[[caption-width-right:331:[[RoyallyScrewedUp A Royal court]] by way of Creator/JackKirby.]]

->"''Your subjects are powder kegs of genetic potential, primed to detonate upon exposure to the Terrigen mists. Each of them is truly unique - a subspecies of one.''"
-->-- '''''Inhumans #1: Sonic Youth'''''

The Inhumans are a [[HiddenElfVillage secret race]] of superhumans within the Franchise/MarvelUniverse. Although they started out as just background characters for the ComicBook/FantasticFour, they've since become involved with other characters and have even starred in their own series occasionally. Originally a single Inhuman, Medusa, was introduced as a villain in ''Fantastic Four'' #36 (March, 1965). Then her cousin Gorgon turned up in #44 (November, 1965), and the rest of the family in #45 (December, 1965).

Created by Creator/StanLee and Creator/JackKirby, the Inhumans were once primitive humans, though experiments performed on them long ago by the extraterrestrial Kree race (the same race that ComicBook/CaptainMarVell belongs to) gave them advanced intelligence. With time, The Kree forgot about their creations and they were left alone to form their own civilization, located on Attilan aka "The Great Refuge", a walled city on an island in the Atlantic sea. Eventually, they discovered a substance called [[AppliedPhlebotinum "terrigen"]] that either gave people superpowers, a bizarre appearance, or both. They ended up basing their very culture on its use (and GeneticEngineering in general.)

However, the Inhumans are very xenophobic, and went as far as moving ''their entire city'' (with help from The Eternals, another hidden race) to the Himalayas to avoid being discovered by humans. They were found there by the Fantastic Four, and convinced to reveal themselves publicly, though their history of relations with the rest of the world is spotty. Later the city was moved to the "Blue Area of the Moon" (also created by the Kree) which has a breathable atmosphere.

The Inhumans are a monarchy whose Royal Family tends to be among their most powerful members; they also [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething go out and kick butt]] when necessary. Their king is ComicBook/BlackBolt, who besides being a FlyingBrick with [[ShockAndAwe electrical powers]] also has a voice that can literally destroy cities; he is thus forced to remain silent, communicating only by sign language (his wife, ComicBook/{{Medusa}}, often translates for him). Bolt's brother, Maximus, [[CainAndAbel hates him out of envy]] and has tried to usurp the crown many times. At one point their cousin Crystal had a romantic relationship with Johnny Storm (the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four) and has even been a member of that group and of ComicBook/TheAvengers. However she ended up marrying the mutant hero ComicBook/{{Quicksilver}} instead. They had a daughter, Luna, who has often been a target of villainous plans, what with being related not just to the Royal Inhumans but also to the ComicBook/XMen's foe ComicBook/{{Magneto}}.

Other Royal family members include ComicBook/{{Karnak}}, a martial artist; Triton, a [[FishPerson fish-man]]; and the satyr-like Gorgon, who can stomp really, really hard. They also have Lockjaw, [[{{Pun}} a bulldog the size of a bull]] who has {{teleportation}} powers and who may or may not be of human intelligence.

After the events of the ''ComicBook/SecretInvasion'', the Inhumans [[EasilyConqueredWorld renewed their ties with a weakened Kree Empire]] and lead the Kree Empire forces against the Shi'ar Empire in the ''ComicBook/WarOfKings'' miniseries. After the events of that series they have become a dominant power within the galaxy.

Some time after the events of ''ComicBook/TheThanosImperative'', a group called the Universal Inhumans was discovered based on four other races: [[PettingZooPeople Kymellians]], [[ComicBook/ROMSpaceKnight Dire Wraiths]], [[Comicbook/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy Centaurians and Badoons]]. They too were products of Kree experiments with their people but were brought together under the prophecy that Black Bolt would lead them. Black Bolt would eventually led his Inhumans to assimilate with this new faction and leave the Kree empire and its people in Kree control, although bad blood still exists between the Inhumans and Kree.

