''Stanley and His Monster'' was a humorous fantasy series published by Creator/DCComics back in the days when they didn't just do superheroes (the late 1960s, to be precise). Written by Arnold Drake with art by Winslow Mortimer, it concerned six-year-old Stanley Dover, who meets a large red shaggy monster that's more afraid of people than people are of it. Stanley adopts the monster as a pet, and names him Spot.

It was briefly revived in the 1990s by Creator/PhilFoglio, who wrote an issue of ''Secret Files and Origins'' (which revealed that Spot was actually a demon who had been booted out of Hell for being too nice) and a four-issue mini-series. The revival managed to make the fluffy whimsical series into part of Franchise/TheDCU ''without'' making it DarkerAndEdgier -- this despite the fact that the mini-series culminated in Stanley storming the gates of Hell to rescue Spot. An ongoing series did not result, and that's the last the world heard from Stanley and His Monster apart from occasional guest appearances.

In 2001 Stanley and his monster appeared in, of all things, a ''ComicBook/GreenArrow'' story arc written by Creator/KevinSmith -- which was not fluffy or whimsical ''at all''. Let's not talk about that. They also made a cameo in ''ComicBook/InfiniteCrisis'' and in a story arc in ''ComicBook/SupermanBatman''.
!!''Stanley and His Monster'' provides examples of:
* ABoyAndHisX
* BatmanInMyBasement: Spot and, in the original version, Shaugnessy Poltroon the leprechaun and Schnitzel the dwarf
* FluffyTheTerrible: Spot
* NoNameGiven: Spot's original name was never revealed. (The later Foglio version asserted that he didn't have one, unless "the Nameless One" counts as a name.)
* NonHumanSidekick: Spot
* NotSoImaginaryFriend: Spot
* SpeechImpediment: Stanley started out with a "th" lisp but eventually lost it.
* TheCameo: In an arc of ''ComicBook/SupermanBatman'', aged up, in a BadFuture where a cabal of villainous sorcerers [[TheBadGuyWins succeed in a pact with eldritch horrors]] to magically blot out the sun. There the world only survives because the most prominent heroic sorcerers sacrificed their lives to create a ring of magical stars around the dark sun. He becomes part of LaResistance.

