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[-[[caption-width-right:345:Why would you need to repel whales? In your ''helicopter''?]]-]

[[folder:Batman in Comics]]
* Franchise/{{Batman}} apparently spends most of his time devising contingency plans to use in the event that he has to fight a given individual, to the point that it's widely said that [[MemeticBadass Batman can]] [[UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny beat anyone or anything "if he's prepared"]]. For example, he carries a [[Franchise/{{Superman}} chunk of Kryptonite]] on his utility belt at all times, "just in case". He also prepares himself to an [[strike:almost]] unhealthy extent, regularly injecting himself with antitoxins in the off chance a poison-wielding villain might attack him, and training most of his day. There are some things you just can't ever see coming, like [[TabletopGame/{{Deadlands}} zombie Abraham Lincoln]] [[UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny armed with an assault rifle]].
* Dick Grayson (ComicBook/{{Nightwing}}[=/=]the first {{ComicBook/Robin}}) is also highly prepared. In the first volume of the threepart series ''Trinity'' a villain by the name of Swashbuckler steals Nightwing's mask. Which Grayson promptly has destroyed via an explosive charge set for voice activation. The command phrase was only "Autodestruct."
* Batman has attempted to be prepared in case of the inevitable superhero FaceHeelTurn, most notably in two infamous incidents. In the "Tower of Babel" arc of the Justice League comic, it was mainly confined to the League. The second was shortly after ''ComicBook/IdentityCrisis'' where Batman decided to secretly tab '''every''' superhero/metahuman on Earth he could, so he built the Brother Eye program to monitor them. Both blew up in his face horribly (Ra's found and used the files and Brother Eye was hijacked by Max Lord and, later, [[ComicBook/LexLuthor Alexander Luthor]]). That being said, while they did indeed blow up in his face, they did so by incapacitating every member of the League, who all needed to be saved by the backup plans to THE BACKUP PLANS! Yes, indeed; Batman is so prepared, he even prepared for his contingency plans to get stolen.
* Tim Drake, Robin III, is similarly prepared. In [[ComicBook/RobinSeries his own comic]], while fighting another vigilante, they fall through the roof into a bowling alley, with Tim landing on an enormous display bowling ball. He stands up, and uses his feet to start rolling it toward his opponent, thinking, "Believe it or not, I actually trained for this. I told Bruce it was stupid at the time. We'll have a good laugh when I get back home."
* Tim defeated Comicbook/LadyShiva. Lady Shiva who's the best Assassin in the world, and (aside from Bronze Tiger and Richard Dragon) probably the best martial artist in the world. You wanna know how? [[spoiler: He had poisoned some complimentary chocolates from the hotel she was staying at, ''before she wrote the letter challenging him''. The poison was a paralytic triggered by an increased heart rate. Like in a fight. Against Robin.]]
* In one issue of ''ComicBook/YoungJustice'', the new team goes on a camping trip to get to know each other better. Around the campfire they start a game of "truth or dare," and Superboy promptly dares Robin to remove his domino mask. He does... revealing another domino mask underneath. He admits that he had put the extra mask on before they left, figuring that this game would come up.
-->'''Arrowette:''' You were toilet trained at six months, weren't you...
* In an issue of ''ComicBook/RedRobin'' Tim is able to drop himself Stephanie and Prudence into the hidden basement of one of his safe houses right before it's blown up by the League of Assassins because he's already installed his ''own'' explosives under the floor in sets designed to drop out a circle of the floor without blowing up whoever was standing on it.
* In an issue of ''ComicBook/TheBatmanAdventures'', a criminal "artist" named Kim escapes from Arkham and begins leaving clues at crime scenes in a manner reminiscent of the Riddler. Riddler is furious that someone is stealing his gimmick and tracks Kim down himself. As they fight, Riddler asks what all the "clues" were supposed to mean. Kim reveals that they were actually references to an art film by a foreign director, and he was merely making an artistic statement. Riddler rants about how that is completely pointless, as ''nobody'' will ''ever'' understand such a reference, and the ''point'' of leaving clues is to give your opponent a fighting chance. Whereupon Batman shows up and reveals that he understood the clues just fine. When asked why he would watch random films and memorize the biographical information of their directors, Batman replied "In case I had to."