During the ''Comicbook/{{Infinity}}'' CrisisCrossover, it is revealed that hidden tribes of Inhumans have lived around the world for a number of years, and mated with the general population. It is discovered that a number of seemingly-normal humans across the globe actually have dormant Inhuman genes, which can be activated by Terrigen Mists and as a result of destruction of the Inhuman capital in the event, clouds of Terrigen Mists began spreading across the globe doing so. This becomes the central plot of the ''ComicBook/{{Inhumanity}}'' crossover, producing new super human characters throughout the Marvel Universe and a new ongoing series titled ''Inhuman'' about the surviving Inhumans and newly discovered ones dealing with the fallout. Originally intended to be written by Creator/MattFraction, creative difference led Fraction to leave, prompting to Marvel replace him with Creator/CharlesSoule. He's currently the incumbent architect of [[ComicBook/CharlesSoulesInhumans the flagship Inhuman titles]].

With the launch of ''ComicBook/AllNewAllDifferentMarvel'', the Inhumans brand expanded again. ''Inhumanity'' was replaced with two new ongoing series: ''[[ComicBook/CharlesSoulesInhumans Uncanny Inhumans]]'', following Medusa and Black Bolt, along with several of their allies including [[ComicBook/FantasticFour Johnny Storm]] and [[ComicBoom/XMen Beast]]; ''[[ComicBook/CharlesSoulesInhumans All-New Inhumans]]'' saw Crystal and a team of old and new Inhumans investigating mysterious power-boosting towers appearing around the world. In addition to this, Inferno and new Inhuman Psynapse joined the ComicBook/UncannyAvengers, Karnak received his own ongoing, and Devil Dinosaur teamed with eleven year-old [=NuHuman=] genius Lunella Lafayette in ''ComicBook/MoonGirlAndDevilDinosaur''.

After ''Inhumans Vs. X-Men'', the Inhumans split up again, with Medusa relinquishing the throne and setting off into space to try and find a way to replenish the Inhumans' Terrigenesis stock, in ''ComicBook/{{Royals}}''. Meanwhile, Black Bolt got his own ongoing series.

In 2014, an ''Inhumans'' movie (featuring the royal family) was announced for Phase 3 of the Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse, but it was eventually taken off the release schedule for unknown reasons. In 2016, it was confirmed that the Inhumans would be getting [[Series/{{Inhumans}} a television series]] instead, produced by Creator/{{ABC}} Studios and Creator/{{IMAX}}, with the latter screening its first two episodes in theaters ahead of the television debut.

Outside of the royal family, Inhumans have been showing up in the MCU on ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'', with protagonist ComicBook/DaisyJohnson undergoing Terrigenesis in the second mid-season finale.

They've also become video game characters in ''VideoGame/MarvelAvengersAlliance'', with Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Gorgon, and Karnak all as playable characters and Maximus as a villain.

Not related to ''Webcomic/{{Inhuman}}'', InhumanableAlienRights, InhumanHuman, ''WesternAnimation/{{Inhumanoids}}'' or InhumanResources.

!!The Inhumans provides examples of:

* AmplifierArtifact: Skyspears, obelisk like structures that have begun appearing in or around populated areas in the ''"All-New All-Different"'' era stories will, per WordOfGod, play an integral role in Inhuman stories to come. Grid and Iso comment that their powers seemed to grow stronger in its proximity, and Crystal will be leading a team that in part will be investigating these strange artifacts.
* AnimalSuperheroes: Lockjaw, who even leads the ComicBook/PetAvengers (in their own series!)
* ArmedWithCanon: The debate over whether Lockjaw is an inhuman or a mutated dog.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: Black Bolt.
* BadassNormal: Karnak never underwent the Terrigenesis process. After those in charge saw how drastic his brother Triton's mutation was, they didn't want to risk it a second time. Instead, he was trained in Inhuman martial arts and uses his high intellect to find the weak points in people and objects. Many people who don't know better assume this is a superpower from the Mists. Althought it should be noted that Karnak is still an Inhuman and has natural abilities such as being slightly stronger than humans (the average Inhuman has agility, reflexes, strength and stamina on a par with peak-human Captain America), so he could be considered a borderline case.
* BecauseDestinySaysSo: Part of the reason the Inhumans [[spoiler: and the Universal Inhumans]] developed the way they did is because the Supreme Intelligence believe an anomaly (Blackbolt's birth) in their genetics program would lead to its destruction.
* BigfootSasquatchAndYeti: One Abominable Snowman (among several found in the Marvel Universe) turned out to be an Inhuman named [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Yeti.]] Originally just a cameo character in an early ''Fantastic Four'' issue, ''Marvel: The Lost Generation'' [[RetCon later]] [[AscendedExtra established]] that he was once a member of the pre-Fantastic Four superhero team the First Line -- and was, in fact, one of the only members to survive that team's climactic final battle with a Skrull invasion fleet.
* BigFriendlyDog: Lockjaw
* BigNo: [[spoiler:Black Bolt lets out one during "War of the Kings". The results were not pretty.]]
* BlessedWithSuck: Black Bolt (only about his voice powers, however). DependingOnTheWriter, Lockjaw can be a more straight-up example, being an Inhuman that emerged from Terrigenesis with teleportation powers, but who looks like a giant dog and is of somewhat vaguely-defined intelligence. (More often, however, he looks like a dog and has limited intelligence because he's a dog. See ArmedWithCanon.)
* BodyHorror: One of the risks of Terrigenesis. While some Inhumans emerge from it with few, or no deformities, others are not so lucky. This is a core reason why Eugenics became such a major aspect of their society after early, overly-enthusiastic use of the Terrigen Mists produced a large number of badly deformed Inhumans.
* BreakoutCharacter: With Marvel's attempts to expand the line in TheNewTens, [[ComicBook/MsMarvel2014 Kamala Khan]] has become the most successful Inhuman comic book.
* CallBack: ''Inhumans: Prime'' ends with Noh-Varr introducing himself the same way he did to the ComicBook/YoungAvengers in Gillen's run.
* CharlesAtlasSuperpower: Karnak, is able to find the "weaknesses" in nearly all objects or organisms not because of any Inhuman terrigen mist mutation power but just because of dedication to a discipline he learned being raised at an Inhuman seminary.
* CityInABottle: The Inhuman capital Attilan at one point.
* CoolStarship: The Inhuman capital Attilan as of the end of the Secret Invasion.
* CultureClash: A one point, an exchange program was set up for Inhuman students to attend a US college. [[ForegoneConclusion This ends]] as can be [[ProtocolPeril expected given the situation.]]
* DeliberateValuesDissonance:
** On occasion, the fact that the Inhumans have been locked up in their isolated citadel for centuries is intentionally used to show how different they think.
** A flashback in ''Royals'' issue 3 has Black Bolt and Maximus' parents talking about that sister in-law of theirs, and her ''weird'' belief in treating the Alpha Primitives like... well, living beings. And then conversation turns to concerns with experimenting on their children in utero. The father doesn't get the problem.
-->'''Rynda:''' Mander's always been strange. Anyway, ''she'' thinks we shouldn't be experimenting on our children at ''all''.
-->'''Agon:''' ... well, whose children ''should'' we experiment on?
