[[caption-width-right:271:'''[[IAmTheNoun THE LAW]]''': [[JudgeJuryAndExecutioner He is It.]]]]

->''"I am '''THE LAW!'''"''
-->-- '''Judge Dredd'''

A long-running SciFi comic created by John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra and Pat Mills, and starring ''the'' iconic character from the British AnthologyComic ''ComicBook/TwoThousandAD'', ''Judge Dredd'' follows the adventures of brutal KnightTemplar lawman Joe Dredd, who cleans the streets of the [[{{Dystopia}} grim, far-future megapolis]] Mega-City-One, a gigantic, [[ViceCity decaying and crime-ridden]] urban sprawl which covers most of [[DividedStatesOfAmerica what used to be the East Coast of the USA]]. Dredd is a "Judge", a veteran officer in a law-enforcement force whose operatives quite literally act as JudgeJuryAndExecutioner in a world where the criminal justice system and democratic government have long since disintegrated as a result of countless catastrophes and worldwide wars.

The series is part {{Dystopia}}n SciFi adventure, part satirical BlackComedy. Mega City One embodies the social problems, urban decay and political issues of British and Western society since the 1970s turned UpToEleven, with Dredd and the Judges a satire of the worst excesses of police and government authority, though some people [[MisaimedFandom seem to think his methods are a jolly good idea]].

The series is also notable for its moral complexity. By his very nature and purpose, AntiHero Dredd is firmly committed to his organization's authoritarian, brutal, and ruthless methods of law enforcement, but it's established that Mega City One would collapse without him and his fellow Judges, and more than once ''has''. Though Dredd is impeccably honest and honorable, despises corruption, does not discriminate, goes out of his way to save innocents, has had some PetTheDog moments throughout the years, and has been given cause to question his purpose more than once, he is an unapologetic authoritarian. In this setting, [[DemocracyIsBad democracy within his society has been shown to be simply unworkable]].

For those who like their classical philosophy texts, Dredd's world has a distinct air of Plato's ''Literature/TheRepublic'' about it...

The comic spin-offs ''ComicBook/AndersonPsiDivision'', ''ComicBook/TheSimpingDetective'', ''ComicBook/LowLife'' and ''ComicBook/TalesFromTheBlackMuseum'' are set in the same 'verse.

In other media:

* Two film adaptations, [[Film/JudgeDredd the first movie]] in 1995 starring Creator/SylvesterStallone. A [[Film/{{Dredd}} second movie]], starring Creator/KarlUrban, was released in 2012 ([[NeverBareheaded and yes, he kept his helmet on this time]]).
* A number of Audio plays from Creator/BigFinish.
* [[Pinball/JudgeDredd An arcade pinball machine]] was released in 1993 by Creator/WilliamsElectronics.
* Videogames, including ''VideoGame/JudgeDreddDreddVsDeath'', a 16 bit adaptation of ''Film/JudgeDredd'', a RailShooter and ''VideoGame/JudgeDreddVsZombies''. There was also supposed to be an arcade beat-'em-up developed by Creator/{{Midway|Games}}, but it got canned during location test phase. Its ROM was dumped on MAME and can be found in the Net; however, the game only has three stages ready, each interspersed with bonus rounds.
* A TV series called ''Judge Dredd: Mega City One'' is in development as of 2017.

[[Creator/IDWPublishing IDW]] also started a comic series of their own (and not part of the main ''2000 AD'' Dredd-verse) in the wake of the 2012 film, designed to properly introduce the character to US readers.

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