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Lady Rawhide is a scantily clad masked vigilante who defends the people from their oppression against tyrannical officials and other villains. She first appeared in Topps ''Franchise/{{Zorro}}'' series, and later appeared in several solo one-shots and two mini-series. Lady Rawhide was created by Don [=McGregor=] and Mike Mayhew.

In 2013, a new 5-issue mini-series came out from Dynamite Entertainment.

Anita Santiago was driven to create her own costumed identity to seek revenge against the Commandante of Los Angeles, Captain Enrique Monasterio who inflected terrible injures on her brother, Roman Santiago. Anita's hatred for Zorro came about when her brother, Roman, was falsely mistaken as being Zorro by the nefarious Captain Enrique Monasterio who shot Roman point black which ended up permanently blinding Roman, and disfiguring the left half of his face. Since then, Anita swore that she would make Zorro pay with his life.

What seemed like a simple task for vendetta became more complicated after she met her adversary that she eventually fell in love and came to respect what Zorro stood for. She would eventually adopt his goal to fight injustice and help the helpless against the wicked and corrupt.


%%* ActionGirl
* AmazonBrigade: In the Dynamite mini-series, Lady Rawhide takes on a gang of female vigilantes called the Sisters of the White Rose, who were inspired by Lady Rawhide but use far bloodier methods.
%%* DatingCatwoman: Zorro and Lady Rawhide
%%* DistaffCounterpart: Of Zorro.
%%* FieryRedhead: Even if it is a dye job in her case.
%%* EyeScream: Ramon's blinding.
%%* JustLikeRobinHood
%%* MostCommonSuperpower
%%* PirateGirl: Scarlet Fever
%%* SecretIdentity
* ShowSomeLeg: In the ''Lady Rawhide/Lady Zorro'' mini-series, Lady Rawhide explains that her {{Stripperific}} costume is designed to distract male opponents.
%%* {{Stripperific}}
* TenPacesAndTurn: [[http://www.comicvine.com/zorros-lady-rawhide-other-peoples-blood-1/4000-168977/ The cover of this comic]] shows Lady Rawhide about to throw down with her [[ArchEnemy hated enemy]] Scarlet Fever. ([[CoversAlwaysLie This didn't actually happen in the comic]]; Scarlet Fever tended to fight ''dirty''.)
* WardrobeMalfunction: In the second mini-series, Lady Rawhide's breast does actually pop out of her costume for a panel.
%%* WhipItGood