[=AliceSoft=] is an [[HGame eroge]] developer, one of the oldest in existence. Although they are perhaps not as well known as the truly big groups like [[{{Nasuverse}} Type-MOON]] and KeyVisualArts, [=AliceSoft=] has managed to carve out a niche for itself by incorporating interesting and involved gameplay elements that occasionally challenge the player. Where other developers will eschew gameplay in favour of [[DoingItForTheArt telling a fantastic story]] or cutting straight to the [[PornWithoutPlot heart of the matter]], [=AliceSoft=] embraces it wholeheartedly to the point that many of their works on this wiki could be classified as both {{Video Game}}s and {{Visual Novel}}s.

The company began in 1989 making games for the {{PC88}}, {{MSX}} and {{PC98}}. These included a VisualNovel known as ''Intruder'' and the very first ''Rance'' game, chronicling the adventures of everyone's favorite HeroicComedicSociopath as he searched for and "rescued" kidnapped girls. They continued to release games in uninterrupted succession until 2008.

Many of [=AliceSoft=]'s games tend to be either {{Eastern RPG}}s, {{Dating Sim}}s or TurnBasedStrategy Games and have a penchant for [[AffectionateParody sly, subtle jabs]] at elements of anime and Japanese pop culture in general. Their more beloved titles fall squarely in the ExplicitContent category and have high quality soundtracks courtesy of their in-house composers. Occasionally the company will allow its games to be adapted into short [=OVAs=] that tend to overemphasise the "porn" aspect of the works.

Alright, let's face it. Most people know of them because of ''Rance''.

!Notable [=AliceSoft=] titles include:
* The Rance Series
** ''Rance - Search For Hikari''
** ''Rance II - The Rebellious Maidens''
** ''Rance III - The Fall of Leazas''
** ''Rance IV - Legacy Of the Sect''
** ''Rance 4.1 - Save the Medicine Plant!''
** ''Rance 4.2 - Angel Group''
** ''Kichikuou Rance''
** ''Rance 5D - Lonely Girl''
** ''Rance VI - Collapse of Zeth''
** ''Sengoku Rance''
** ''Rance Quest''
*** ''Rance Quest [[ExpansionPack Magnum]]''
** ''Rance IX - The Helman Rebellion''
* The Miki-chan series (Made back when they were called Champion Soft)
** ''Sarawareta Miki-chan''
** ''VideoGame/LittlePrincess''
** ''Little Vampire''
* ''Darcrows''
* ''Beat Angel Escalayer''
* ''Beat Blades Haruka''
* The Dai Series
** ''Daiakuji''
** ''Daibanchou/Big Bang Age''
** ''Daiteikoku''
* ''[[VisualNovel/AtlachNacha Atlach=Nacha]]''
* ''Pastel Chime''
* ''Pastel Chime Continue''
* ''Ultra Magical Girl Manana'' (A serial in Visual Novel form chronicling the adventures of the titular magical girl)
* ''Mamatoto ~A Record of War~''
** ''Mamanyonyo''
** ''{{VideoGame/Widenyo}}'' (a remake of ''Mamanyonyo'')

!!Tropes That Apply To This Company

* ArtEvolution: Considering how the company has been around since the late 80s, there's been a lot of this. Especially noticeable in the Rance series,
* AuthorAppeal: TADA, the Director of the ''Rance'' Series, Executive Vice President, the chief of the Game developing department, and the one in charge of marketing the [=AliceSoft=] brand, likes [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} silly girls]], {{Meganekko}}, [=RPGs=], Global History (especially Pre-UsefulNotes/WW2), {{Romantic Comed|y}}ies, [[{{Tsundere}} both insulting and comforting girls]], {{Cute Monster Girl}}s, Battleships, and Military Planes. All of these elements have appeared in [=AliceSoft=] games one way or another.
** After Tori left the company due to health reasons, TADA made a post for applicants for her position. While he didn't list any of the above likes as being requirements for the job, they were listed as requirements for being his best friend.
** TADA also has examples of Author ''Unappeal'' as well, at odds with some of the other staff members. Primarily the Rance series' [[CaptainErsatz half-assed policy on monster design]] and his dislike of {{Lolicon}}.
* AuthorAvatar: TADA once again. He calls himself "King Hanny" around the office and shouts "Moe!" when he sees a cute girl in glasses, so the haniwa are basically an exaggerated version of him.
** A few of the other staff members like to insert themselves in the games as {{Mook}}s. Notably Tori and the Iyanayastu (Fan translated as "Asshole" or "Gross Guy") as well as Plum's Ghost.
* BleachedUnderpants: Their console and handheld ports, naturally.
* DoingItForTheArt: TADA stepped down from being President of [=AliceSoft=] to make the last few games of the Rance Series, the best thing [=AliceSoft=] has ever made.
** Even though he has officially left the company due to health reasons, Shade (their in-house composer) said that he's making sure he sees the Rance series through to the end, because he can't see it going on without his scores.
* DefiledForever: Averted in the Rance series, actually. When [[spoiler: Kouhime]] is raped and is depressed because she believes she cannot marry anymore... Rance tells her guys like that don't count, makes fun of the rapists' small penises, and promises to marry her himself if no one else will take her.
* FountainOfExpies: They do this to themselves. Several character designs and personalities have been recycled in other games.
* {{Mascot}}: Alice-chan, the lovable little girl who serves as narrator (in the Rance series), dev room operator (in most of the games), and is usually on the company's logo.
* MascotMook: The Hannies, goofy living potteries with a love of all things {{moe}}. One is on the company's current logo.
* MostWritersAreMale: Averted in the Rance series, of all things. Tori (main writer for Rance 2-7) is a woman, and came up with most of the traits that define Rance as a character.
* NoExportForYou: Sadly Alicesoft isn't interested in licensing their work in the west, probably because of the media outbursts similar titles have caused in America.
* ObliviouslyEvil: For a degree of "evil", if the heroes of Alicesoft games (Rance of course being the biggest example) do morally reprehensible thing like rape, torture, etc, it's generally because they run off the InsaneTrollLogic that heroes don't do evil things, and they're the heroes, so if they do said act then they're not evil. It's actually a plot point in Rance's case, as he was subjected to a power that uses a person's inner evil to destroy them, and he was unaffected because he doesn't comprehend that he does evil things and thus has no inner evil. It generally helps that the villains in their games are usually far more cruel and depraved than the protagonists and revel in being evil.
* StylisticSuck: TADA's drawings in the dev room. A more classic example would be the "art" you get from Gunagan throughout the series, though that might count more towards TrueArtIsIncomprehensible.