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[[caption-width-right:170:Our hero... er, protagonist!]]

''Schindelschwinger'' (or ''Schindel-Schwinger'') is a German 5-volume comicbook series from 1975-77, written by Peter-Torsten Schulz and drawn by Michael Ryba.

The BackStory: In the beginning, {{God}} created the world (apparently, with a literal finger snap). With his work done, he took a deep swig of his favorite drink and fell asleep -- next to the clay pit where he had formed the animals (including man) of Earth. In the aforesaid clay pit, the "prototypes" he had made before he had formed the real [[strike:things]] beings were still lying around. When his breath fell upon them, they came to life and scurried away the very same night.

When God saw this in the morning, he wanted his prototypes back (because otherwise, people could get a wrong impression of him) and thus told his sons, Saint Peter and [[{{Satan}} Lucifer]] (wait, ''sons''? And where's that UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}} guy gone?), that the one who'd bring the prototypes back would rule the Earth. So they started to search, which took several years (off-panel). Meanwhile, the prototypes had settled in a nice valley, founding the city of Flohheim ("Flea-home"); Lucifer and his red devils settled in a volcano next door, while Saint Peter and his blue(ish) angels built a skyscraper on the opposite side.

* TheAlcoholic: Bimmel-Beule, mayor of the prototypes (played for laughs). Also, hell apparently has several brigades of alcoholics.
%%* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation
* AuthorGuestSpot: In the first album, they interact with the characters and even have a small b-plot. In the second one, it's just a short cameo. Later, they don't appear at all anymore.
* BeeAfraid: The Wiesen-Sohle prototypes carry giant bee hives on their heads, and use their bees to attack the angels.
* TheBigGuy: Schindel-Schwinger (although he prefers to think of himself as TheHero).
%%* [[RedBoxingGloves Blue Boxing Gloves]]: Schindel-Schwinger has them.
%%* BratsWithSlingshots: Kuller-Knie.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: The comic (leaving aside the backstory) starts with the prototypes exclaiming "he's coming!" and welcoming the reader at the next page.
* ByTheLightsOfTheirEyes: Where we are reminded that Pinke-Po has coins instead of eyes.
%%* CampGay: Musen-Rüssel, who's [[AlwaysCamp a theatre actor]]. And gets paired during the story with a StraightGay devil.
* CantHaveSexEver: The angels, probably. (Although they still can be aroused.) Saint Peter even says that being able to control weather is better than anything a woman could give him.
* CatGirl: The non-human half of the female prototypes. More like {{Funny Animal}}s than anime-style cat girls, but probably it is no coincidence that there are only female cats.
* CelestialBureaucracy (even more fitting, they also live in a big skyscraper)
* ChewToy: Saulus, Gabriel (an angel who repeatedly gets kicked in the ass by Saint Peter)
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: The angels are blue, the devils are red.
%%* CuteKitten: Schmuse-Tatze
* DamselInDistress: ''All'' the female prototypes are abducted by the devils in the first album and have to be saved.
* TheDragon: Robespierre (not the historical one) for Lucifer
* DropTheHammer: Biber-Backe, the worker(s). "Sischer ist sischer!" (Safe is safe!)
* EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench: Dito. Well, [[JustAStupidAccent she has a French accent.]]
* FanService: Most of the female prototypes and some of the female devils are cute (in the former case) or very sexy (the latter).
* FantasticCasteSystem: Every Biber-Backe is a menial worker. Every Trommel-Ohr is a musician. And so on. Exception: Every Brems-Pläte is either a doctor or an elementary school teacher.
* [[FloweryInsults Flowery Curses]]: The devils use curses like "Adultery and bestiality!" or "Mumps and measles!" The angels OTOH curse(?) like "Chastity and humility!"
%%* FunnyAnimal: All of the prototypes.
* FurryConfusion: This universe has cat girls. The authors have an ordinary cat. Which apparently can think, but not speak however.
%%* {{God}}: Created the whole mess, but doesn't interfere in the story.
%%* MommasBoy: Lucifer.
* TheGunslinger: Red Jesse (James?) for the devils, Blue Gary (Cooper? But he has a BadassMoustache...) for the angels.
%%* HalfDressedCartoonAnimal: Schindel-Schwinger only wears his boxing gloves.
%%* HornyDevils
%%* IdiotHero: Schindel-Schwinger is close to this.
* InsaneTrollLogic: Used by one devil [[ItMakesSenseInContext to make the prototypes join his test for washing powder]]:
--> Devil: "Is this [pointing to prototype's apron] white?"
--> Female prototype: "Nope, that's blue!"
--> Devil: "Aahh, you see it too!"
* KavorkaMan: Schindel-Schwinger has a horse's head with long blond hair, a human-sized lizard body (with big scales), but manages to seduce many female devils.
%%* LukeNounverber: The eponymous protagonist.
* MadScientist: Denk-Dätz, somewhat. In his first panel, he's shown preparing an experiment involving a bunny - while having a PlayboyBunny in mind. (The bunny lampshades this asking: "What are you planning, playboy?")
%%* MeaningfulName: Several of the prototypes.
%%* MixAndMatchCritters: All the prototypes, of course. (Some of them even are partly plant!)
%%* MsFanservice: Many prototypes look just like attractive human women.
%%* NapoleonDelusion: One devil seems to suffer from this, for whatever reason.
%%* OneGenderRace: The angels.
%%* ParentalBonus
%%* PinchMe
* PlanetOfSteves: Some prototypes like the titular protagonist are individuals, others... there are several of them, all of which look the same, have the same name and do the same job.
%%* PlantPerson: Trudel-Blume.
* SceneryCensor: In the first book, two witches fly on their broomsticks over two angels. The first one is young and very hot, and in the next panel you see the angels blushing. The second one is an old crone, and in the next panel the angels seem to want to vomit. Now guess what they saw.
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney: The Pinke-Pos bribe the angels(!) so they won't fight.
* ShamefulShrinking: Schindel-Schwinger, after he has to admit that the idea to "pull the plug" wsn't by him.
%%* TheSlacker / TheStoner: Many of the prototypes.
* TheSmartGuy: Clever-Clou. Subverted with Denk-Dätz whom everyone thinks is super-smart, but in one situation where they need an idea, he thinks very hard - and comes up with the great solution of human ladders. Which works, but honestly, anyone could've come up with. (And later, in an unrelated similar situation, someone does.)
* SolidGoldPoop: Literally the case with the Pinke-Pos. ''In coin form.''
* SpeechBubbles: One in the shape of Schindel-Schwinger's head when he's in the dark.
%%* {{Spoonerism}}: Schindel-Schwinger is prone to this.
%%* SweetTooth: Schleck-Zahn (all of them)
%%* ThemeNaming: All of the prototypes.
* VerbalTic: For Schindel-Schwinger, everything is {{egregious}}... er, "extraordinary"! Whether it fits or not.
%%* VitriolicBestBuds: The creators.
%%* WeatherControlMachine: Saint Peter has one.
%%* WorthyOpponent: Red Jesse and Blue Gary, for each other.
%%* ZanyScheme: What the devils and angels try to get the prototypes.