Jim Butcher has long been a comics fan, and has been quoted as saying that ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' has the soul of a comic book. It seems inevitable, then, that comic book adaptations and spin-offs of the popular series should come to pass.


[[folder: List of comics based on ''Literature/The Dresden Files'': ]]

* ''ComicBook/WelcomeToTheJungle'': a four-issue prequel miniseries taking place before the events of ''Literature/StormFront''.
* ''Literature/StormFront'': Originally published by Dynamite Entertainment, also published in two volumes by the Dabel Brothers.
* ''Fool Moon'': Volume One was published in February 2011, and Volume Two is due in April 2013, through Dynamite Entertainment.
* ''ComicBook/GhoulGoblin'': Set after the events of ''Literature/FoolMoon''. Published by Dynamite Entertainment.
* ''ComicBook/WarCry'': a five-issue miniseries set after the events of ''Literature/DeadBeat''. Published by Dynamite.
!!General tropes demonstrated by the ''Dresden Files'' comics series: