-->-- ''Uncle Sid (recurring line)''

The Piranha Club (formerly ''Ernie'') is an American newspaper comic by Bud "Bo" Grace. Started in 1988, it focuses on loser Ernie Floyd the and various [[{{CloudCuckoolander}} eccentric]] and [[{{Conman}} sketchy]] characters around him in [[{{Joisey}} Bayonne, New Jersey]].

Earning only moderate success in its native US, Ernie has become [[{{GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff}} very popular in Scandinavia]], particularly Sweden, where it runs in several large newspapers and has its own comic book since 1996. Two runs of collections have been published, as well as a video game.

!! This strip provides examples of:
* AbhorrentAdmirer: Used frequently. Doris to Ernie (at the start), Arnold to Doris, Effie to Sid...
* TheAlcoholic: Duane, who is constantly out to get people to buy him a drink or two with the help of his trusty frog.
* AlienAbduction
* TheAllegedCar: Ernie's '57 DeSoto.
* AmbulanceChaser: "Wild" Willie O'Haberman as well as Enos Pork, MD. Literally.
* BrotherhoodOfFunnyHats: The Piranha Club perform their secret rituals in piranha hats.
* BlindWithoutEm: Doris, before switching to contacts.
* CatsAreMean: Almost every appearance of Doris' cat Bobo ends with a trip to the ER for Ernie.
* CloudCuckoolander: This comic is full of them, but particularly Effie (especially in early strips).
* CoatFullOfContraband: Pops up from time to time... Most often in resturants. With the "contraband" in question being stomach pumps...
* {{Conman}}: Yes. An entire club full of them.
* DogLatin: the PretentiousLatinMotto of the Piranha Club is ''In Hoc Signo Piranha'' [[note]] cf. Latin "in hoc signo vinces" - "in this sign you will conquer", a motto associated with the Freemasons [[/note]]
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: and squid. And ducks, parrots, moose, cows, chicken, frogs, gorillas, beluga, gigant water buffaloes, snap turtles, and cockroaches impersonating Elvis. Amongst others.
* ExecutiveMeddling: On several occasions, sometimes for the better. For example, Sid was originally written as Ernie's friend, but was changed into his uncle when Grace's editor pointed out that nobody would want to be friends with a guy like that.
* FellOffTheBackOfATruck: Most of Sid's "wares" come straight out of trashcans and containers.
* HenpeckedHusband: Enos Pork, who is rutinely abused by both his wife and his step mother.
* HonestJohnsDealership: Elvis Zimmermann who'd sell a decrepid trashcan of a car to his own mother... In fact, he ''did''.
* IfItWasFunnyTheFirstTime: Bud Grace used to love making jokes about Doris being overly eager to get married (they often ended with a frightended Ernie running away to the Antarctic, China, etc. to escape her). WordOfGod suggests that these jokes would have continued indefinitely if it wasn't for ExecutiveMeddling... In fact, it sort of has, but is more common between Sid and Effie these days.
* IllTakeTwoBeersToo: ''Ernie'' had a Sunday strip showing the local football team invading a bar where Ernie and Sid are drinking. It goes something like this:
-->'''Cannibal #1:''' Give me eleven pitchers before I snap your neck!
-->'''Cannibal #2:''' I want eleven pitchers too!
-->'''Cannibal #3:''' He said he was a halfback so I ripped his arm off and said "I'll take this half!"
-->'''Ernie:''' So, do you come here to party after the game often?
-->'''Cannibal #4:''' It's only halftime!
-->'''Sid:''' Careful, Ernie. It's the Bayonne Cannibals, the world's most dangerous football team.
-->'''Cannibal #5:''' We're not the team, we're the cheerleaders!
* LethalChef: Effie Munyon, notably she is never seen eating her own food.
* MomentKiller: If Doris and Ernie are sitting on a couch, trying to have a romantic time, expect Doris little brother Spencer to be standing by the end of the couch, staring at them.
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: Pretty much any member of the Piranha Club out to make a deal... Honestly, their salesmen smiles look more like {{Slasher Smile}}s than anything else. They call themselves [[MeaningfulName Piranhas]] for a reason.
* [[NeverMessWithGranny Never Mess With Mother Packer]]: Seriously. ''Don't.'' The only reason why she isn't the WorldsStrongestMan is because she's a woman.
* NotWearingPants: Subverted in an early strip. It's not a dream.
* ThePrankster: Spencer Husselmeyer makes [[TheSimpsons Bart Simpson]] look like a saint. Common pranks include greasing Ernie's toilet seat, putting tacks in Ernie's shoes, shoving raw fish down Ernie's pants, greasing Ernie's doorknobs, terrorizing Ernie with his slingshot and making Ernie eat salt.
-->'''Ernie:''' Why, Spencer? ''Why''!?\\
'''Spencer:''' I didn't want you to get bored.
* RunningGag: People deciding to go to some far off, unhospitable place whenever the prospect of marriage comes up. Also people mistaking Arnold Arnoldski for a dog.
* ShadyRealEstateAgent: Sid, as well as others.
* ShoddyKnockOffProduct: Anything Sid sells that isn't flat-out falling apart.
* TheStoic: Provided he's not dealing with his wife or step mother, the most reaction you'll see out of Dr. Enos Pork is the changed angle of his cigarette. It's surprisingly effective at conveying his current state of mind.
* StupidEvil: More like stupid ''stingy'', but Sid would rather freeze in the dark than to pay his electricity bill. Not because he doesn't have the money, but because he refuses to use them on anything non-hedonistic.
* StylisticSuck: An early sunday page purportedly drawn by Grace's neighbour's dog, Sheba.
* WannaBuyAWatch: Many of Sid's less sophisticated schemes amount to this.