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->''When I was a kid, I used to have this parakeet. And sometimes, when I'd open up his cage to clean it... he'd '''escape'''. The little bird would see the backyard and make his move. Invariably, he'd head straight for the window, fast as he could. And inevitably, crack his head on the windowpane... a barrier of '''glass''', unseen and incomprehensible to him. So he'd try '''again''', over and over... until, spent and defeated, he '''couldn't''' try any longer. My bird made a common error. He mistook being out of his cage... for being '''free'''. The parakeet died a long time ago, without ever enjoying the freedom of the yard. The boy grew into a man, who spent many years bumping his head against a similar barrier: a ceiling of glass, unseen and incomprehensible to him. The lesson is clear: escape is impossible until one perceives '''all''' of the barriers. My name is '''Curtis Metcalf'''. But you can call me '''Hardware'''.''
-->-- '''Curtis Metcalf'''

Hardware is a Creator/MilestoneComics character who debuted in 1993 as one of their flagship heroes. He first appeared in ''"Hardware''" #1 (April, 1993), created by Creator/DwayneMcDuffie and Denys Cowan. The character is an AngryBlackMan in PoweredArmor, also a GadgeteerGenius. Curtis Metcalf, an inner-city ChildProdigy, is discovered by [[CorruptCorporateExecutive famous inventor]] [[EvilMentor Edwin Alva]] who sees potential in him and pays his way through the top schools in the country, on condition that he work for him when his education is completed. His creations make millions of dollars for the company, leading him to ask his boss for a simple raise. After many years of viewing his mentor as a surrogate father, he is shocked to find that Alva has absolutely no respect for him, and views their relationship as little more than master and dog.

In an attempt to blackmail his boss to get out of the lifetime contract, Curtis digs up some dirt on Alva and discovers he is actually a criminal mastermind at the center of a vast evil organization, with illegal operations spanning across the country. Realizing the man he's been working for is evil and that he must be stopped, Curtis gathers enough evidence to put him away for multiple lifetimes and sends them to every possible authority. To no avail. Edwin Alva is too big, his levels of corruption and influence make him completely above the law. But not necessarily out of reach. Taking advantage of the vast resources completely at his disposal, Curtis designs an advanced powered suit and develops the identity of '''Hardware''', launching a one-man vendetta against his former mentor.

His original series lasted for 50 issues, from April, 1993 to April, 1997. The series was cancelled when Milestone shut down its comic book division. In 2008, the character was brought into the Franchise/DCUniverse after the events of ''ComicBook/FinalCrisis''. After guest-starring in a storyline in ''JusticeLeagueOfAmerica'' and an issue of ''ComicBook/TheBraveAndTheBold'' (where he teamed up with ComicBook/BlueBeetle), [[CommutingOnABus Hardware was made into a supporting character]] in the 2011 ''[[Comicbook/{{Static}} Static Shock]]'' comic book series, where he acted as a mentor to the title character.

!!''Hardware'' provides examples of:

* AngryBlackMan: Aside from being a very defining characteristic, this is actually the title of the first Hardware story. He becomes less angry when he finds out Alva was right all along.
* AntiVillain: Alva is arguably one of these.
* ArchEnemy: Edwin Alva.
* BetterTheDevilYouKnow: Alva is definitely evil, but he's probably less evil than the people who might take his place if he were killed. His son, Alva Jr., becomes part of Hardware's Scoobies.
* BlackAndNerdy: Deacon "Phreaky Deak" Stuart.
* TheBlacksmith: Curtis Metcalf of course.
* ChildProdigy: Curtis was one of these. He has six degrees and finished college as a teenager.
* DeadpanSnarker
* DistaffCounterpart: Technique.
* FullyAbsorbedFinale: Over 15 years after the original ''Hardware'' series was cancelled, the story was finished in ''Milestone Forever''.
* GadgeteerGenius
* GoodIsNotNice: Curtis has a chip on his shoulder and he knows he. Pretty much everyone else knows it, too.
* GrandFinale: Hardware's story was eventually finished in ''Milestone Forever'', where Curtis [[LegacyCharacter passed on the Hardware Identity to his protoge, Tiffany]], and finally got married.
* InsufferableGenius
* ItsPersonal: Hardware's vendetta against Edwin Alva.
* IWorkAlone: ComicBook/BlueBeetle practically has to beg him for a team-up.
* {{Jerkass}}: Hardware is quite aware that he is one.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: ComicBook/BlueBeetle acknowledges that while Curtis is an asshole, he still fights for a noble cause and wants to do the right thing.
* MeaningfulName: Edwin Alva is clearly an allusion to [[UsefulNotes/ThomasEdison Thomas Alva Edison]]. Thomas Edison was seen as progressive in his time for hiring foreign-born and black engineers to work for him -- and reviled today for ripping them off and taking all the profits for their ideas. Of course, Edison did that to ''everyone'' -- just ask Auguste and Louis Lumière. (UsefulNotes/NikolaTesla was TheRival.)
* MechaMooks: S.Y.S.T.E.M.'s "S.Y.S.T.E.M.atics".
* MiniMecha: Hardware 3.0.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands: Hardware's suit pretty much seems to run on {{phlebotinum}}.
* NinetiesAntiHero
* PoweredArmor
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism: Compared to Steel, he's a cynic. Started out as an idealist, but when Alva cheated him, he went on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge and slid all the way to the other side.
* SwissArmyWeapon: The amount of gadgets in Hardware's arsenal practically make ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' look unprepared.
* TheSyndicate: S.Y.S.T.E.M. which would probably even count as a NebulousEvilOrganisation.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: Alva is a beloved public figure and his act fooled Curtis as well for years before he revealed his true self.
* WeCanRuleTogether: When Alva discovers that Curtis is Hardware, he offers Curtis a Vice-presidency and unlimited access to company resources if Curtis agrees to be Alva's own super-enforcer. Alva also promises to curb his extra-legal activities since he won't need them with Curtis/Hardware at his side. [[spoiler:Notably, this is one of the few times the hero actually ''accepts'' the offer.]]
* WhatTheHellHero: Barraki Young pulls one on Curtis very early on, when discovering how many people he's killed in the name of his vendetta.
* WillTheyOrWontThey: Barraki Young references this trope by name.
* XanatosGambit: Recently S.Y.S.T.E.M. has sold some of its robotic exo-skeletons to Intergang, making Hardware fight against them. If he loses against them, they've defeated their greatest enemy, and if he wins, they've gained valuable intelligence on his equipment at no cost to their own forces, while eliminating some of their competition.