Wilq - Superbohater (Wilq the Superhero) is the protagonist of a [[PolishMedia Polish comic book series]] of the same name, written by the Minkiewicz brothers, Bartosz and Tomasz. As of late 2012 there are 18 books published, with more likely to come.

The stories are set in Opole, a medium-sized city in south-western Poland (shown as a megalopolis in the comic, likely as a ShoutOut to [[Franchise/{{Superman}} Metropolis]] and [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Gotham City]]), which is constantly plagued by villains of all kinds. Wilq and his friends (most of whom are technically villains in their own rights) are the only ones to stop them with their superpowers, intellect and dumb luck. It should be noted that their superpowers are relatively modest and unpractical (Wilq, being the strongest of the group, can actually fly, but he struggles as a FlyingBrick), and their intellect is best not mentioned, therefore luck plays a rather big role in their villain-busting career.

!!Provides Examples Of:

* Main/AffectionateParody:
** Wilq himself is a mix of Franchise/{{Superman}} (capable of flight, wears a cape) and Franchise/{{Batman}} (how he wants to be perceived).
** Commissioner Gondor: of [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Commissioner Gordon]], obviously.
* AttackOfThe50FootWhatever: Happens in Opole rather regularly. Most cases are caused by Doctor Wyspa who, being an avid wargamer, loves [[Main/HumongousMecha humongous killer robots]]; Franchise/{{Godzilla}} also happened to visit the city at least once.
* Main/BatSignal: Frequently used by Commissioner Gondor, using an actual, living turtle. Sometimes this doesn't end well for the turtle.
** Also employed by Entombed, who is much gentler with the turtle.
* Main/CardCarryingVillain: Doctor Wyspa.
* Main/CatchPhrase: Entombed's "I suppose I doubt", whenever he disagrees.
* Main/ChestInsignia: The sign of Rzuff that Wilq wears on his chest, that looks like a turtle. "Rzuff" is mispronounced "żłw", which means a turtle; similarly, "Wilq" is mispronounced "wilk", which means wolf. Just don't try to think about it too much.
* Main/TheCommissionerGordon: The Commissioner Gondor. Played quite straight, despite being a parody of the TropeNamer.
* Main/ADateWithRosiePalms: Entombed, on multiple occasions. Also Mikołaj. Possibly everybody.
** Everybody except Alc-Man. He just [[Main/TheCasanova doesn't have to]].
* DeadpanSnarker: Wilq, of the rather [[Main/ClusterFBomb unsubtle]] variety. He was actually called "the most frustrated character of Polish comic books" by the ''Wprost'' magazine.
* EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether: Given that it's a shout out to authors' school friends, it's a given.
* Main/FakeEnding: Both in- and out of universe. Wilq after being defeated (really only hurting his back) by Rural Vocal Girl decides to fake his death and quit superheroics [[spoiler: But Alc-man convinces him to simply retire, and avoid obsessive fans.]]. The series had a slight delay after that.
* Main/{{Flight}}: Wilq's main superpower. Entombed can fly too, but only with the aid of his trusted weapon, Mini Gas Jet.
* [[ForgotAboutHisPowers His Powers Are So Dumb He Doesn't Use Them]]: Alc-Man's powers are used only once in the series - and they're really really dumb. [[spoiler: If you must know, he can turn his hands into bottles shooting any kind of alcohol.]]
* FriendlyEnemy: Entombed is categorized as a villain, technically. However, he is also the protagonist's best buddy, to the point that most stories involve both of them solving the problem at hand as a team. The same applies to Alc-Man, who shares a similar relationship with Wilq and is also technically a villain. [[Main/{{HarmlessVillain}} Neither of these two villains seem to do much villainy though]], in contrast to Wilq's real enemies.
* Main/HeroWithBadPublicity: Despite all his heroic efforts, Wilq doesn't have much luck with the press. The authorities love him, though.
* IAmWho: Entombed of all people loses his blase outlook when he finds out that he's a sole descendant of Teutonic Knights. Alcman luckily helps him out: [[spoiler: that's obviously a lie, there were no female knights]].
* Main/MetalHead: Entombed, to a T. He even headbangs to Music/IronMaiden he plays on a boom box while Wilq brutally interrogates [[spoiler:roof tiles]]...
* MoralityPet: About the only being Wilq cares about is his turtle Maciuś
* NoPronunciationGuide: It's generally accepted that Entombed's name is not pronounced en-toom'd, but en-tohme-bed.
* ShoutOut: Apart from highschool friends of the authors and Polish comics scene, there are some. Doktor Wyspa is a shoutout to Gene Wolfe's "Death of Doctor Island".
* Main/SuperheroesStaySingle: Seems to be so in Wilq's case; mostly of his own choice, as he can't be bothered. He had a brief fling with Jennifer Lopez (yes), and it's implied that he has a thing for Słaby Wielbłąd.
* Main/SuperheroesWearCapes: Of course!
* Main/SuperVillain: Of all the villains, Doctor Wyspa (Doctor Island) seems to fit this trope best. He doesn't have super powers as such, but his skill and resourcefulness allows him to dish out HumongousMecha with frightening ease (especially considering he lives in a small flat and spends most of his time "assembling assemble model kits" and playing [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer40000}} Warhammer 40000]]).
* Main/SuperZeroes: The main four. Wilq can fly and is a reasonably stout fighter. Alc-man's powers are just too dumb to use. Entombed is too lazy to use StoutStrength and doesn't carry his gas jet. Mikołaj's main power is "Touching things with his eye" (surprisingly effective), and he briefly possessed a rare and amazing power of climbing a wardrobe. Of course their opponents aren't much better - one of villains through his dedication to kettle design gained the power to instantly heat any handle. About the only semi-competent villains are "Penis-handed electric pillow" and "three fingered pie hand".
* PunnyName : [[FunWithHomophones "Wilq" is a phonetic pun on "Wilk" ("Wolf")]]
* TokenEvilTeammate: Not Entombed, surprisingly. Alc-man would sell the rest of characters at drop of the hat, for money, sex, or just for fun.
* TokenGoodTeammate: ... though the rest of the protagonists aren't really that better. Mikołaj and Słaby Wielbłąd stand out.
* Main/UpUpAndAway: Wilq himself.
* Main/VerbalTic: Mikołaj's "Ba ba ba!".
* Main/VillainsOutShopping: Or most likely out of town on some private business, usually family-related.
* Main/WeaksauceWeakness: The best weapon to defend Wilq are lame jokes, or lame words in general. He does whatever he can to prevent the villains from learning about this.