* In one issue of JLA, the Martian Manhunter has shapeshifted into a Japanese woman using the name Hino Rei. Batman recognises J'onn instantly, and mentions that "the name is a giveaway". Yes, Batman knows enough about ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' to spot the name of Sailor Mars. Amusingly, this is because the author got pranked; he asked a friend for a Japanese woman's name that would translate out to 'Poet of Mars', thus establishing Batman's linguistics genius; instead his friend deliberately gave him the secret ID of Sailor Mars, and so the author inadvertently established Batman's otaku cred.
* Batman's crazy preparation is shown to an extreme in the ''ComicBook/BatmanRIP'' storyline, in which we find that [[spoiler:in case of [[MindRape psychological attack]], he has created a backup personality known as "The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh". Said personality might actually ''be'' crazy, making this a literal example.]] This is not, however, the first time he's done something like this. In a Gotham Knights story, Bruce uses a contingency plan that involves [[MemoryGambit hypnotizing himself]] to essentially strip the Batman part of his identity and leave only the Bruce Wayne part, in case someone found out and he needed to take extra measures to convince them (and others) otherwise.
* In ''Batman #666'', it was shown that in a possible BadFuture, [[spoiler:Damian Wayne]] would become Batman. However, since he knows he's not as skilled as his predecessors, he makes up for it by ''booby-trapping every major building in Gotham'' in case he has to fight there.
* Rather infamously in ''JLA 59'' Batman engineered the defeat of Polaris to end with the JLA victorious, Superman's healing accelerated by the hole in the ozone layer and ''himself standing on a teleportation disk he had hidden in the Arctic for just such an occasion''. Appropriately he ends the comic with the words "always plan ahead".
* In an issue of ''ComicBook/SupermanBatman'', it is revealed that Batman carries around a lead-lined mirror ''just in case'' Superman ever turns evil and Batman can't avoid his heat vision. Because, you know, that situation comes up so often.
* During the ''Hush'' arc of Batman, it is revealed that if he is ever knocked unconscious, his helmet will release tear gas on anyone brave enough to reach for his mask, as well as his suit tasering anyone stupid enough to touch him. The taser shows up in ''Film/TheDarkKnight''.
* Lampshaded by Jaime Reyes, the ComicBook/BlueBeetle, in a teamup with Batman in ''ComicBook/TheBraveAndTheBold''. An enemy has just ambushed them by essentially spawning an arctic blizzard ramped UpToEleven above them, causing them to get buried in a few meters of snow. After Beetle breaks out and stops the blizzard by scaring off their attacker...
-->'''Blue Beetle:''' Batman! Hold on! I'll find you and get you out! Can you break out the Bat-Snowblower or something?\\
''(minor explosion)''\\
''(Batman digs his way out of the hole caused by the explosion)''\\
'''Blue Beetle:''' ''(in awe)'' Please don't tell me you actually have a Bat-Snowblower...\\
'''Batman:''' Heating flare capable of melting through ice in a hurry. You'd be surprised what you pack after going up against Mr. Freeze enough times.
* Further demonstrated in an issue of Superman/Batman where the world is under the control of Gorilla Grodd except for Batman. Batman's arm is robotic and Superman is gone in space because the atmosphere has Kryptonite in it. By the end of some long convoluted scheme that proves enough how CrazyPrepared Batman is, it turns out that it was just a simulation of that potential scenario just in case and Batman reveals to Alfred that he does these all the time.
* There was an ''{{Elseworlds}}'' comic called ''JSA: The Liberty Files'' which had alternate reality versions of Batman, Hourman, and Dr. Mid-Nite on a train in their civilian identities. They were simply eating dinner when they were suddenly attacked by a villain. Batman, as Bruce Wayne, opens his jacket and throws two grenades. One of the heroes remarks, "You brought grenades to dinner?" to which Bruce replied, "I needed them, didn't I?".
* In ''ComicBook/TheDarkKnightStrikesAgain'', Batman is well prepared for Superman coming to pay him a visit. He has The Atom punch Superman's inner ear to keep him off balance, then has the Flash place small charges all over Supes, after which Green Arrow shoots him with a Kryptonite arrow, all before Batman then hands his ass to him with Green K gloves. And then for the clincher, Superman tells the Bat he only came to talk, to which Batman replies, 'We're done talking. Get out of my cave.'
