-> ''[[TagLine "Enter a world at war."]]''

A French AlternateHistory GraphicNovel series written by Vincent Brugeas and (initially) drawn by Ronan Toulhoat.

UsefulNotes/WorldWarII kicked off in 1939. Then ...

UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler [[BoomHeadshot was assassinated]] in 1941, [[HistoricalVillainUpgrade Heinrich Himmler took over the chancellery, Reinhard Heydrich became Reichsführer of the SS]], UsefulNotes/{{Berlin}} was rebuilt to Albert Speer's designs and renamed Germania (much like in ''Literature/{{Fatherland}}''). [[UsefulNotes/NaziGermany The Third Reich]] conquered [[AlternateHistoryWank Western Europe and most of Africa]], launched its "Ragnarok program" in 1942 and [[NukeEm massively nuked]] the [[UsefulNotes/TheUnitedStates USA]] and the UsefulNotes/UnitedKingdom [[DramaticIrony on May 8th 1945]]. [[OperationBlank Operation Barbarossa]] was launched in 1944 but the [[UsefulNotes/RedsWithRockets forces]] of the [[UsefulNotes/SovietRussiaUkraineAndSoOn USSR]] proved to be stronger than expected and ultimately repelled the German forces all the way to East Prussia. A new [[UsefulNotes/TheTeutonicKnights Teutonic Order]] was created (the symbol of which is a square pierced by an arrow). Himmler died in an accident in 1947 and was replaced by his right-hand, an ambitious officer named Zytek.

Zytek rejected the title of "Führer" and now calls himself the "Hochmeister" (Grand Master, which is also his rank in the Teutonic Order), and he has an agenda of his own.
! Albums

* ''Block 109'' - The first album. It was published in 2010 in a 200 pages small format, and it is basically the keystone of TheVerse. A "trailer" of sorts can be seen [[http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xbs84b_block-109-bande-annonce_creation#.UaSznkDDt0o here]]. A small {{prequel}} motion comic can be seen [[http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdic17_geant-d-acier_creation?search_algo=1#.UZ4LDJyQn-8 here]], explaining the story behind the empty Panzermann featured in the album.

Several large format albums followed. They're all one-shot stories set in the same universe between 1944 and 1953 (some major characters of the first album appear in them at some points):

* ''Etoile Rouge'' - 2010
* ''Opération Soleil de Plomb'' - 2011
* ''New York 1947'' - 2011
* ''Ritter Germania'' - 2012
* ''S.H.A.R.K'' - 2014
* ''Maruta'' - 2016

For the Recap page, see [[Recap/Block109 here]].
!!Tropes present across the series:

* AllohistoricalAllusion: Too many to count. Hitler's death mirrors that of UsefulNotes/JohnFKennedy, of all things.
* BadassArmy: [[UsefulNotes/TheTeutonicKnights The New Teutonic Order]], armored soldiers who are enhanced by a SuperSerum.
* CrapsackWorld: This might be one of the worst "[[AlternateHistory Alternate WWII]]" scenarios. Hitler is assassinated in 1941, leading to ThePurge and a more efficient leadership taking control of the Third Reich and focusing more on the west. The war expands to Africa, Asia, and South America. Then the Nazis develop atomic bombs and destroy most of North America. They finally declare war on the USSR in 1944 but get bogged down in a quagmire that still isn't resolved by 1953, by which time only 30% of pre-war humanity remains. Weapons used by [[StupidJetpackHitler both]] [[SovietSuperscience sides]] get increasingly high-tech and exotic, culminating in the Nazis unleashing a viral plague that creates a ZombieApocalypse. [[spoiler:Grand Master Zytek ultimately decides the best thing for humanity is to destroy every warring faction and restart civilization with a few selected people he gathered in the Block 109 bunker.]]
* DayOfTheJackBoot: The Occupation of Europe by Nazi Germany lasts longer than in real life.
* DirtyCommunists: USSR is portrayed as "the Red Beast" by Nazi propaganda.
* TheEmpire: The Third Reich. And Japan, of course (though Japan hasn't been featured yet).
* GenreShift: From war genre to horror and even FilmNoir.
* GlowingMechanicalEyes:
** When a Panzermann is activated, its eyes glow red.
** Elite commandos of the Teutonic Order have [[Anime/JinRohTheWolfBrigade Kerberos Panzer Corps]]-like armors with red eyes.
* GoodRunningEvil: [[spoiler: Zytek, Hitler's assassin, has climbed all the way to the top of the Nazi hierarchy.]]
* {{Historical Domain Character}}s: Many historical Nazis and some Allied leaders show up.
* HitlersTimeTravelExemptionAct: No time travel is involved, but the cardinal rule - don't kill Adolf Hitler - is broken. It caused ThePurge (see below) and a more efficient and devastating German take on the war against the Western countries, even though the war against the USSR turned almost just as hopeless as it happened for Germany in real life.
* IwoJimaPose: The page's picture, with Teutonic Order soldiers instead of [=GIs=].
* LoweredRecruitingStandards: Foreigners and women were conscripted in the German armies in 1951.
* MegaCity: Berlin has become Germania, Hitler's dreamed metropolis.
* {{Nazi Protagonist}}s: The whole series focuses on Nazi Germany's side of the war, except for ''Etoile Rouge''.
* NoSwastikas: Himmler chose a new symbol for the New Teutonic Order, a [[http://www.bedetheque.com/Versos/Verso_116296.jpg square pierced by an arrow]].
** Averted by Reinhard Heydrich. The SS kept the Swastika.
* {{Proud Warrior Race Guy}}s: The Germans, symbolized by the New Teutonic Order.
* ShownTheirWork: For instance, the movie ''Ritter Germania vs The Red Beast'' stars Zarah Leander, who was one of the biggest stars in Nazi Germany in real life.
* SovietSuperscience: The Soviets got mechas and jet fighters too.
* StateSec: There are actually two opposing ones within AlternateHistory Nazi Germany. The SS became Heydrich's personal organization after Himmler became Führer (Hitler was assassinated and everyone else in the line of succession was killed in the purge that followed), but Himmler also created the Teutonic Order as a rival organization led by an unknown officer named Zytek so that neither Heydrich or Zytek could become too powerful and depose him. This backfired when Himmler died in an "[[MakeItLookLikeAnAccident accident]]", and the Reich council promoted Zytek.
* StupidJetPackHitler: [[CoolPlane Advanced jet fighters]], [[FutureCopter VTOL gunships]], [[HumongousMecha Panzermensch]], V6 cruise missiles... You name it.
* SuperSoldier:
** German propaganda portrays Ritter Germania like this.
** The New Teutonic Order's SuperSerum makes the order's soldiers stronger, [[spoiler:but kills them within a few days. It was tested on Ritter in ''New York 1947'']].
* WarIsGlorious: What the Nazi leaders continue to preach, much to Zytek's disdain.
* WarIsHell: And how. The battles featured are basically meat grinders, just as World War II was in real life. Just add nuclear holocausts, StupidJetPackHitler, SovietSuperscience and a ZombieApocalypse.
* WeWillWearArmorInTheFuture: New Teutonic Order soldiers wear armor, and Ritter Germania does as well.