[[caption-width-right:200: Of all the seasons, [[ManicPixieDreamGirl Gwen]], likes Fall the best... ]]

->'''''Evan''': You're like a politician of the fucked-up, you know that?\\
'''Gwen''': I know. Isn't it adorable?''

''12 Reasons Why I Love Her'' is a graphic novel by writer Jamie S. Rich and artist Joelle Jones, published in 2006 by Creator/OniPress.
It falls into the RomanticComedy genre, with some Drama sprinkles here and there, telling a casual BoyMeetsGirl story, through non-linear narrative. In essence, we follow Gwen, ''The Girl'', and Evan, ''The Boy'', through the ups and downs of their romantic life.
The book consists of 12 individual chapters, each of which shows the couple in a different point in their relationship, while also providing a song to accompany it, with the sole exception being the, song-less, Prologue-mini-chapter.

!! ''The songs'':
* Chapter I: ''Let Me Kiss You'', by Nancy Sinatra.
* Chapter II: ''Mysteries'', by Beth Gibbons & Rustin Mann.
* Chapter III: ''Love Comes Quickly (Blank & Jones Mix)'', by the Pet Shop Boys.
* Chapter IV: ''September Song'', by Bryan Ferry.
* Chapter V: ''A Boy And A Girl'', by The Trash Can Sinatras.
* Chapter VI: ''Can't Smile Without You'', by Menswear.
* Chapter VII: ''Goodnight'', by Buffy Sainte-Marie.
* Chapter VIII: ''We Are Monkeys'', by Travis.
* Chapter IX: ''A Certain Sadness'', by Astrud Gilberto.
* Chapter X: ''Spaceman'', by Belly.
* Chapter XI: ''When The Levee Breaks'', by A Perfect Circle.
* Chapter XII: ''Real Love (Acoustic)'', by John Lennon.
* The End: ''12 Reasons Why I Love Her'', by My Life Story.

!! ''12 Reasons Why I Love Her'' contains examples of:

* AnachronicOrder: ''Obviously''.
* BoyMeetsGirl: [[spoiler:At a movie theater.]]
* CareBearStare: Gwen's glances have that effect on Evan.
* CoolTeacher: Evan, a very sensitive 8th grade English teacher.
* DestructiveRomance: Pretty much.
* {{Diary}}: Both Gwen and Evan, have chapters that look like diary entries and add depth to the characters.
* FalseSoulmate: [[spoiler:By the looks of it...]]
* FalseStart: Their [[spoiler:first date]] is this.
* FidelityTest: [[spoiler:Ffreddie...]]
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Gwen is this to Evan. [[spoiler:For the most part...]]
* RomanticComedy: Not ''always'', though.
* ScrewPolitenessImASenior: A not so sweet granny, verbally attacks Gwen and Evan, because she sees them [[spoiler:coming out of a movie theater showing ''Film/TheExorcist'']]. [[SarcasmMode In her defense]], [[ChristianityIsCatholic she was just trying to save their souls...]]