* In one issue of ''Gotham Adventures'', Harley Quinn writes a trashy romance novel that controls the mind of whoever reads it. Tim and Barbara were controlled while Bruce wasn't. Why? He wore leather gloves while reading it.
* Batman DoesNotLikeGuns, but he still takes his proteges to the firing range. When asked why, Batman explained that it's useful to know as much about guns as possible even if he doesn't use them.
* In one ''ComicBook/TheBraveAndTheBold'' comic, Batman reveals that he keeps a one-way one-shot handheld teleporter preset to the vicinity of a black hole in his utility belt. Just in case.
* [[ComicBook/{{Azrael}} Jean-Paul Valley]], during his time as Batman, was certainly this. Emphasis on "Crazy": he rigged the Batmobile to self-destruct and set up lethal dart launchers in the grandfather clock entrance.
* In the ComicBook/{{New 52}}, a plot point in ''Comicbook/ForeverEvil'' is that Batman created contingency plans in case he ever needed to take down the Justice League. He and Comicbook/{{Catwoman}} end up having to recycle the plans to use them against the Crime Syndicate, the JLA's MirrorUniverse counterpart.
* In ''ComicBook/BatmanEndgame'', Bruce finally ends up having to put his contingency plans to use when the members of the Justice League are taken over by ComicBook/TheJoker.
* In ''ComicBook/SecretSix'' ComicBook/{{Deadshot}} is speaking to a priest, trying to understand why he has recently felt such strong urges to just kill everybody he sees, and he relates the story of the first time he fought Batman. At the climax he has Batman dead to rights at point-blank range and shoots him the chest, but Batman does not die as planned and then disarms and apprehends Deadshot. The priest then asked how Batman survived the encounter. Did Deadshot miss? Did the bullets bounce off him? No, he explains that the answer is actually scarier than a person who can dodge bullets or withstand gunshots: Batman had foreseen an eventual confrontation between the two of them, gotten to his gear before the fight ''and replaced his bullets with blanks!''
* As of ''ComicBook/DCRebirth'', it's revealed that Batman has a Batcave ''on the moon'' to store particularly special equipment including [[spoiler:the Hellbat suit he raided Apokolips with. It works out in the Kent family's favor when Lois discovers the suit and subsequently uses it to defend her son from the Eradicator.]]

[[folder:Batman in Live-Action]]
* This was done to ''ridiculous'' extents in the '60s Adam West ''Series/{{Batman}}'', where, instead of being simply prepared, Batman had an inane gadget for every situation. This came to a ridiculous head in ''Film/BatmanTheMovie'', where Batman is attacked by a shark while hanging from a helicopter, but thankfully, the ''helicopter'' has a canister of ''shark repellent bat-spray''. The shot of the cabin reveals the helicopter also has barracuda, whale and manta ray repellent sprays.
-->'''[[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold Music Meister]]:''' ''Even without shark repellent/he's tougher than he seems...''
** In an episode where Batman and Robin are saved by a seal, using a live fish Batman had in his utility belt. Robin asks "Where did you get a live fish?" Batman says "The true crimefighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt, Robin."
** Alphabet Soup Bat Container.
** To survive an attack by Mr. Freeze, in one episode he and Robin have on their Bat Thermal Underwear!
** To counter the situation of BruceWayneHeldHostage, he carries around dehydrated Batsuit tablets, so that he can turn into Batman given a glass of water.
** When The Joker tried to hypnotize the Dynamic Duo using his hypnosis box, it doesn't work. Robin informs the Joker they had taken their Bat-Anti-Hypnosis Pills from the Bat-Pill Dispenser on their Bat-Utility Belts!
** [[http://www.superdickery.com/bat-female-villain-repellent/ Parodied]] in a DC/Wildstorm crossover miniseries. The members of ComicBook/{{Planetary}} are fighting various AlternateUniverse incarnations of Batman, and at one point the Adam West version uses a can of "BAT-FEMALE-VILLAIN-REPELLENT" on Jakita Wagner.
