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''The Rocketeer'' is a comic book series with writing and art by Dave Stevens. In a homage to the {{Pulp Magazine}}s of the 1930s, a stunt pilot finds an experimental jetpack and sets up as a hero.

The series suffered from an erratic publishing schedule, with gaps between installments sometimes stretching for years. A complete collection of the entire series was published by IDW Publishing in 2009.

The [[Film/TheRocketeer 1991 film adaptation]] is more widely known.

In 2011, IDW Publishing began producing occasional limited series, starting with the eight-issue ''Rocketeer Adventures'', with stories and art contributed by many famous comics creators including Creator/KurtBusiek, Creator/BruceTimm, and Creator/MarkWaid. Waid and Chris Samnee then collaborated on a four-issue series called ''Cargo of Doom'', followed by ''Hollywood Horror'', a crossover with [[Comicbook/TheSpirit the Spirit]] called ''Pulp Friction'', a prose collection called "Jet Powered Adventures" and finally ''The Rocketeer At War'', throwing Cliff into WorldWarII at last.

!!The comic book provides examples of:

* ComicBookFantasyCasting:
** Cliff is Creator/ErrolFlynn.[[note]]Which is doubly amusing in that in the [[Film/TheRocketeer 1991 film]] the '''villain''' is the Errol Flynn expy.[[/note]]
** The hero's love interest bears a striking (and entirely deliberate) resemblance to Creator/BettiePage, and is named Betty.
** The villain in "Cliff's New York Adventure" is modeled on Creator/RondoHatton.
** Cliff's sleazy photographer romantic rival is based on real erotic photographer Ken Marcus (who was a friend of Stewart).
* CoolHelmet: The most distinctive visual element of the character; the big dorsal fin is used for steering.
* DieselPunk: The art style contains a bit of it.
* ItsNotPornItsArt: In-universe, Betty's scumbag photographer friend uses this as an excuse.
* JetPack: The Rocketeer's main special item/ability.
* LawyerFriendlyCameo: Several heroes from the real 1930s pulps make guest appearances, most notably the [[Franchise/DocSavage unnamed inventor of the jetpack]] and the [[Franchise/TheShadow rich man in New York]].
* MsFanservice: Cliff's girlfriend sure doesn't wear a lot of clothes. Even when she ''isn't'' posing in lingerie!
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* WeaponOfChoice: Cliff's weapon of choice as the Rocketeer is a [[SuperheroPackingHeat Mauser C96 Broomhandle Pistol]].