::'''''Small Worlds'''''
::''Chapter Twenty-Four'' or ''A Short Five Minute Break'' or ''Smoke If You Got 'Em''

"Gods' blood!" Werther said. "They've gone PLAID!"

"Um, what?" Vaniah asked.

"Pre-Liminal Actualization Integration Distruption," Werther said.

"Issss that bad?" Visstor asked.

"For them," Werther said. "They appear to have jumped in sublight velocity very quickly, which results in the internal chrono-compensators skipping. They called it PLAID back in the academy."

"Which meanssss?"

"Well, basically, until their chrono-compensators kick in, seconds for them will be days for us."

"How fortuitessssss."

"Yeah," Vaniah said. "Holt must be surrounded by assholes."