''The Beezer'' was a {{British comic|s}} which first started in 1956. Originally A3 size, which was much larger than its stablemates (ComicBook/TheBeano and ComicBook/TheDandy were both from the same publisher, Creator/DCThomson), the comic ended up going A4 size in 1981.

The comic merged with two comics Plug[[note]]Plug was a comic which featured Plug from the Bash Street Kids (a strip in ComicBook/TheBeano) as it's main star[[/note]] and Cracker in the 1970s and eventually [[ComicsMerger merged]] with ''ComicBook/TheTopper'' in 1990 to form The Beezer and Topper this combination of the two comics finally ended in 1993; however, the Beezer book (annual bumper editions) continued until the 2003 edition and the Beezer holiday special until 2002.

The comic's most popular - and longest running - creations include "[[MobileSuitHuman The Numskulls]]", "[[BlindMistake Colonel Blink]]", "[[EnfantTerrible Baby Crockett]]", "[[StupidCrooks The Badd Lads]]", "Ginger", "[[PapaWolf Pop]], [[TricksterTwins Dick and Harry]]" and "[[FiveManBand The Banana Bunch]]".
!!This comic (and its strips) provide examples of:
* BlindMistake: Colonel Blink
* ComicsMerger: ''The Beezer'' absorbed ''Cracker'' and ''Plug'', and later merged with ''The Topper''.
* {{Expy}}: "The Banana Bunch" was originally this to "The Bash Street Kids", even by the same artist. However, they later went in a different direction.
* MobileSuitHuman: The Numskulls were about a bunch of little people called Numskulls, who lived inside a man whom they called Our Man and sort of controlled him. This even spawned a subgenre of sorts with numerous expies, including "The Nervs" in ''Smash'' and "Ill Will and the Germs" in ''ComicBook/TheBeano''.
* RecursiveReality: In one annual, the Numskulls wonder if they are also 'worked' by even smaller Numskulls inside their own heads, but the Editor hastily ends the annual before they can find out.
* StupidEvil: The Badd Lads were a bunch of comically useless criminals.
* YoungerAndHipper: When the Beezer and Topper merged, Our Man from the Numskulls was replaced with a boy called Edd, and Colonel Blink became a young boy called Blinky. (Later, Colonel Blink made occasional cameos in Blinky's strip, usually in annuals, and was said to be his uncle, making Blinky a LegacyCharacter).