''Megaton Man'' is a biting satire of superheroes comics from artist DonSimpson that started in 1984. The series (and its sister title, ''Bizarre Heroes'') has been published by several companies over the years, including KitchenSinkPress, Creator/ImageComics, Simpson's own company Fiasco, and had a stint as a webcomic and even appeared in ''Asylum'', an anthology comic published by Creator/RobLiefeld. Some old strips, plus a [[WarOnTerror post-9-11]]-related storyline that Simpson completed and then sat on for over a decade can be found at [[http://megatonman.blogspot.com/ the official blog]].

This series provides examples of:

* CaptainErsatz: Magaton Man himself is a combination of [[ComicBook/{{Shazam}} Captain Marvel]] (He has a "magic word", though his is "Overkill" instead of "Shazam"), ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' (Reporter alter ego with a pathetically transparent disguise) and basically every single over-muscled strongman hero, dialed UpToEleven.
* CatchPhrase: "WOO!"
* DistaffCounterpart: Ms. Megaton Man.
* [[DuelingMovies Dueling Comic Series]]: Even though Megaton Man came first, he was often compared to ''WesternAnimation/TheTick'': big, blue, dumb, lantern jawed superhero parody with a cult following.
* HeroicBuild: Exaggerated to the point of parody.
* JunglePrincess: Phantom Jungle Girl.
* RogerRabbitEffect: Megaton Man when he stumbles into ComicBook/SavageDragon's world.
* {{Crossover}}: With ''ComicBook/TheSavageDragon'', as well as ''ComicBook/{{Normalman}}'' (the latter crossover also featured appearances by everyone from ''ComicBook/{{Bone}}'' to [[ComicBook/{{TalesofTheBeanworld}} Mr. Spook]] to ''Comicbook/{{Madman}}'' to ''ComicBook/FlamingCarrot'' to ''ComicBook/GrooTheWanderer''). [[{{Supernatural Law}} Wolff and Byrd]], Counselors of the Macabre, also made a guest appearance in the webcomic incarnation of Megaton Man.