'''Ai Maeda''' (前田 愛, born April 19, 1975) is a Japanese voice actress born in Kobe, Hyōgo, Japan, employed by the talent management firm Aoni Production. She is also a singer under the name '''[=AiM=]''' and a songwriter under the name '''ai'''. She is best known in the English-speaking world for her work as both a voice actress and a singer in the ''Franchise/{{Digimon}}'' anime series until ''Anime/DigimonFrontier''. In January of 2013, she married Creator/RyotaroOkiayu.

She is not to be confused with [[LightNovel/KinosJourney the on-camera actress of the same name]].

!!Notable filmography
* Chihiro Fushimi in ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei: VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}''
* Emiru Nagakura in ''VideoGame/SentimentalGraffiti''
* Girls in ''Real Sound: Kaze no Regret''
* Haruhi Nishimoto in ''VisualNovel/TokimekiMemorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss''
* Karen Minazuki/Cure Aqua in ''Anime/YesPrettyCure5'' and ''Yes! Precure 5 GO!GO!''
* Kumiko Komori in ''Anime/KamisamaKazoku''
* Marin (Kitty) in ''BabyFelix''
* Megumi Oumi in ''Manga/ZatchBell'' (also video games)
* Meimei in ''VideoGame/SenranKagura''
* Mimi Tachikawa in ''Anime/DigimonAdventure'', ''Anime/DigimonAdventure02'' [[spoiler:and ''Anime/DigimonXrosWarsTheYoungHuntersLeapingThroughTime'']]
* Nietzsche and Eudy in ''VideoGame/YggdraUnion: We'll Never Fight Alone'' (PSP version)
* O-Ren Ishii in the animated scenes from ''Film/KillBill Vol. 1''
* Oichi and Samurai Woman in ''VideoGame/SamuraiWarriors''
* Poala in ''Manga/BeetTheVandelBuster''
* Range in the ''Spectral Force 2 ~Eien naru Kiseki~'' OVA
* Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto in ''Anime/SailorMoonCrystal'' (replacing Creator/ChiyokoKawashima, who retired from voice acting since 2001)
* Shion Uzuki in ''VideoGame/{{Xenosaga}}'' and ''VideoGame/NamcoXCapcom''
* Yue/Aria in ''VideoGame/RuneFactory2''
* Yura Keikain in ''Manga/NuraRiseOfTheYokaiClan''

* I Wish (''Anime/DigimonAdventure'' first ending)
* Keep on (''Anime/DigimonAdventure'' second ending)
* [[LongTitle Ashita wa atashi no kaze ga fuku]] (''Anime/DigimonAdventure02'' first ending)
* Itsumo Itsudemo (''Anime/DigimonAdventure02'' second ending)
* My Tomorrow (''Anime/DigimonTamers'' first ending)
* Days: Aijou to nichijou (''Anime/DigimonTamers'' second ending)
* an Endless Tale (''Anime/DigimonFrontier'' second ending, duet with Kōji Wada, the other ''Digimon'' musical mainstay)
* Less notable are the image songs for Mimi she also sings from the first two seasons: Itsudemo Aeru Kara and Super Girl respectively and the duet with Palmon (Mizowaki Shihomi) from 02, Happy Smile, along with a handful of other minor insert songs.