* DevolutionDevice: The Slave Engine, a secret weapon that was designed to transform humans into a more Neanderthal-like state should they become too much of a problem.
* DisposableSuperheroMaker: The Kree who came up with the uplifting program were murdered on the Supreme Intelligence's orders, once it realised their ideas were a threat. Of course, by that point they'd already seeded several planets.
* DogsAreDumb: Lockjaw has acted both intelligent or just like a normal dog at different times, DependingOnTheWriter.
* ElementalPowers: Crystal has the four main ones.
* FantasticCasteSystem: Inhuman society has this, with the Genetics Council that oversees their SuperBreedingProgram deciding the individual social status of particular Inhumans, including whether or not they should breed. There are also the Alpha Primitives, a cloned ServantRace.
* FantasticRacism: Multi-directional. The Kree created Inhumans to be a SuperSoldier race, and obviously did not regard them as social equals. The Inhumans themselves were a technologically-advanced and super-powered race throughout most of human history, maintaining cordial relations only with the [[ComicBook/TheEternals Eternals]], a race of genetically-enhanced PhysicalGod[=s=]. In modern times ordinary humans and Inhumans have not had very good relations either, with the Inhumans even keeping the Slave Engine in their back pockets as an option in case they felt the need to subjugate humanity.
* FieryRedhead: Medusa, who has PrehensileHair.
* {{Foil}}: The Inhumans serve as this to Mutants as a whole. Both species are a super-powered minority of humans, but mutants are forced out of mainstream society by humanity, whilst the Inhumans choose to sequester themselves away from humans out of a mixture of xenophobia and arrogance. Both species have random powers that can potentially leave them hideously deformed, but the Inhumans deliberately trigger their powers through exposure to the Terrigenesis process whilst mutants have their powers develop unconsciously and spontaneously. Mutants are generally seen as a lesser race, struggling to survive in the face of human aggression, whilst the Inhumans live in contented isolation and, DependingOnTheWriter, may actually have the ability to just annihilate humanity if they ever decided they were sick of living in the middle of nowhere. In short, if mutants are like homosexuals, or African-Americans during the 1960s, then Inhumans are like the 1%ers
** Also, whilst the Mutants are a natural (if unstable) evolution of humanity, the Inhumans are an aberration, being the result of ancient experimentation on humans by Kree scientists.
*** Actually, Mutants are NotSoDifferent in that regard: they are a result of ancient experimentation on humans by [[SufficientlyAdvancedAliens Celestials]].
* FromBadToWorse: Could describe the Inhumans and their situation going back a long while. First they had to hide from humans for centuries, then modern-day pollution got so bad they had to move to the Moon. Then, after M-Day Quicksilver stole their Terrigenesis crystals, which were then stolen by the U.S. government, who refused to give them back. The Inhuman reaction just caused America to declare war on the Inhumans, with none of their super-hero friends willing or able to help out, which led to Maximus finally taking charge of Attilan. Then the [[ComicBook/SecretInvasion Skrulls came after them]], at which point the Inhumans decided they were fed up of being everyone's punching bags and decided to make everyone their punching bag when deemed necessary.
* FullCircleRevolution: Maximus repeatedly induces these ''on purpose'' as his favorite go-to tactic for wresting the throne from Black Bolt. He finds some disaffected group in Attilan society and feeds them with fake revolutionary idealism until they form a rebellion with him as their worshipped leader. Then once they've ousted the Royals and put him on the throne he [[RewardedAsATraitorDeserves Rewards the Rebels as a Traitor Deserves]] and proceeds to be a far worse ruler than his brother until Black Bolt gets his crown back somehow.
* GooGooGodlike: Black Bolt's cries destroyed half his city ''when he was born''.
* GuineaPigFamily: The late King Agon and his wife Rynda exposed their children Blackagar (in utero) and Maximus (as an infant) to the Terrigen Mists in an attempt to give them greatly enhanced powers by exposing them as early as possible. While this was an extreme example, parents exposing children to the Mists without their consent is something that happens in Inhuman society.
