[[caption-width-right:200:Clockwise from top: Fang, Screamqueen, Slither and Gross-Out]]

''Scare Tactics'' is a comic book series published by DC Comics. A total of twelve issues appeared, dated from December 1996 to March 1998. The series, written by Len Kaminski, was a part of DC's Weirdoverse group of titles.

The series focused on the band Scare Tactics, which was a group of monstrous rock and roll musicians that encountered supernatural adventures while on the road.


[[folder: The band/team consisted of: ]]

* Arnold Burnsteel (manager/bus driver)
* Fang (Jake Ketchum - werewolf, lead guitarist)
* Gross-Out (Philbert Hoskins - mutated human, drummer)
* Scream Queen (Nina Skorzeny - vampire, lead singer)
* Slither (James Tilton - reptilian human, bass guitarist)

!!The series contains examples of:

* AccidentalKidnapping: When Van Zandt steals the Scaremobile, he unwittingly also kidnaps Screamqueen who was asleep in her coffin.
* AliensStealCattle: One of R-Complex's jobs is to clean up alien cattle mutilations.
* AllDrummersAreAnimals: The group's drummer is Gross-Out: a grey sludge monster who communicates in HulkSpeak and is the team's BigGuy. He plays the drums with enthusiastic abandon. However, it is later revealed that beneath the monstrous exterior, Gross-Out is actually intelligent, goodhearted and shy.
* AutomaticCrossbow: Graveyard Shift carry multi-shot, stake firing crossbows.
* BatFamilyCrossover: "Convergence"
* BigEater: Grossout
* DeepSouth / LovecraftCountry: Fang comes from a werewolf clan somewhere in the Appalachians. The region is also home to a clan of very Lovecraftian ghouls.
* TheClan: The Skorzenys (vampires), the Ketchums (werewolves) and the Knightbridges (ghouls).
* CoolCar: The Scaremobile
* ConspiracyTheorist: Arnie Burnsteel
* CreepyGasStationAttendant: After escaping the town of Beaumont, where they had been trapped in waking nightmares, the band stops at rural gas station. They ask about the town, only for the creepy attendant to tell them there is no town called Beaumont in the area. In fact, [[VanishingVillage there is no town at all in the direction they came from]].
* ExtremeOmnivore: Grossout
* FeudingFamilies: The Ketchums (werewolves) and the Knightbridges (ghouls)
* FiveManBand
* {{Goth}}: Screamqueen
* HiddenDepths: and how! with Grossout.
* {{Hulkspeak}}: Grossout
* IAmBigBoned: Grossout's mother kept insisting he was just 'big for his age'.
* KissOfTheVampire: Screamqueen
* LesbianVampire: Screamqueen is only ever seen feeding on female victims.
* MagicMeteor: Grossout gained his powers (and became a giant walking tumor) from exposure to an exploding meteor.
* TheMenInBlack: R-Complex
* MetallicarSyndrome: The Scaremobile is scarcely an inconspicuous ride for a group of monsters on the run from a secret government project. [[SubvertedTrope As a rock band's tour bus, on the other hand...]]
* MonsterMash
* MyBelovedSmother: Grossout's mother, as revealed in flashback.
* NeverLearnedToRead: Fang, coming from an isolated clan of werewolves in Appalachia, is semi-literate at best. Slither offers to help him improve his reading.
* OfCorsetsSexy: Screamqueen
* RunawayBride: Fang was a runaway groom.
* SecretProjectRefugeeFamily
* ShotgunWedding: Fang was on the run from one.
* SilverBullet: When Fang is captured by his clan, they are toting shotguns loaded with silver buckshot.
* TearsOfBlood: Screamqueen cries these [[spoiler:on learning Grossout's origin]].
* VanishingVillage: The band finds itself stranded in a remote town named Beaumont, where they all experience their worst nightmares brought to life. After they escape, they stop at a gas station to ask about Beaumont, only for the CreepyGasStationAttendant to tell them there is no town in the direction they came from.
* YourCostumeNeedsWork: Slither is refused admittance to a nightclub because of his 'green body paint'.
* YourMindMakesItReal: The waking nightmares engendered by the 'town' of Beaumont.
* YourVampiresSuck: Screamqueen is mightily pissed when the band's manager/minder Arnie Burnsteel lines her coffin with grave dirt. She rails at the stupidity of a man who believes that the movie ''JFK'' was part of a massive disinformation campaign but accepts everything he sees in a Universal horror film as gospel.