounds}} [[ page]]
!!Andrew Kepple's body of work includes:

* The ''WebAnimation/ColinMochrieVsJesusHChrist fanimutrilogy'', the first of which, ''[[ French Erotic Film]]'', has nothing to do with porn from France.
* ''[[ TmsT's Duke Nukem Forever]]'' -- The various incarnations of VideoGame/DukeNukem sings ''Forever'' by Music/TheBeachBoys. Made in 2004 and pretty HilariousInHindsight.
* ''[[ TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody]]'' -- ''VideoGame/ZeroWing'' meets ''[[Music/{{Queen}} Bohemian Rhapsody]]''.
* ''[[ Geeks in Love]]'' -- Music video for the Lemon Demon of the same name.
* ''[[ When Robots Attack]]'' -- Another Lemon Demon music video which happens to be a [[TheOner Oner]]
* ''[[ ScientLOLojyuuichi!!]]'' -- Was published under the pseudonym Androgynous. Based on a song by Nuclear Bubble Wrap, this video is a funny look on Scientology, the Internetbased group Anonymous' Project Chanology related protests and tribute to the original Hyakugojyuuichi!!, the first animutation video of note.
* ''[[!v=6exgWphS8q4 Hosue]]'' -- Series/{{House}} meets '''''HOLY FUCK SHIT AHHHHHHHHHHHH'''''
* ''[[ Spy & Pyro]]'' -- ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' meets ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes''. [[WebAnimation/SpyAndPyro Has its own page.]]
* ''[[ Avada Kedavra]]'' -- Video for the song of the same name by Nuclear Bubble Wrap and Steve Goodie. A ''Literature/HarryPotter'' themed parody of [[Disney/TheLionKing Hakuna Matata]], wherein Voldemort and Wormtail explains the wonders of the killing curse to Draco Malfoy.
* ''[[ Sophisticus]] -- Music video celebrating an imaginary holiday in which men become olde-timey fancy british gentlemen for a night.
* ''[[ Draining the Lizard]] -- Video for the song of the same name by Nuclear Bubble Wrap about urinating on Dumbledore.
* ''[[ Two Guys and a Jigsaw Puzzle]] -- A short sketch where one person is creating a jigsaw puzzle of boundless human knowledge, and another comes by to "help" with his suspiciously-shaped "edge pieces."
* ''Animal in Love'' (part of ''[[ The Best Garfield Falsh Animashun Collab Ever! 2: The Next Mutation]]'') -- A video for Music/{{Coldplay}}'s "Fix You" based on a ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'' strip.
* Speaking of ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'', Andrew is a [[ frequent contributor]] to the webcomic ''Webcomic/SquareRootOfMinusGarfield''.
* ''[[ Becausemos]] A parody of * Cosmos and the [[ New Conservative]] copypasta.
* ''[[ The Trash Pack]]'' -- Along with New Zealand animation team Mukpuddy, he helped animated the web shorts for the Moose toyline ''Toys/TheTrashPack''. He also has contributed with Mukpuddy for other projects as well.

Kepple's work provides examples of:
* TransformationSequence: The two protagonists in Sophisticus go through a parody of a ''Manga/SailorMoon'' transformation in which they acquire facial hair and spats, complete with sparkly skin and whipping coattails.
* TakeThat: At House's fangirls. Or at least the ones who think of him as a nice, kindly individual.
* BeliefMakesYouStupid: Two Guys and a Jigsaw Puzzle, Lampshaded somewhat in Becausemos.