Amy Louise Sedaris (born March 29, 1961) is an actress and comedian, best known as Jerri Blank on the cult TV series ''Series/StrangersWithCandy''. She also voices regular character Princess Carolyn on ''WesternAnimation/BoJackHorseman''. As of 2017, she also hosts her own show on, ''At Home with Amy Sedaris'', which is an AffectionateParody of cooking, DIY, and home-crafts programs.

She has also written two books focused on crafting and hospitality, with a humorous twist, entitled ''I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence'' (2006) and ''Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People'' (2010) (with her ex-boyfriend and frequent collaborator Paul Dinello).

She is the younger sister of the humorist and ''Radio/ThisAmericanLife'' contributor Creator/DavidSedaris. Despite being the ButtMonkey in several of his tales of the Sedaris family, they are said to be very close friends as adults; they're certainly close enough to write plays together as "The Talent Family".
!!This actress provides examples of:
* BeautyInversion: Sedaris wanted to avert HollywoodHomely for her character in ''Strangers With Candy'', so she made the character into TheGrotesque.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: She could give RobinWilliams tips in high-speed free association.
* {{Irony}}: She is currently appearing in a TV advert for a washing machine additive, and is dressed as the perfect Stepford Wife in fifties clothes and hairdo. It is obvious she's exaggerating the stereotype for laughs; and the pose becomes hilarious when you discover she is ''also'' Jeri Blank...[[note]]British viewers do not have this piece of information. The advert is funny enough - this woman is obviously sending up StepfordSuburbia to hell and back in an UpToEleven performance - but Jeri Blank is not a character known to British domestic TV. discovering who the woman in the advert is and what she's famous for in the USA is a GeniusBonus.[[/note]]
* MotorMouth: Just watch her in interviews.
* OlderThanTheyLook: She attributes her youthful appearance to genetics.
* PintSizedPowerhouse: She stands at only five feet tall.
* RealWomenDontWearDresses: Averted- Even though she's one of the best living arguments against the whole "Women can't be funny or strong" claim, she's often seen dressed like a Fairy Princess Homemaker.
* RefugeInAudacity: If you've seen her show, you know what we're talking about.
* SesameStreetCred