A graphic novel made by Australian Harry Hay, then at school, as an assessment task for an art class. Selected as one of the best art assessment pieces of the year, and displayed at an exhibition in the National Gallery of Victoria.

Rover, a young lieutenant from 19th century England, is assigned to a ship under the command of Captain Armitage, pursuing pirates. After french attack, he is thrown overboard and washed up on an island.

!!The work provides examples of

* FrenchJerk: Captain Bonvoyage
* GainaxEnding
* HuntingTheMostDangerousGame:
--> Armiatge: "I soon outgrew game hunting, much as I outgrew these silly wigs" (tosses wigs to waves)
* PointyChinOfEvil: Armitage
* StereotypicallyForeign: Captain Bonvoyage