Amanda Michelle Seyfried (born December 3, 1985) is an American actress and former child model. Before her movie career started in earnest she was known for her roles as murder victim Lily Kane in ''Series/VeronicaMars'' and Sarah Henrickson on the HBO drama series ''Series/BigLove''. Filmwise, she has starred as Sophie Sheridan in the feature film ''Film/MammaMia'', and Karen Smith in ''Film/MeanGirls''.

In 2009, she appeared in the supernatural [[SlidingScaleOfComedyAndHorror horror comedy]] ''Film/JennifersBody''. To give you an idea of how warped that movie was, Seyfried was the HollywoodHomely best friend of Jennifer (played by Creator/MeganFox).

In 2010, she played the title role in ''Film/{{Chloe}}'', by Creator/AtomEgoyan. 2011 saw her playing the lead in Catherine Hardwicke's ''Film/RedRidingHood'' and starring opposite Music/JustinTimberlake in ''Film/InTime''. She's recently garnered critical acclaim for her role as Cosette in the film adaptation of ''Film/{{Les Miserables|2012}}''. She has collaborated with Creator/SethMacFarlane on comedies such as ''Film/{{Ted 2}}'' and ''Film/AMillionWaysToDieInTheWest''.
!!Her films include:
* ''Film/MeanGirls'' (2004) - Karen Smith
* ''AlphaDog'' (2006) - Julie Beckley
* ''Film/MammaMia'' (2008) - Sophie Sheridan
* ''Film/JennifersBody'' (2009) - Anita "Needy" Lesnicki
* ''Dear John'' (2010) - Savannah Lynn Curtis
* ''Film/{{Chloe}}'' (2010) - Chloe Sweeney
* ''Film/LettersToJuliet'' (2010) - Sophie
* ''Film/RedRidingHood'' (2011) - Valerie
* ''Film/InTime'' (2011) - Sylvia Weis
* ''Film/{{Gone}}'' (2012) - Jill Conway
* ''[[Film/LesMiserables2012 Les Misérables]]'' (2012) - Cosette
* ''Film/{{Lovelace}}'' (2013)
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Epic}}'' (2013) - Mary Katherine (voice)
* ''Film/AMillionWaysToDieInTheWest'' (2014) - Louise
* ''Film/{{Ted 2}}'' (2015) - Samantha Jackson

!!Her television roles include:
* ''Series/VeronicaMars'' - Lily Kane
* ''Series/BigLove'' - Sarah Henrickson
* ''Series/CosmosASpacetimeOdyssey'' - Marie Tharp (voice)
* ''Series/TwinPeaks'' - Rebecca "Becky" Burnett
!!Tropes associated with this actress' works:
* MsFanservice: Her roles tend to be this.
* OneHeadTaller: While not tiny (she's 5' 3½") she ''is'' noticeably shorter than most of her onscreen love interests.
* PrettyInMink: Has worn a few furs in her roles, such as a white fox wrap in ''In Time'', and a fur coat in ''Lovelace''.
* TeensAreShort / DawsonCasting: Being slightly shorter than average might be one of the reasons she is cast as younger than her real age so often. This was actually a plot point in ''Film/{{Gone}}''--Seyfried played a character much the same age as herself (i.e. mid-twenties) who at one point successfully blends in with a group of teenage girls while hiding from the cops.