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[[caption-width-right:350:[[GroinAttack They'll chop your gronch off]].[[note]]Left to right: Bowie, Zuzu (orange clump), Orctzar, and One-Eye.[[/note]]]]
A [[BlackComedy darkly funny]] fantasy comic by James Stokoe, first published in 2010 by Creator/ImageComics.

For a million millennia, orcs have been raiding and killing, with thousands of gangs and tribes warring with other races--and each other--the world over. However, one chieftain known as the Orctzar has united dozens of tribes under his banner, creating the largest orc empire anyone has ever seen. He's searching for a "God Organ", which he believes will make him even more powerful; but a seer tells him a certain one-eyed orc is his only hope to unlock its power. The Orctzar's armies begin their search...

Our hero, One-Eye, is tired of brutal orc society, and is busy trying to make a living on his own as a thief (a decidedly non-orcky pursuit), and just wishes the Orctzar's minions would leave him alone. Things, of course, do not go as planned.

!!This comic book contains examples of:
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority: Being orcs, it's a given. The Orctzar is the most obvious example.
* AttackItsWeakPoint: One-eye's preferred method of combat, since his eye allows him to spot the weakest point in the structural integrity of any object--including living things.
* AwesomenessByAnalysis: One-Eye's power, taken to ridiculous levels in what it can accomplish. For example, striking Pointy-Face in three seemingly random locations on his body results in very little visual damage. Until his dick falls off.
* AwesomeMcCoolname: Bowie Enocraz Yaramund, Swamp Ramba of the East.
* BadassCape: Bowie has a literal one, in that the fur cloak she wears is alive, named Zazu and expresses a constant desire to crush orcs.
* BerserkButton: For One-Eye, it's seeing Beard.
** According to the lore comic about gronches, an orc who gets his junk cut off but is left alive is left in a state of perpetual single-minded fury, leading to him declaring an endless Poxa Gronka (vendetta).
* BlindSeer: The Orctzar gets his information about seeking a one eyed orc from one.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Bowie may seem a little off her rocker, but nobody's better than her when it comes to poisons.
** One-Eye is this to orcs, lacking many orcish qualities. However, if you want something broken, there's nobody better than him.
* CloudCuckooLander: Bowie is an unusually well-mannered example, but she still definitely fits.
* CoolShades: Boss Beard wears a pair.
* CreepySouvenir: Orcs wear the genitalia of their defeated enemies as jewelry.
* DropTheHammer: One-Eye uses hammers as his primary weapons. Whether they be claw hammers, sledge hammers, or just something hard on the end of a stick.
* EliteMooks: The Shakatuu, Orctzar's elite soldiers.
* FanService: The love nymphs...
* FanDisservice: ...who are usually accompanied by very naked orcs.
* FantasticRacism: Orcs seem to be universally reviled.
* GodivaHair: Boss Beard. You can probably figure it out.
* GroinAttack: All over the damn place. The chopping-off of [[UnusualEuphemism "gronches"]] is a central element of orc culture: it is the go-to punishment, revenge, and pastime. Cultural standing in orc society is even decided by how many ([[BiggerIsBetterInBed and how big]]) cut-off gronches you own, to the point where [[{{Squick}} several orcs decorate their outfits with the severed penises of their enemies]] and the court of the Orctzar features several [[GagPenis truly titanic manhoods]] draped over balconies. [[WeirdCurrency They even use them as money!]]
* HandicappedBadass: One-Eye.
* HotWitch: Bowie is a "swamp ramba", somewhat of a poison-affiliated witch, and she's certainly hot.
* {{Hypocrite}}: One-Eye criticizes the Poxa-Gronka (orc vendetta) when Pointy-Face declares one on him. However, as soon as he sees Beard, the first word to come out of his mouth is "'''POXA-GRONKA!'''".
* MedievalStasis: Almost certainly, if the orcs really have existed in their current form for a million millennia.
* NiceHat: The Orctzar. [[http://images.imagecomics.com/c/2010/IMG100632.jpg Holy crap.]]
* LivingWeapon: Hand-in-hand with OrganicTechnology below, most weapons more complex than a blade involve tugging on bits of some strangely-shaped animal.
** Choppy's axe appears to be alive for no apparent reason, with eyes and vaguely avian features.
* OneGenderRace: Every orc is male. Nymphs (of whom Bowie is one) appear to be all-female.
* [[HumanResources Orc Resources]]: After One-Eye loses his tools, he fashions a new hammer by binding an unusually hard orc skull to the end of a stick.
* OrganicTechnology: All over the place. Of note are the [[StuffBlowingUp 'Splody Shells]], [[TinCanTelephone Talky Lines]] and strongboxes built out of [[BearsAreBadNews Gurpas]]. There's also a little flightless bird that acts like an air horn. You give its [[spoiler: balls]] a yard and it screams like a jetplane.
* OurMonstersAreWeird: Every. Single. One.
* OurOrcsAreDifferent: In this case, lanky technicolor fellas with an affinity for biological tech, whose social hierarchy boils down to [[{{Squick}} how many severed penises you own]] and who reproduce by ejaculating a symbiotic mobile plant-seed once every five years. They also appear to be the dominant race in the world, with humans completely absent.
** There are also different subspecies or populations of orcs: mountain orcs, jungle orcs, swamp orcs, river orcs and island orcs have all been mentioned.
* [[RedEyesTakeWarning Red Eye Take Warning]]: One-Eye's eye turns red when he scans for weaknesses. Which is promptly followed by large amounts of carnage and/or destruction.
* SceneryPorn: Stokoe draws huge, bizarre vistas absolutely packed with detail.
* ScheduleSlip: Seven issues in over the course of two years for what was started as a bi-monthly series.
* SexSlave: Nypmhs who integrate into orcish society are called "love nymphs" and are mostly treated as sexual objects by orcs. The level of "slave" in "sex slave" varies, though: in Skrubtown they are more groupies or escorts and essentially free, but in the Orctzar's realm a soldier mentions a [[{{Squick}} "stable"]] for nymphs.
* ShatterpointTap: One-Eye has the ability to see the weak point in any object and break it open with a tap of his [[DropTheHammer hammer]], even if it is alive.
* TheStoic: One-Eye reacts to most all things with disaffected boredom.
* TrulySingleParent: Orc reproduction is weird, but simple. Each orc's scrotum is actually a biological sack for two symbiotic plant seeds called jazzum spores. At the age of five (and presumably ten), an orc feels "the Calling" and wanders off into the wilderness. If he survives long enough, he ejaculates a spore out of his gronch, whereupon the seed uses leafy wings to fly away. Finding a likely spot, it digs into the ground and grows roots to nourish a growing, bloated vegetative pod called a thrall sack. This sack produces an average of 25 (more than double that, if the ground is fertile enough) embryonic orcs, which grow to full adult status over a couple of months before the thrall sack ruptures and spills them out, instinctively capable of surviving from that moment on.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Bowie with the help of one of her potions transforms into an orc to go undercover.
* UnusualEuphemism: GRONCH!
* WeaponOfChoice: One-Eye uses a carpenter's hammer.
* WeirdCurrency: And how. "Chits" are...well...slices of petrified orc junk.
* WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs: The painstaking detail of the artwork, combined with the bizarre biological constructions and the prevalence of orange, pink and neon green, certainly gives off this impression.
* YouAreNumberSix: Orcs don't get proper names. Especially badass ones are assigned a number, which is engraved in a statue of them after their death. Everyone else just goes by their title or nickname.