!!The 1993 mini-series specifically provides examples of:
* AdultsAreUseless: Stanley's parents are at first bewildered, concerned, and freaked out by all the crazy things that happen... but by the final issue they've come to terms with it.
* BackwardsFiringGun: Ambrose Bierce gives Stanley a backwards-firing water pistol that squirts him in the face. It's filled with holy water to test if he's a demon.
* CaptainErsatz: DC wouldn't let Foglio use [[{{ComicBook/Hellblazer}} John Constantine]], so he created an almost-identical character named Ambrose Bierce and hung a lampshade on it. And they wouldn't let him use Creator/NeilGaiman's [[ComicBook/TheSandman Sandman]] in a dream sequence, so Gardner Fox's original Sandman appears instead (but talks and acts as if he were Gaiman's King of Dreams).
* ChekhovsArmoury: Justified -- When Stanley is preparing to go rescue Spot, Ambrose Bierce has him pick "Everything he thinks they will need", simultaneously casting a spell that creates a causality loop in which whatever Stanley picks will be exactly what's required. But it forms a kind of PlotTailoredToTheParty as Stanley and the Monster will be unable to leave Hell until all the items are used.
* CreatorInJoke: The references to the Heterodyne Boys in the first issue were this at the time, though [[Webcomic/GirlGenius they've become more famous since]].
* CuteMonsterGirl: The demon Nyx, Spot's old flame.
* DarkerAndEdgier: Played with. Foglio seems to be seeing how many references to Creator/VertigoComics he can work in without the story ceasing to be light and fluffy. (Also, the cover of the first issue depicts DarkerAndEdgier versions of the characters, knee-deep in skulls -- being day-dreamed by an editor while Foglio pitches the light and fluffy mini-series to him.)
* GreatBigBookOfEverything: ''The Heterodyne Boys Big Book of Fun''.
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: Ambrose Bierce, John-Constantine-like occult detective, is supposedly ''the'' Creator/AmbroseBierce, whose horror stories were based on fact. (His famous disappearance is explained here as being him going into hiding because an EldritchAbomination was coming to complain about the write-up he'd given it.)
* IdenticalStranger: Ambrose Bierce looks identical to John Constantine, even demons get it wrong.
* OccultDetective: Ambrose Bierce
* OverusedCopycatCharacter: The comic pokes fun of the TrenchcoatBrigade by having Ambrose Bierce, a fellow brigadier, describe it like so:
--> "You [[MysteriousPast learn the basics]], have a [[DarkAndTroubledPast hideous experience in a graveyard]], they give you a [[BadassLongcoat trenchcoat]] and [[PermaStubble steal your razor.]] Like an assembly line, really."
* SelfInflictedHell: Played with. Franchise/TheDCU's Hell is whatever you expect it to be, and Stanley is an innocent little kid whose knowledge of Hell comes entirely from Saturday morning cartoons and Spot's stringently self-censored stories -- so as soon as Stanley enters, Hell becomes cute, brightly-colored and harmless, with the demons forced to behave as if they were stupid and easily-outwitted. (Ambrose Bierce explains this trope; but not to Stanley, since it only works because Stanley doesn't know any better.)
* TalkingWithSigns: Used by the angel Duma (TheVoiceless) to communicate.
* ToHellAndBack
* TreehouseOfFun: The first issue, before the main plot kicks in, revolves around Stanley's attempts to build the world's best ever treehouse, following the instructions in a book of Fun Things For Boys he finds in the attic, without his parents finding out.
* TrenchcoatBrigade: Ambrose Bierce
* TheVoiceless: The angel Duma, which had been established as such in the pages of ''ComicBook/TheSandman''.
* WeirdTradeUnion: Ambrose Bierce is a card-carrying member of the Disreputable Urban Magicians and Sorcerers Union.
* {{Whatevermancy}}: Ambrose Bierce gets involved after receiving a tip-off from a jellomancer, a person who can read the fluctuations of reality in jello.
* WithThisHerring: See ChekhovsArmoury above. Stanley storms Hell armed with a Halloween mask, a bottle of soda, an umbrella, a packet of hot dogs, a bottle of barbeque sauce and a little red wagon.

!!''Green Arrow: Quiver'' specifically provides examples of:
* AbusiveParents: [[spoiler: Stanley, Sr, is an abusive grandparent.]]
* BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler:The arc was meant to reintroduce Ollie after his death and a major part of the arc is getting Ollie's soul to rejoin the revived body and stop Stanley Sr. from taking it.]]
* TheCameo: [[ComicBook/TheSandman Morpheus]] makes another one, this time in his usual form.
* DarkerAndEdgier: Really, this time. [[spoiler:Stanley is abducted and tortured by a satanist who wants Spot to be his servant. Spot eats him (the satanist, not Stanley).]]
** Thank god it all ends on a (relatively) happy note; [[spoiler: Spot only eats Stanley's grandfather because [[KarmicDeath he really, really deserved it]] and the Monster later erases Stanley's memories of all this horror to restore his mental health]].
* GrandTheftMe: [[spoiler:Part of Stanley Sr.'s plot is taking to take over the soulless body of Ollie. This is foiled when the real Ollie's soul decided to rejoin the body.]]
* HarmfulToMinors: [[spoiler: What Stanley underwent.]]
* OneSteveLimit, subclass "If There's Two Steves, It's For A Reason": The Stanley-and-His-Monster part of the plot begins when Green Arrow meets an elderly man named Stanley Dover, who turns out to be young Stanley's eponymous grandfather. [[spoiler:And also the satanist who is trying to summon the Monster; it's suggested that an earlier attempt by the elder Stanley to summon the Monster to himself resulted in the Monster being summoned to the wrong Stanley, leading to their first meeting and all that followed.]]