A comic about life in the [[YanksWithTanks US Army]], starring [[strike:[[ArtifactTitle Private]]]] Staff Sergeant Murphy. The title of the cartoon is a ShoutOut to MurphysLaw, and how it relates to life in the military. But despite the exaggerated humor each cartoon is actually a pointed look at how the real-life Army operates both officially and unofficially.

Not to be confused with the WebComic Webcomic/MurphysLaw, although quite a bit of PVT Murphy's Law can be found online [[http://www.pvtmurphy.com here]]. PVT Murphy's Law can be seen every week in the print version of the [[http://www.armytimes.com/ Army Times]] newspaper.

This webcomic includes examples of the following tropes:

* TheAlcoholic: Implied to be quite a few of them in the Army. Every time Murphy's brigade rotates home from a deployment, a beer company executive can be seen [[CatapultNightmare bolting upright in bed]] because he [[StarWars felt a disturbance in the force]] from the soldiers ''thinking so hard'' about how much they look forward to their first drink in months.
* ArtifactTitle: Private Murphy got promoted long ago, and several times since then. His promotion through the ranks is typically reflected in the titles of the printed collections of the comics.
* CrossOver: A brief one with AirForceBlues.
* CurbStompBattle: As mentioned above, Murphy expects one when he's told he is going to be fighting against an Airman during a boxing tournament. Unfortunately, as the [[StereotypeFlip airman is an unexpectedly]] [[GiantMook huge brute]], it ''does'' turn out to be a CurbStompBattle, except Murphy's not doing the stompin'.
* DrillSergeantNasty: Several times. Notably a TakeThat was aimed at a RealLife DrillSergeantNasty who was demoted a single paygrade after being convicted of abusing his recruits.
* HonestJohnsDealership: A [[VisualPun literal]] [[AllDevouringBlackHoleLoanSharks loan shark]] at a car dealership is once shown asking Murphy about the length of his enlistment (presumably trying to gauge how much money Murphy could conceivably afford to pay for a car, so he can sell him the highest priced car in that range).
** [[TruthinTelevision Truth in television here]] most military bases are surrounded by similarly run used car dealers, stereo shops, etc., that exist only to prey on soldiers' wallets.
* ImportantHaircut: Murphy gets a buzz cut when he enters basic. And has to ''pay'' for it.
* ItsRainingMen: SSgt Murphy is a paratrooper, although the only times he ever uses this skill is during his training.
* LeeroyJenkins: [[http://www.pvtmurphy.com/Prints/LeroyJenkins.htm Murphy's battalion commander is implied to be one]].
* MildlyMilitary: Murphy himself at times, on one occasion, he states this as the reason he doesn't like visiting Air Force units.
* PinPullingTeeth: Murphy takes a grenade pin in his teeth and thinks, "This is how JohnWayne does it! ''beat'' The Duke must have had a hell of a dental plan!"
* [[PrisonsAreGymnasiums Battlefields Are Gymnasiums]]: One comic featured Murphy doing chinups on the barrel of an [[AwesomePersonnelCarrier Bradley IFV]]. He got yelled at for it by the vehicle's commander.
* RealLifeWritesThePlot: In one comic, Murphy is seen sitting on his cot, opening a Care Package, shouting "Mom sent commo!"
** When this one came out in 2004, radio comunications were a problem for troops stationed in Iraq.
* SecondLove: As far as the comic's representation of Murphy's love life goes, Murphy's wife Anna.
* SnipeHunt: [[http://www.pvtmurphy.com/Prints/B%20Co%20Supply.htm Murphy gets sent on one of these]] as a new arrival to his division, told to fetch such items as "gird squares". Later on, after his promotion to sergeant, he assigns such a task to a newbie, [[http://www.pvtmurphy.com/Prints/PRC-E8.htm but it backfires]].
* SoldiersAtTheRear: There's a comic about "Fobbits"; in a visual pun, it's Bilbo in a flack vest and ACUs (and a bag of snacks from the FOB's PX).
* TakeThat: One aimed at Kid Rock, and also one aimed at a DrillSergeantNasty who was demoted for abusing his recruits. The latter featured the Drill Sergeant tumbling down a flight of stairs (labeled with the Army Core Values) and landing on his face.
* UnmovingPlaid: The cammo uniforms are done like this.
* VisualPun: Murphy depicted as an earthworm while trying to low-crawl (he gets told to low-crawl ''lower''), Murphy opening a care package from home, while surrounded by vultures wearing Army uniforms, a giant cockroach in charge of on-base housing, you get the general idea.
* WarOnTerror: Yellowish-Orange, depending on if Murphy is deployed or not, considering his occupation. Typically only serves as background to the comic, which is mostly based around topical humor or bored soldier hijinks.