** This is parodied in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' where Krusty is a guest-villain in an old rerun of ''Batman''. Krusty's plan is to spin Batman and Robin on a carousel so rapidly that they will apparently "blush themselves to death". Fortunately, Batman happens to have a can of Carousel Reversal Spray with him.
--->'''Krusty:''' Uh, what don't you have in that belt?!\\
'''Batman:''' Patience! For harlequin hoodlums like yourself!
** In the very first episode where bars of a window high above the ground needed to be welded, Batman told Robin not to drop them due to pedestrian safety. He then used a bat-hanger to hang those bars.
** He also had all-purpose bat-swatter in case of an insect attack.
** When Egghead subdued Batman and Robin with laughing gas, Batman counteracted the gas' effects with..."Sad Pills".
* In the 1989 ''Film/{{Batman}}'' 1989 movie, the Batplane is outfitted with oversized scissor blades to cut the tethers of the poison-filled balloons in ComicBook/TheJoker's parade. Okay, but why would you have giant scissors at all if you didn't know you'd one day have to use them at a holiday parade?
-->'''Joker:''' {{Where does he get all those wonderful toys}}?
* In ''Film/BatmanForever'', Batman [[spoiler:carries an entire handful of spare coins, just in case he has the chance to fake out one of Two-Face's signature coin flips.]]
* In ''Film/BatmanAndRobin'',
** Batman and Robin run into Mr Freeze for the first time and slip on his ice. They then reveal that they had ice skates hidden in their boots, despite there being no possible reason for them to ever install/use them before Mr Freeze, who they didn't know about before he showed up.
** Alfred shows this too after learning [[spoiler:he has a fatal disease, sets his affairs in order by getting one of his family members to take over his duties at Wayne Manor. When his niece Barbra arrives, she ends up finding the batcave where a computer program Alfred wrote had contingencies in place should she find it and had constructed a batgirl suit that fit her perfectly]].
** Two words: Bat-Credit Card.
* In ''Film/TheDarkKnight'', ComicBook/TheJoker was often [[UpToEleven even better prepared than Batman himself.]] It helps that he's both a MagnificentBastard and completely insane.
* The long-awaited smackdown at the center of ''Film/BatmanVSupermanDawnOfJustice'' involves Batman donning a suit of PoweredArmor in order to go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel, along with strategically placed weaponry. It is a subversion in that it's not that much of an advantage: if Superman was truly intending to take out Batman rather than talk, the Dark Knight would have been soundly beaten. Then again, as soon as the KryptoniteFactor kicks in, Supes is weakened enough that Batman ''can'' overpower him in a physical battle (though the gas only lasts for a short time).

[[folder:Batman in Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanUnderTheRedHood'':
** Nightwing is yet again Crazy Prepared. Of all the things to carry around in his utility belt, all the cool gadgets, and he just so happens to carry a staple gun with him. Because you never know when you might need to staple something!
** The Red Hood's helmet can explode, [[ShapedLikeItself just in case he needs his helmet to explode.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman'':
** The episode "Seconds" starred [[CaptainErsatz someone-totally-not-the-Clock-King-or-Chronos]] who could rewind time and relive a battle every time he loses, correcting any mistakes -- the equivalent of emulator-SaveScumming. This power allowed him to fight Batman ''to a draw''.
** The episode [[SomethingCompletelyDifferent "Artifacts"]] shows that Batman engraved binary code into the Batcave's titanium supports to preserve an AI version of himself even if the electronics failed (as they did by the time the cave was discovered a thousand years in the future).
** The series finale "Lost Powers" has a rather odd case where this comes in handy. Aliens have stolen the powers of Justice League of America members, and the methods Batman devised to defeat them are used by ''the superheroes they were originally planned for''.
