[[caption-width-right:259: Keeping the World safe from Polyester!]]

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Well, okay. ''Tank Vixens'' is a striking example of PornWithPlot. Not so much porn as page after page after entire comic of furry fanservice. You see, in this universe, people fight wars with... FASHION! Well, not so much fashion as fashion-based warfare, which often has the characters running around topless or completely naked. By using 'pose power' the vixens 'can make wimpy male opponents wither, flee or have aneurisms and die.' If that doesn't work then they finish them off with good old fashion ass kicking and heavy firepower. The story focuses on the attempts of the Vole Imperium, a fascist empire, out to conquer the galaxy, and the actions of the Pan Vulpine Coalition to stop them. Centering around main characters Firen Prissy and her lesbian lover Sonya Guildencratz, it follows of the actions of the 101st Tank Crushing Battalion, an armor battalion consisting entirely of lesbian foxes, who are typically all crazy to an extreme that only a comic book could support. The battles are far from conventional tank engagements, as the major of the [[PunnyName VIMPs]], Udda Von Schteppenschlammer and her secretary, Hilda, face off with the vixens in posing contests, the more racy the better.

!!The series (and spin-off card game) contains examples of:

* ACupAngst: Udda, compared to the 101st Battalion.
* ATeamFiring: Subverted by a two-page spread covered with side-notes about the real life improbability of hitting someone in modern battles, while depicting the 101st gunning down voles left and right.
* BadBoss: Udda is known to shoot people not just because YouHaveFailedMe, but out of boredom, irritation, outright sociopathy...
* BornUnlucky: Sonya Rosencrantz, Unit Jinx. There's actually a pseudo-science explanation that states her negative "randons" attract good luck around her, for the others.
* ClosetKey: Sonya for Firen
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: Udda forces some captured vixens to watch Barney, and on a later occasion plans something with a tank of walruses. When Udda is captured Cpt. Zeera flogs her, in the S&M fashion, which kind of [[TooKinkyToTorture backfires]].
* CustomUniform: Yeah, the outfits worn by the 101st are anything but uniform.
* TheDitz: Anatasia "Ani" Sloane-Blythe
* EyesAlwaysShut: Hilda
* TheFatalist: Sonya is pretty resigned to her fate as the battalion's lightning rod for misfortune. Though her attitude, and luck, improves a bit after getting laid.
* FunetikAksent: Udda and the Vimps. Zeera too.
* FurryFandom: Take one look at the page image...
* GeekyTurnOn: Sonya and Firen love to discuss socio-political infrastructures.
* GoodLookingPrivates: And sergeants, and officers...
* GoodRepublicEvilEmpire: The Coalition are cheerful freedom loving peoples who express their love for peace through a maniacal obsession with guns and uniforms. The Imperium, on the other hand, believe in centralized authority and unified galactic government. Therefore, they must be stopped at any cost!
* GranolaGirl: Sonya has a bit of the appearance and traits, namely political, especially in the card game. But it's kind of overshadowed by her dour outlook in the first two issues, and her constant pawing of Firen in the second two.
* ItRunsOnNonsensoleum: How FTL works in this universe. The ships are able to go faster than light pretty much because the people on the ship ''think'' it does.
* TheJinx: Sonya. 'Unit Jinx' is her official position. Though it's an [[InvertedTrope inversion]] in that she suffers bad luck and those around her get good luck.
* KillSat: Udda's last-ditch plan in the second issue, but due to a strange series of coincidences, [[spoiler: possibly from Firen's good luck charm reversing Sonya's randons, it fries Udda and Hilda (harmlessly) instead.]]
* {{Meganekko}}: Sonya.
* MildlyMilitary: Although, given battles can be won by 'pose power', it is perhaps not surprising that the 101st does not much resemble a conventional military unit.
* NoAnimalsWereHarmed: Parodied in a thing assuring readers that the corsets in the "Gone with the Wind" arc aren't made with actual whalebone, instead they're made from baby seals.
* NoFourthWall: Characters often ask for reminders on the script or mention something is on the next page.
* NoodleImplements: "Hilda! Haff three live chickens und a tub of cocoa butter sent up to my room! I v'ish to be depraved!"
* TheNudifier
* OfCorsetsSexy: Why Udda and Hilda invade "Gone with the Wind" world, and due to the laws of fashion war working differently there the vixens have to force [[RealWomenDontWearDresses Gedda]] to wear the local clothes, she was the only one [[OfCorsetHurts skinny enough]] to fit.
* [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Vixen]]: Firen is pretty sure she and Sonya are the only sane ones in the battalion, at least in the first two issues.
* PantyThief: Udda's first assault on the 101st is, as she admits, a panty raid, with heavy artillery.
* PhallicWeapon: One of the exposition bonus pages shows off an array of "standard issue" weapons ranging from a lengthy {{BFG}} fired from the hip to a pistol and [[{{Vibroweapon}} vibrodagger]] with a barrel and handle, respectively, that are literally dildos. Oddly enough only the BFG and the relatively innocuous-looking gauss rifle (which fires Armor Piercing Phallic Objects) appear in the actual comic.
* PuttingOnTheReich: The Vole Imperium. On occasion Zeera (German accent) and Gedda (resident psycho) have worn similar outfits, and Major Carrington-Whiplash (CO of the 101st Tank Crushers) has it as her default uniform.
* RedShirtArmy: Udda leads one. Its members die on a regular basis, and it's PlayedForLaughs.
* TheSquad: Squad Seven has Karin, the obligatory no-nonsense [[TheLeader commander]] with a hidden heart of gold (though a bit mellow for a sergeant, might be the contents of that pipe), Anastasia, the obligatory [[TheDitz bimbo]], Gedda, the flamethrower-wielding psychopath, and Firen, the NaiveNewcomer.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: This is the Vixens' uniform requirement, and Udda actually weaponizes it with her "[[TheFashionista posing power]]".
* SmokingHotSex: After an interrogation session with Udda gone wrong, Zeera demands an ice pack and a cigarette, in that order. While in her profile Karin, who carries a pipe around everywhere, lists that line about "do you smoke after sex?" as one of her dislikes.
* TankGoodness
* TrappedInTVLand: When someone inserts a tape of ''GoneWithTheWind'' into the Creduality Drive.
* UnsoundEffect: "IMBIBE!" as Udda is drinking a canned drink.
* TheVoiceless: Hilda.