A {{Yuri}} anthology that is annually published by ALC, Yuricon's publishing arm. ''Yuri Monogatari'' is unique in that it collects indie yuri from all over the world. It also has a standard of no SchoolGirlLesbians, though those have snuck in, and no [[ComingOutStory Coming Out Stories]], though there's been one of those too. Instead most of the yuri in it involves women who are above the age seventeen. They may be teachers or editors or vampire slaying monster hunters, but they are not SchoolGirlLesbians. Usually anyway. They also may be doing just about anything. Going on dates, going on first dates, recovering from a recent break up, buying a refrigerator, talking to a modest tentacle monster, and so on.

The stories presented in ''Yuri Monogatari'' present a wide range of artistic style. Some of which may come off as incredibly unprofessional or ugly. Others may be much more polished. The quality is incredibly up and down in that regard. Fonts can vary quite a bit too.

Some artists and circles that have been published in ''Yuri Monogatari'' include...

* Rica Takashima
* Eriko Tadeno
* Sakuraike Taki and Sakuraike Kana
* Althea Keaton
* Niki Smith
* Kristina Kholi