* HalfHumanHybrid: Luna, being half Inhuman and half Mutant. Curiously, the result was a normal human. Until the ''Son of M'' mini, where exposure to the terrigen mist turn her to an [[TheEmpath empath]].
* HannibalLecture: Maximus is this or a {{Cloudcuckoolander}}, or both, it really depends on his mood today.
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: Maximus, though he seems to have been on the Face side of the door for the most part since ComicBook/SecretInvasion.
** Until post-''ComicBook/{{Inhumanity}}'' where he abducts Black Bolt, mind-controls him using super-tech[[note]]Maximus' own powers aren't enough to control Black Bolt on his own[[/note]] and goes walkabout with him.
* HeWhoMustNotBeHeard: Black Bolt's voice is so powerful he forces himself to be this out of necessity.
* HumansAreTheRealMonsters: Part of the reason for the "ComicBook/SilentWar" between the Earth Inhumans and the US government was that the US confiscated the terrigen mist crystals that were stolen in ''Son of M'', refused to return them and attempted to use them to make weapons.
* IntelligibleUnintelligible: Bolt, thanks to Medusa.
* InterspeciesRomance: Crystal and Johnny, then Crystal and Quicksilver, then Crystal and Ronan. More strangely in the Crystal/Quicksilver example, they have a mundane child (non-mutant, non-Inhuman).
* KissingCousins: Bolt and Medusa are cousins. Though they may just be using the older form, which just meant "distant family member", since most Inhumans address each other as "cousin".
* MakeMeWannaShout: Black Bolt's power. His scream isn't destructive just because of simple sound waves, but because it releases particles that break down matter on the sub-atomic level. This is because the part of his brain that controls speech also controls his matter-manipulating powers.
* MrExposition: All of the Inhumans (besides Black Bolt, of course). They just love to talk. This probably arose because for a long time, the early ''Fantastic Four'' issues would cut back to the Inhumans trapped in their city for a brief update, and there had to be a dialogue {{recap}} for new readers... and the idea that redundant exposition is the Inhumans' [[PlanetOfHats hat]] just stuck.
* MuggleBornOfMages: Luna, though she later was given powers with Terrigenesis against her will.
* NeutralNoLonger: After ''Secret Invasion'', the Inhumans got fed up with everyone attacking them for the hell of it, and went on the offensive. Their first strike nearly wiped out the entire Skrull race. For an encore, they took over the Kree Empire, and managed to successfully rule it for a good few years.
* NeverMessWithGranny: In one comic, the Avengers are aged so that they will be no threat to their enemy. Unfortunately for the villain, Crystal is an Inhuman, and her powers actually intensify as a result of age.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: In the process of taking over the Kree, the Inhumans caught the attention of the Shi'ar, who were being ruled by [[TheCaligula Emperor Vulcan]] at the time. He took this as all the excuse he needed to attack the Kree, kick-starting ''The ComicBook/WarOfKings'', and everything that followed from that.
* NonHumanSidekick: Lockjaw... maybe.
* PersonOfMassDestruction: Black Bolt
* PowerIncontinence: Black Bolt's ''whispers'' could easily destroy a city. He has gone through ''severe'' mental training so he ''never'' utters a word without choosing to do so, ''even in his sleep''.
** Many of the hybrid Inhumans introduced in ''Infinity'' initially find themselves unable to control their newfound abilities. For example, a {{Sizeshifter}} named Alice accidentally grows her husband to a gigantic size, and then shrinks herself (and two of her neighbors) down to subatomic proportions.
* PrehensileHair: Medusa
* ThePurge: The original Kree program fell victim to one, when the Supreme Intelligence got spooked. It ordered the Accusers to destroy all the evidence, including the species that had been experimented on. Only the fact the scientists hadn't given it all the information saved the Universal Inhumans.
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: Zigzagged with the Dire Wraith and Badoon Inhumans. Typically, the two species are the trope played very straight, but their Inhuman versions are no better or worse than the rest of their kin.
* {{Retcon}}: Up until the mid-00s, the Terrigenesis came from Randac, an Inhuman scientist from many centuries after the Kree experiments, which had originally just given the early humans a boost in intelligence and strength. Come Jonathan Hickman's run of ''Fantastic Four'', it's claimed Terrigenesis was actually a Kree creation seeded in their minds.
