[[quoteright:350:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/rsz_2riseofthethirdarmy_6094.jpg]]The first BatFamilyCrossover for Franchise/GreenLantern after the {{New 52}}, this story is a continuation of the plots already laid out by GeoffJohns. Unable to learn from their mistakes surrounding the Manhunters or their perceived mistakes with the [[SpacePolice Green Lantern Corps]], [[EnigmaticEmpoweringEntity the Guardians of the Universe]] decide that, rather than their own censorship policies and internal errors, the problems with the universe are due to TheEvilsOfFreeWill. After forcing EmotionSuppression on [[OnlySaneMan Ganthet]], they decide to make their own, viral army that they name their [[TitleDrop Third Army]], after the Manhunters and the Corps, [[FaceHeelTurn to spread order throughout the galaxy at the expense of free will]].

The outcome of this event leads directly into ''ComicBook/WrathOfTheFirstLantern'', the concluding arc of GeoffJohns' run on Franchise/GreenLantern.

* AllYourPowersCombined: ''New Guardians'' focuses on Kyle Rayner learning to control the seven colors of the emotional spectrum. In ''New Guardians'' #16, he masters them all and [[spoiler:becomes a White Lantern]].
* AndIMustScream: The climax has the Guardians call the Green Lantern Corps to come to Oa for "innoculation" against the Third Army. They freeze them in place to make them easy prey for the Third Army, but the Lanterns can still hear and move their eyes.
* AssimilationPlot: Given that the Third Army's modus operandi is to assimilate organic entities into beings like themselves, this was a given.
* BigBad: The Guardians of the Universe.
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: The Guardians start out by erasing Ganthet's emotions so he won't object to their plan.
* EmotionSuppression: The Guardians' plan for the Third Army. One mind, under Guardian control, with no capacity for emotion.
* EyesAreUnbreakable: When the Third Army assimilates someone, the only thing left unchanged is their eyes.
* FaceHeelTurn: After a long time being just extremely unhelpful or detrimental for ostensibly noble causes, the majority of the Guardians have finally crossed this line.
* GoForTheEye: In ''Red Lanterns'', Atrocitus finds that the best way to fight the Third Army is to go for the eyes.
* JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope: The Guardians have made plenty of questionable decisions before, but attempted omnicide is a whole new level.
* NeverMyFault: The Guardians, despite their numerous massive screw-ups (with several instances of ApocalypseHow under their belt), and despite every one of these mistakes being the result of "logical", emotionless decisions, have decided that emotion is the universe's Number 1 Problem.
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: The Guardians release Volthoom from captivity in order to use his powers to make the Third Army. This leads into an even worse conflict against the aforementioned First Lantern.
* NoMouth: People lose their mouths when assimilated by the Third Army so they won't talk back to the Guardians.
* NoSell: Due to being made from Oan flesh, GreenLanternRing capabilities, at least from that specific type of Lantern, are completely ineffective against the Third Army. [[spoiler:White rings are much more useful.]]
* OmnicidalManiac: The Guardians.
* {{Prologue}}: Of a sort to ''ComicBook/WrathOfTheFirstLantern''.
* TheEvilsOfFreeWill: The Guardians' motivation for creating the Third Army. Despite all the disastrous coldly logical decisions they've made in the past, they decide that emotion and free will are the sources of all the suffering in the universe.