Alexandre Aja (born 7 August 1978) is a French film director and is one of the most notable modern horror auters.

He has been unofficially dubbed a member of the "Splat Pack", a movement in modern horror towards {{Gorn}}-y realistic depictions of hyper-violence, which includes [[Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera Darren Lynn Bousman]], [[Film/TheDescent Neil Marshall]], Creator/EliRoth, Creator/JamesWan, and Music/RobZombie.

Aja rose to international stardom for his 2003 horror film ''Film/HighTension'', and has since been carving quite a genre career for himself in America with high-profile and high-budget horror remakes.


[[folder: He Has Written and/or Directed ]]

* ''Film/HighTension''
* ''Film/TheHillsHaveEyes'' (remake of the Creator/WesCraven film)
* ''Film/{{P2}}'' (writer only)
* ''Film/{{Mirrors}}''
* ''Film/Piranha3D''
* ''Film/{{Maniac}}'' (2012 remake, writer only)
* ''Film/{{Horns}}''

!! Tropes That Apply to His Work
* BodyHorror
* {{Gorn}}
* SlasherMovie