* Taken to CrazyAwesome levels while [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in the ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'' episode "Black Out". When the shapeshifter Inque hitches a ride to the Batcave ''incognito'' by blending in with the paint, the computers detect the weight imbalance of a lone shapeshifter on a vehicle which has to weigh many tons. She shows herself, so Bruce quickly dons a large hat and sunglasses to hide himself (a ContinuityNod; it was the original Gray Ghost uniform). Inque is eager to find out where she is exactly, so she tries to escape through the access tunnel. The following ensues:
-->'''Terry''': She's trying to escape! ''(Bruce pushes a button, steel doors close over the tunnel.)''\\
'''Bruce''': It pays to be prepared.\\
'''Inque''': Somebody's got a secret. ''(She tries to pull the door off.)''\\
'''Terry''': She's getting through! ''(Bruce pushes another button, door becomes electrified.)'' Man. You really are prepared.\\
'''Bruce''': ''(Cue Inque slithering up to the ceiling.)'' She won't get through that way either, there's a foot of solid steel up there.
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold'' gives us this conversation:
-->'''[[ComicBook/BlueBeetle Jaime]]:''' OK OK, here's one. Poison Ivy has used her MindControl spores on Superman to pit him against Batman. Oh, and Batman has no kryptonite. Who wins?\\
'''Paco:''' Easy: Superman.\\
'''Jaime:''' Wrong, Batman, by using his kryptonite.\\
'''Paco:''' You just said he had no kryptonite.\\
'''Jaime:''' Trick question. Batman ''always'' has kryptonite.
** This is also a ShoutOut -- the very situation actually came up in ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman''.
-->You can stun Superman. It just takes ''a lot'' of electricity.
** This is also a ShoutOut to the Hush story arc, when Poison Ivy does just that to Supes in an elaborate {{plan}} of Hush's to corner Bruce into trusting him. Batman tricks Superman into punching into the power cables for '''all of Metropolis'''. And then snaps him out of mind control by [[spoiler: having ComicBook/{{Catwoman}} drop Lois Lane out a window, so that his subconscious desire to protect her will break through the effect of the Ivy-spores]].
** There's a fantastic example in the first season finale, where it appears that he has planned for the specific situation of [[spoiler:"forced to [[EnemyMine team up with the Joker]] and use a back-up vehicle"]] by [[spoiler:including a BigRedButton in that vehicle that would spray knock-out gas into the passenger seat, knowing that Joker wouldn't be able to resist pushing it]].
** Joker himself shows tendencies of this. When Batman put him in handcuffs, he revealed that he was wearing fake, detachable hands (as well as having a number of other [[IncrediblyLamePun handy]] objects up his sleeve).
** In one of the later episodes, Batman reveals that he actually has at least one ''back-up Batcave'', which he and the [[ComicBook/JusticeLeagueInternational JLI]] use as a hideout during {{ComicBook/Darkseid}}'s invasion of Earth.
** In general, the campy, tongue-in-cheek tone of ''Brave and the Bold'' allowed them to get away with more preposterous instances of CrazyPrepared that would seem over-the-top even in the mainstream comics. This includes a can of {{Amnesia}} spray, a Batsuit with a built-in life support system and jetpack in case of space emergencies, and a Batmobile that transforms into a MiniMecha in case of superhuman smack downs!
* Some episodes of ''The'' ''WesternAnimation/SuperFriends'' carry the versatility of Batman's utility belt to ridiculous extremes. If every episode is to be believed, his utility belt holds a Bat Glue Ray, a Bat Invisibility Ray, and a Bat-Belt Mouse Compartment.
* The movie ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueDoom'' is all about this. A bunch of villains gets a hold of Batman's secret countermeasures against the Justice League and proceeds to almost kill all of them using them. What does Batman do? Simple; he has countermeasures against his countermeasures so he uses those to save the JLA. The only member he doesn't have a countermeasure for is Cyborg, who isn't a member of the JLA at the moment. He even has a countermeasure against himself if he ever pulled a FaceHeelTurn: the JLA itself.
* ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' - Robin is crazy prepared and this is lampshaded by Kid Flash when Robin has his utility belt while wearing civilian garb.
-->'''Kid Flash:''' You have your utility belt?!\\
'''Robin:''' Never leave home without it! First thing Batman taught me.\\
'''Kid Flash:''' Yeah, right after never go to the bathroom without it.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'' episode [[Recap/BatmanTheAnimatedSeriesE25TheClockKing "The Clock King"]], the eponymous villain has studied Batman's moves just in case he survives the DeathTrap. And Fugate manages to fight Batman to a standstill.