* SecretLegacy: The big [[TheReveal Reveal]] in ''Comicbook/{{Infinity}}'' is that as a result of early Inhuman tribes mating with outsiders, thousands of humans across the planet secretly possess dormant Inhuman abilities.
* ServantRace: The Alpha Primitives
* ShockwaveStomp: Gorgon's chief ability
* ShoutOut: The Dire Wraiths of the Universal Inhumans gain superpowers via inhaling some kind of spice. Jonathan Hickman is a ''big'' fan of ''Dune''.
* TheSilentBob: Black Bolt for safety reasons.
* SuperBreedingProgram: An embedded aspect of Inhuman culture going all the way back to when the Kree originally created them. The Genetics Council weighs the merits (and possible detriments) of allowing particular Inhumans to breed or undergo Terrigenesis. Useful powers and a lack of physical defects are obviously prized above unstable powers and outward deformities.
* SuperEmpowering
** "Terrigenesis" via the mutagenic Terrigen Mists, derived from the Terrigen Crystals.
** [[spoiler:Other Inhumans use differing methods; Badoon's Amphogenesis injection, Centaurian's Isogenesis injection, Kymellian's Antigenesis consumption and Dire Wraiths Exogenesis spice inhalation. It was revealed at some point that ComicBook/SecretWarriors captain Daisy Johnson had hers activated due to the combination of her father's genetic manipulations on himself and her mother's Inhuman genes.]]
* SuperSoldier: What the Kree originally created Inhumans to be.
* SuperheroesInSpace: Once they left Earth, they stayed either on the Moon or in Kree space.
* SuperpowerLottery: The driving motivation that causes the Inhumans to risk Terrigenesis. Lottery winners such as Black Bolt (if you disregard the whole can't speak problem) and the Unspoken serve as examples that inspire other Inhumans to play.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: A number of people (including Creator/ChrisClaremont) have pointed out that the concept of the hybrid Inhumans from ''Infinity'' seems ''very'' similar to the existing concept of {{Mutants}}. It has been speculated that this is being done for the sake of the Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse, which [[ExiledFromContinuity can't use mutants]] since the [[Film/XMenFilmSeries X-Men]]'s film rights are owned by [[Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox Fox]].
* ThisLooksLikeAJobForAquaman: Triton will sometimes get a mission or so that involves his swimming. Including his part during the ''Secret Invasion'' mini. During the ''ComicBook/WarOfKings'', he and other aquatic Inhumans played the role of shock troopers in battle since their lifetime of undersea combat training was useful in zero-g environments. Crystal speculates at the time that perhaps the Terrigen crystals predicted the need.
* {{Ultraterrestrials}}: This was the original hat of the Inhumans, being a genetically-engineered subrace of humanity that, after being created and then abandoned by aliens, created a hidden bastion to live in so they could exist separately to their non-modified human nature. This was later downplayed with, among other things, the reveal of Inhuman populations on other planets and the Earth Inhumans leaving Earth for space at various points.
* UnPerson:
** An Inhuman tradition is that if someone commits a bad enough crime, the Inhumans kick them out, refuse to acknowledge them and destroy any and all trace of their existence. The Unspoken, a former king whose name was stricken from all Inhuman records due to his "crime" of deciding that the Slave Engine was too terrible to be kept in his people's hands. [[spoiler: He would later try to "redeem" himself by unleashing it on China]].
** [[spoiler:An ''accidental'' instance happens with Black Bolt during ''Royals''. See, Medusa thought she had inflicted this fate on Maximus, only he'd switched places with his brother... and since the punishment meant they would never be able to find Maximus again...]]
* {{Veganopia}}: Nahrees first learns that humans eat meat when she attends a human university.
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: The Inhumans prize unique appearances and abilities. When one girl gets nothing but a slightly lengthened right hand, she disappoints her family and is ostracized by her friends. Another Inhuman who wound up with the power to change people's skin color was ostracized by his parents and ended up living in Attilan's poor Darkward district. In his case, it is somewhat subverted, as he becomes a sought-after tattoo artist, since his tattoos are painless and he's quite skilled at designing them.