[[folder:Batman in Video Games]]
* {{Franchise/Batman}} does it again in the game ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamAsylum'':
** [[spoiler:It is revealed early-ish in the game that Batman has secretly built a ''second Batcave on Arkham Island'' just in case, after he found an extensive cave as a side effect of saving a convict from committing suicide.]] This is in canon with the comics. He has several smaller "satellite" Batcaves all throughout Gotham City, including a sub-basement underneath the Wayne Foundation building, an abandoned underground subway station, and the aforementioned.
** He does it again just before trekking into [[spoiler:Killer Croc's lair.]] Just before he enters it proper, he takes the time to spray some explosive gel on a seemingly random spot on the sewer floor for no apparent reason. It turns out to be [[spoiler:how Batman defeats Killer Croc by blowing up the floor and sending Croc into a deep pit.]]
** After taking down Bane, Bats and Gordon walk outside and start talking about the events going on at Arkham while Bats fiddles with his arm computer for a moment on something we don't see. In the middle of the conversation, Bane explodes out and grabs Bats and lifts him up to have this exchange:
--->'''Bane:''' I will ''break you'' Batman!\\
'''Batman:''' No, Bane. This time, ''I break you''. *[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome the Batmobile drives through and takes Bane with it into the water]]*
** The Riddler also shows signs of CrazyPrepared: He spread out not only his own personal trophies around Arkham, but he also spray painted hard to find question marks that can only be seen by Batman's cowl, he set interview tapes around Arkham, and he made riddles for every area in Arkham. He did all that just on the off chance that Batman might have to spend a lot of time at Arkham (though he might have been privy to the Joker's plan, which would indicate extreme resourcefulness on relatively short notice).
* With ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamCity'', Batman (and a few other characters even) gets to continue showing off how prepared he is for any and every situation under the sun. The best part? The game is designed so the player themselves gets to instigate most of the preparations this time around!
** Right off the get go, Bruce Wayne is captured by Arkham City guards and incarcerated. Bruce convinces a guard to attack him, snaps his radio off, and quickly steals the SD chip before getting processed into the prison. When he changes to Batman, he slips the SD chip into his Sequencer and taps into the guards' radio transmissions, ensuring he'll know about their movements ahead of time well into the rest of the game.
** Batman obviously keeps empty spots on his belt for any gadgets he obtains while in Arkham City. The only gadgets he needs to get dropped in is the Grapnel Boost (which is explained as that gadget is still being tested but of course Batman basically says "this will be the test") and the Line Launcher (which Batman explains as it would make his belt too heavy if he always took it with him). But then again who needs to take every gadget with you when you can just call the Batwing to bring you that particular gadget?
** Batman gets another one in ''Harley Quinn's Revenge''. His Utility Belt is rigged to shock anyone who tries to tamper with it.
** Riddler again gets to show he's even more crazy prepared then Batman, by hiding trophies and riddles in places he shouldn't even have access to, or know exist!
** The Riddler also had the foresight to plan ahead for Catwoman teaming up with Bats, strewing trophies and riddles around Arkham City for her as well. However it should be noted that most of her trophies are in much easier spots, far fewer and even in traps already set up for Batman, suggesting that he rushed to add them after finding out she was there.
** Mr. Freeze seems to have been taking lessons from Batman. His suit can be programmed to counter any of [[spoiler:Batman's]] successful attacks. He also has a chip that can stop his freeze gun from being used against him, and he has some sort of override in case that falls into the wrong hands.
* ''VideoGame/DCUniverseOnline'' has Creator/KevinConroy reading through [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJVvrmLSTsg Batman's contingency plans]]. Some are simple enough - Kryptonite for Superman, paralysis for Flash, and so on - but others are more elaborate, like inducing hydrophobia in Aquaman through an altered fear toxin from Scarecrow. Of course, Batman is prepared for not only the other superheroes, ''but also himself.''
--> Agamemno Contingency - Codename: Detective. While Batman is a master strategist and combatant... he is only human. The best way to disable his strategic abilities would be to distract him. His parents are an excellent blind spot, as is his endless crusade to protect the innocent. Taking hostages is a good distraction, particularly if they're friends or family. ''[[[MoodWhiplash Angrily]]]'' '''[[BerserkButton Think carefully before you do this.]]'''